Saturday, April 28, 2007

A flashback to the sensationalist lies

A slight discrepancy:
8 years ago: Cohen Fears 100,000 Kosovo Men Killed by Serbs.
Yesterday: 2,000 people still missing in Kosovo (of which about 500 are Serbs and about 200 are members of other national minorities).
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Friday, April 27, 2007

Serving British soldier exposes horror of war in 'crazy' Basra

It seems that Basra isn't quite the showcase safe-haven that politicians tell us it is.

A British soldier has broken ranks within days of returning from Iraq to speak publicly of the horror of his tour of duty there, painting a picture of troops under siege, "sitting ducks" to an increasingly sophisticated insurgency.
"Basra is lost, they are in control now. It's a full-scale riot and the Government are just trying to save face," said Private Paul Barton.
The 27-year-old, who returned from his second tour of Iraq this week along with other members of 1st Battalion, the Staffordshire Regiment, insisted that he remains loyal to the Army despite such public dissent. He said he had already volunteered to go to Afghanistan later this year.
But, he said, he felt strongly that somebody had to speak out: "I want people to see it as it is; not the sugar-coated version."
His public protest is a sign of the groundswell of anger among the troops, and predictions that more will come forward to break the traditional covenant of silent service. Just last month, Pte Steve Baldwin, 22, a soldier in the same regiment, spoke to The Independent about the way he had been "pushed aside" since being injured by a roadside bomb which killed three others during the Staffords' first tour of Iraq in 2005.
And on Monday, Cpl Richard Bradley also chose to air his views on television: "Blokes are dying for no cause at all and blokes are getting injured for no cause at all."
Reacting to Pte Barton's comments, many soldiers on websites appeared stunned but in agreement. One said: "When I arrived back last year, I was utterly depressed by what I had seen out there and the lack of any progress ... any journo sticking a microphone in my grid would have been given enough soundbites to retire on. And I would probably be in the Tower of London.
"I can only imagine that the situation 12 months on is even worse, and it would not surprise me if this is repeated over the coming months by more guys coming back from their third and fourth tours to that midden."
Pte Barton felt so strongly that he telephoned his local paper, the Tamworth Herald, to speak of the "side you don't hear".
The regiment lost one soldier, Pte Johnathon Wysoczan, 21, during its tour, but 33 more were injured. "I was the first one to get to one of the tents after it was hit, where one of my mates was in bed. The top of his head and his hand was blown off. He is now brain damaged.
"We were losing people and didn't have enough to replace them. You hear about the fatalities but not the injuries. We have had four who got shot in the arm, a bloke got blown up twice by roadside bombs and shot in the neck and survived."
Most, he said, endured at least one "lucky escape" during their tour. "I had a grenade chucked at me by practically a five-year-old kid. I had a mortar land a couple of metres from me."
The regiment was based in the Shatt al-Arab hotel base, which was handed over to the Iraqi army on 8 April. Of the 40 tents in the base, just five remained unscathed by the end of the tour, he said. "We were just sitting ducks ... On the last tour we were not mortared very often. This tour, it was two to three times a day. Fifteen mortars and three rockets were fired at us in the first hour we were there."
He added: "Towards the end of January to March, it was like a siege mentality. We were getting mortared every hour of the day. We were constantly being fired at. We basically didn't sleep for six months. You couldn't rest. Psychologically, it wore you down.
"Every patrol we went on we were either shot at or blown up by roadside bombs. It was crazy."
He insisted that the insurgents appeared to be considerably better trained, funded and equipped than had been the case during their first tour of duty.
"Last tour, I never fired my rifle once. This time, I fired 127 rounds on five different occasions. And, in my role [providing medical support], I shouldn't have to fire." He added: "We have overstayed our welcome now. We should speed up the withdrawal. It's a lost battle. We should pull out and call it quits."

Taken from The Independant
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Snoop Dogg banned from Australia

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been banned from entering Australia after failing a character test, according to officials.

"He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country," Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews told Sydney's Macquarie Radio.

This is the type of useless posturing that politicians use in order to dupe people into believing that they are hard-line or tough on immigration. If they don't want him, his 'image' or his 'message' in the country then why are they only banning him from entering. Theres only so much that the actual Snoop Dogg can get up to in one trip to Australia. But the tens of thousands of virtual Snoops that are beamed into homes every day, by way of TV and the internet have an incomparably greater effect on the youth. So why not ban his virtual presence as well. They ban the man himself, but accomodate his message and his sub-culture. Ban his songs, don't give him any TV slots, ban MTV. Oh and draw up a list of other thugs and undesirables that should be banned from entering. Now that would be radical.
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Belgrade Marijuana March

Six years since its first and, hopefully last, gay pride march, Belgrade is about to experience a Marijuana march. The international organisers' website has a plea for people to 'help promote the march', (theres actually 226 in various cities around the world). Of course Serbian drug addicts jumped at the chance of promoting a liberal and degenerate cause. And of course, just like the Exit festival, it would show that Serbia was back on the world map, emerging from its isolation, and progressing (by Western standards). So they were proud to organise the only such march in the Former Yugoslavia. As a result it seems that we are going to have drug addicts from Croatia and Slovenia flocking to Belgrade.
The Serbian organisers want marijuana to be legalized, on the basis that Serbia would attract more tourists, that it doesn't lead to harder drugs, isn't addictive and doesn't have any negative side effects. Not surprisingly, the word on the street is that there is going to be a significant counter-protest in Belgrade. It's on the 5th May in the city centre, and starts at 3pm. I doubt these guys will get a similar reception to the gay pride parade of 2001. That was truly unprecedented, but I have a feeling that there could be some violence. Incidentally I found out that Wikipedia's entry for 'gay pride parade' features Belgrade as its first entry under 'notable pride events'. Interesting that it has become so infamous that they could not find any 'positive' or 'successful' parades that were more notable. The actual description itself is inaccurate. Although a huge group of football hooligans did charge the participants, 'clerics' did not 'storm the event'. That would be painting every single counter-demonstrator with the same brush. One can see the violent scenes on youtube here.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Contributer Speaks!

Greetings all!

Please excuse my rather belated appearance on this blog, but it feels good to finally be here and share my mind with the rest of the world:) Many thanks accorded to my brother Nikola for enabling me to post on his well-developed domain, and let me take this opportunity to praise him on all the good work so far and wish him the best of luck in making our blog the sanctuary of Serbian Orthodox youth and all like minded patriots throughout the world. At this present time I feel it unnecessary to reveal my complete identity, because it wouldn't really mean much to those who don't know me altogether. I choose to assume the name of Theocrat on this blog, as it best emphasises my ever-increasing affinity towards religious involvement in politics, at least where my Orthodox Christian beliefs are concerned.

It was in the late 19th century that numerous nations started to spring out of the old European imperial order. This secular-inspired movement of establishing sovereignty on the basis of newly emerging nation states would eventually result in what one of our greatest Orthodox theologians, St Nikolai, expressed as "many siblings all fighting each other in the name of the same God." What he was in fact referring to was the rather pointless conflict of World War 1. By the time of the war, the established churches of Europe became subordinate to the authority of their respective nations. As a result of this, the Church assumed a status of inferiority to a secular executive order, thereby suffering a major setback in its evangelical mission to reconcile the people of Europe and spread the Gospel throughout the rest of the world.

Today, it comes as little surprise that the various nations of Europe are being gradually welded into one irreligious and nihilistic superstate. In hindsight, this is exactly what the anti-Christian forces intended to happen, because it makes clear sense that a future where the nations constantly competed with one another for supremacy by means of acquiring land and resources was wholly unrealistic (i.e. it had to eventually give way to a certain order). From the outset, it was really a classical ploy of "divide and conquer": supranational war-mongering interests saw to it that the nations were all militarily equipped to compete with one another in battle, although the frontline national leaders had little idea of what folly this ultimately led to, which was that no one side would ever really win and that the only victors in all of the conflicts would be the war mongers themselves. It seems that Europe was destined to be reunited, except it would be a bastardised Europe dominated by those who actively sought to disunite it in the first place.

In all certainty, it appears that the history of Europe (including the impact of its legacy worldwide), will come full circle when a godless European superstate is finally established. In the future, conflicts at least will never again ensue externally between the various European nations, but rather internally within a single mega entity. And it will happen that all conflicts culminate in to one major conflict, which is that of European Christians against the anti-Christian establishment. In this sense there is some measure of hope amongst Orthodox Christians, who would desire no more than to see the European family of nations reconciled under one banner - the banner of Christ. After all, it is exactly that which Christianity set out to do, so that everlasting peace and harmony may finally be achieved.

As far as my country of origin Serbia is concerned, the only way it seems it can resist the expansionist aims of the anti-Christian establishment of the European Union is by steadfastly clinging on to its Orthodox Christian beliefs and traditions, for they will once again be paraded into the middle of the arena of European affairs, but we also believe that they will ultimately prevail and do their share in helping to reconcile the people of Europe. In that respect, we hold on to our Orthodox Christian Church in earnest, so that it may continue to guide us towards freedom and everlasting peace. Amen! _____________________________________________

Monday, April 23, 2007

Albanians Set Fire to Serb-Owned Kosovo Forests

The same people that celebrated when NATO rained down depleted uranium on the province in 1999, and that have destroyed over 150 Serbian churches and monasteries, now turn to: forest burning!
Read more over on Byzantine Sacred Art blog. We've had our differences, but she's done this issue justice, and I am more than happy to link to an excellent article. As she says on this issue:
Owning something involves responsibility and love, taking care of it, being proud to see it grow, prosper and endure, and being heartbroken to see it in misery, demolished and destroyed. The only thing Kosovo-Metohija Albanians have proven thus far is that they never really owned a thing in Kosovo-Metohija and they don’t deserve a single foot of Serbian land, let alone the entire Serbian Kosovo.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

News roundup

A selection of recent stories, articles and videos I came across recently:
First up a Serbian police officer has been wounded by a grenade somewhere near Novi Pazar (the area where the terrorist camp was found not so long ago). Officers were attempting to search the suspected safe house of a leader of a local group of Muslims who follow theWahhabi branch of Sunni Islam. Police said they responded with machine-gun fire after the grenade was thrown, killing one of the men inside, injuring another and arresting a third. Above is a picture of police carrying away the body of the dead man.
Germany's second biggest producer of baby diapers, Hartmann, has decided to stop production of baby diapers. The company announced producing baby diapers no longer is profitably since the demographic situation no longer requires producing diapers for babies. The company is instead reacting to the rising request of diapers for incontinent senior citizens and is investing in this array of products. An online researcher found out the company had made this decision back in 2002/03. This story immediately reminded me of the dire demographic predictions for Europe that I read about in Death of the West. Here is a passage from that book:

"My reason for not having kids is that I like to sleep. I read a lot, and I can sleep throughout the night", says Gabrielle Thanheiser, thirty-four, a banker in Berlin vacationing in Rome with her live-in boyfriend. "We are DINKS", confirmed Andreas Gerhmann, thirty-seven, using the acronym popular even in Germany for "double income, no kids" couples. In the long run, the self-indulgence of DINKS like Gerhmann and Thanheiser may prove more fateful for the German people than the Third Reich.

On the subject of Patrick Buchanan, I've just read his latest article on the corrupt war-mongering neo-con Paul Wolfowitz. It gives a little insight into the nature of institutions such as the World Bank that make out that their motive is to help the third world. Wolfowitz's big cause at the bank was fighting corruption, yet he handed out jobs with massive salaries to his lover and former White house buddies. Any money that does get to the third world no doubt ends up in the hands of corrupt regimes and rulers that faithfully take their orders from the seat of the Empire in Washington.
Neil Clark, the journalist I heard speak on my trip to parliament has a written an excellent piece on the silence of all the pro-war agitators on the week that the International Red Cross warned that the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is getting even worse and a major academic study by the Oxford Research Group concluded that the illegal US/UK invasion has "spawned new terror" in the region. A little look back at the material these imbeciles (or agents with an ulterior motive) were churning out really does say it all:

"April 9 - Liberation Day! What a wonderful, magnificent, emotional occasion - one that will live in legend like the fall of the Bastille, V-E Day or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Watching the tearing down of Saddam Hussein's towering statue in Baghdad was a true Ozymandias moment. All those smart Europeans who ridiculed George Bush and denigrated his idea that there was actually a better future for the Iraqi people - they will now have to think again." - William Shawcross, writing in the Wall Street Journal
On a more random note I came across this quote from South Korea's first female PM, who stepped down in March (amid speculation that she will run for president):

"We are not far from the future when our country will be the greatest country, and our race should be able to become the worlds greatest race”.

In my humble opinion thats overly optimistic, but its natural that she wants the best for her people. I can't help but wonder what the reaction would have been had a European leader said the same, but regarding his own sub-race or race.
As a follow on to my previous entry (in which the Brazilian woman killed her new born baby, and got away with it), I heard on the radio today that 4 women have been handed exactly the same sentance for forcing 2 toddlers to fight each other for entertainment. I'm all for toughening children up, but inciting a 3-year old to punch her 2-year old brother, and then threatening him unless he hits her back with a small object is beyond belief. How ironic that on this very same day a dog owner has been jailed for turning his home into a dog-fighting arena. Animals are valued more highly by the legal system than humans.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Late abortion

Via Modern Tribalist I came across this story of a young Brazilian women (here in the UK) who knew she didn't want her baby the second she realised she was pregnant. Upon giving birth to a little girl in a garden shed, she pummeled the babies skull with a blunt instrument, and wrapped the baby's head with cling film and sellotape, covering the mouth, nose and eyes. The judge gave her a 'suspended sentance', which really equals no sentance, since she's completely free to go about her daily life and will only get jailed if she commits another offence. By the moral standards of the time and place we live in I guess this this is just a late abortion.
Not that this has anything to do with the moral implications of this case, but this young woman was an illegal immigrant. Needless to say the judge has refused to deport her. Its already blindingly obvious that modern Europe has no respect whatsoever for the laws of God. But it seems that those that rejected God are not even willing to uphold their own man-made laws. _____________________________________________
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Rolling Stones and the 'Exit' festival

Belgrade horses are to be drugged for a Rolling Stones gig! It seems that the bunch of pensioners still trying to live out their fast fading 'rock and roll' dream (not too long to go now before the trips to the loo in the early hours of the morning) are due to make an appearance at Belgrade's racetrack. Why the Rolling Stones couldn't hold it at another venue I don't know. Better still they could have chosen another country. Now 300 horses are about to be 'a few metres' from the main stage of a rock concert. Have some pity also for the 100, 000 Serbs who are also attending. At least the horses didn't pay good money.
That was one of the advantages of the sanctions era: none of these Western bands were able to get into the country. Soon after the Soros coup, Western-loving youth were tripping over themselves to stage a 'music' event that would show that Serbia was once again accepted by the 'world community'. Now every Summer the picturesque fortress of Petrovaradin, overlooking the city of Novi Sad, gets turned into Serbia's version of Glastonbury. The only difference being that Glastonbury is the epitomy of Westerners and their own sub-culture, whereas the EXIT festival is a sad attempt by Serbs to emulate Western sub-culture. The self-styled 'music' festival is in fact more of a celebration of debauchery and drug-taking and does nothing but further pollute the Serbian national soul. That might sound a bit harsh, but this festival puts this sub-culture up on a pedestal. Noise pollution and intoxication aside, it promotes the same type of values and mindset as the clowns that are on display. In other words a high-school dropout who's only claim to fame is that he can rap into a mike while drugged up to the eye balls and has slept with hundreds of women suddenly becomes an example or idol for others. This product of the cultural revolution becomes an inspiration for the next generation. An inspiration for all the wrong reasons; for he promotes hedonism, drug-taking, and a mentality and lifestyle that is the antithesis of that which our forefathers strove for.
I have first hand reports about the disgraceful scenes that occur at the festival. A fellow Serb I grew up with, who has all but melted into this society and is barely able to speak Serbian, makes a point of heading out there each summer. He seems proud of the fact that Serbia is staging an event that draws some of the biggest bands in the world. Before that Serbia was about as interesting to him as Siberia. He doesn't bother visiting his extended family, or immersing himself in his own roots and history. Instead he returns to the home of his ancestors to witness something he could see virtually every day of the year back here in the UK. He tells me that the festival is rife with drugs, but I guess thats all part of the exiting and rebellious nature of the cultural revolution, since it doesn't seem to bother him, just the opposite. It might be a novelty to some Serbs that such bands are gracing us with their degenerate presence. Personally I think back to our glorious ancestors and wonder what they would think if they saw these Serb girls lining up to offer their bodies to those losers masquerading as succesful performers. Or are the males more sad because they think that by emulating rap stars, rolling up one of their trouser legs to the knee, slurring while they speak, and gyrating to jungle beats on crack, makes them cool and enhances their ability to pick up women. Possibly the saddest thing is that it does enhance this particular ability. Whether that type of woman is worth attracting is another matter altogether.
A lifestyle based on the relentless pursuit of physical gratification, without a sense of higher purpose and striving, is limited indeed. But with all the Saints, all the warriors, all the martyrs, all the patriots and all the ascetics that our nation has produced and that God has bestowed upon us, you'd think we'd know better. Its quite pointless saving Kosovo or any other Serbian land if its to be inhabited by Serbs who identify more with a rapper than with any of our great forefathers. Or by Serbs for whom 'democracy' and 'human rights' are more relevant than our spiritual heritage. And given the appallingly high abortion rate, its not even likely to be populated by any type of Serb. The most important battle has to be the one for the nations soul, without that the land is worthless.
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

'The Israel lobby - The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy'

Its up on google for now, watch it before it gets taken down again:

It's an excellent video, though it concentrates mainly on the Israeli lobby and doesn't touch upon some other issues, such as where the money which backs the lobby comes from. Contains some gems such as the guy who built up the phony WMD dossier saying he has trouble sleeping at night, and that pro-Israeli attack dogs get unleashed on him the moment he alludes to an academic paper that is anti-Israel.
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Friday, April 13, 2007

'I am plotting a new Russian revolution' -Berezovsky

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How Modern Liberals Think

As promised in the comments section of my previous entry, here is a video of Evan Sayet, a Jewish former Hollywood script writer, giving his take on the ideology of the liberal left. It is long (47 minutes) but contains countless useful and interesting arguments. His view is similar to Patrick Buchanan's minus the sound foreign policy. To his credit he touches on moral issues , but I was bemused to hear the USA, Walmart and Israel described as inherently good. In short he makes a sound argument about the need for discrimination between that which is good and that which is evil. The liberal view that all views are equal is not just wrong its also logically impossible. But lets just say that while I agree with this guy about the need to discrimate good from evil, I don't think we'd agree on a number of issues, when it came to the actual moral evaluation. But I trust people will take the positives out of it. It certainly beats watching the news.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Immigration, the holocaust, and the blogosphere

Some time in the future I will summarise the dire population predictions for Europeans that I read about in Death of the West. News stories such as this confirm not just what kind of a future we are heading for, but also how quickly. One estimate apparently predicts that one in three people residing in Spain will be a foreigner by 2015. Its quite easy to describe attacks on foreign owned property as 'racist vandalism'. But when discontented and frustrated natives see no end in sight to these mindless policies human nature kicks in. When people feel marginalised, helpless and sold out they tend to lash out. I don't welcome random acts of violence, but I equally deplore this leftist-liberal attitude that, no matter how unrealistic, disastrous, and ludicrous their social and immigration policies become, its all the fault of depraved racists who couldn't quite manage to stick out all the obvious failures that precede their utopian future.
I received an email recently from a reader that questioned the amount of focus that I put on Israel and Jews. I only usually expand on stories that I find. If 'the holocaust' and Jews weren't an issue almost every single day of the year, I wouldn't post about them so often. But this story had me falling off my chair! Its incredible what lengths some people will go to in order to indoctrinate children. A three week fast during Lent would no doubt have been unthinkable, but a three week holocaust re-enactment was deemed acceptable:

Anywhere from 50 to 100 9th graders taking an advanced placement geography class were designated as Jews and made to wear a Star of David on their I. D. badge. Other students were designated as Germans. Reports circulated that some students had been spat on, pushed, kicked and tripped. The parent said, if the reports were true, it was, "totally uncalled for. It should not have been allowed to happen. If they would have stopped it sooner, it wouldn’t of got to that point.”
According to students and teachers, the assigned Jews were forced to stand against the wall as the German students passed by in the hallway. The Jewish students ate lunch last and had to pick up every one's garbage. But some students say things began to escalate." We made beating sticks to hit the kids with," said Texas Medley, a student at the school. They were spit on. It was a good lesson but it went on too long.” "They would spit on them. They would push them down the stairs. They would be really rude," said student Tiffany Zimmerman. "I think it was too rough and over the edge. They took it too far.”
Just imagine the amount of abuse any kid that was previously bullied, and who happened to be assigned the role of Jew, must have got! I'm sure that could induce some kind of psychological disorder at that age. Three weeks of being kicked down the stairs, spat upon, and beaten with sticks, all in the name of Jewish suffering! While I'm on the issue of 'the holocaust', I found a very interesting article entitled: The Holocaust as Sacred Myth and Ideology: Final Reflections in the Wake of the Iran Holocaust Conference . Also I intended to watch a Dutch-made video this evening, entitled 'The Israel lobby: a danger to the world'. Its about the Israeli lobby in America and it had taken number one spot in the google video 'Movers and Shakers' list. Surprise, surprise its been removed by Big Brother. And I have it on good authority that this wasn't some amateurish diatribe but a reasoned and well-researched piece of journalism. Though I guess that makes it more dangerous not less.
I read an article in yesterdays edition of The Guardian, written by some ponce, and I was going to mention it on my blog. Lo and behold, I research the journalist, Jonathon Freedland, and he turns out to be Jewish! I swear I'm not making this up, but you just can't avoid them! Anyway this is the article that I had previously read, and its not hugely gripping, so I'll save everyone the bother and give you the gist of it. He initially starts off by claiming that the blogosphere is 'lawless' and lacks 'civility' and that this creates a 'stale and claustrophobic environment'. I began to smell a bit of a rat when he complained about how the freedom of expression was surely outweighed by the amount of people who could find this type of discussion off putting, and that the result would be the loss of a 'great democratic opportunity'. I'm sorry, but what bullsh*t! Because he, in his great wisdom, is adverse to topics about 'religion and race', he wants to curb basic freedoms on fraudulent pretexts such as 'civility' or 'democratic opportunity'. His conclusion is that 'anonymity' is the problem. And in a way he's right. Its because people have the freedom to post anonymously that they are less afraid to cover contentious and controversial issues. But that clearly annoys Johnny, he wants all those issues to be shoved back under the carpet. He wants people to have one eye over their back, knowing that their career and reputation could be on the line if they speak their mind or step out of line. In short he wants the blogosphere to emulate the regular mass media. He wants anyone that dissents to know in advance that they could be held publicly accountable for deviating from the set script. He wants them to be named and shamed. Not much of an incentive to partake in the great democratic opportunity he has in mind. He suggests the possibility of a single online identity that covers sites where money is at stake, such as ebay. Just imagine, one minute you say something out of line on a private chat forum, the next minute amazon have cancelled all your orders and are refusing to deal with you again. Or maybe your bank closes your account on the basis that it 'doesn't support racism'. Johnny ends his contribution with more talk about 'stuffy rooms' and 'democratic potential', but I think you get the picture.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Serbian folkdancing

In the midst of the Easter celebrations I've just found a nice Serbian folkdancing video on youtube. There didn't seem to be any such videos posted before. Fellow Slavs might recognise the similarity between the Serbian choreography, music, traditional costumes, and their own. It brings back some memories from the times I used to be a member of a Serbian folk dancing group!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

No day is sacred for the enforcers of the NWO

Amongst all the festivities and rejoicing, on this most Holy of days, the enemies of Christendom and the Serbian people still forge ahead with their globalist agenda. Ahtisaari did not even have the common courtesy to stay silent for one weekend, but could not resist issuing more threats, more demands, dangling more carrots, and making yet more false promises.
As Patriarch Pavle said:
Many nations are defending their freedom, earned with blood and suffering, from the aggression of globalization. In the name of false freedom and democracy, preplanned solutions (packaged in advanced) are being imposed. We are witnesses of the newest drama > again, the drama of us Orthodox Serbs ‹ in Kosovo and Metohija.
Having failed, till now, to get the Serbian government to sign their own death warrant and agree to the annexation of Kosovo, he now says that EU entry is impossible until Serbia gives up the right to 18% of its territory. Lets be clear about this: Serbia has no effective control over Kosovo, and Ahtisaari could 'award' the Albanians independence overnight. But he doesn't want to set a political precedent. He wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to beat us over the head, and he expects us to tell him how much we enjoy it. So his newest plan, on this most spiritual of occasions, is to threaten to take away a future of material comfort and prosperity; he tells us that we won't be able to join the EU!
But "what communion hath light with darkness?" Avoiding entry into the EU superstate should be our utmost goal, not our darkest nightmare. Hence this arrogant statement by Ahtisaari is not a threat at all, as he would like it to be. What he sees as his most powerful bargaining chip, should in fact be his most impotent one. Were we to call his bluff, his "punishment" should in fact coincide with our highest strategic aim. But I say 'should' instead of 'would'. The reason being that the Serbian people still have their eyes fixed upon the west like a mouse caught in the mesmerising stare of a cobra. When will we realise that the path they offer is one of destruction? If not physical, then at least spiritual. How can we desire unison with the very people that bombed us and that stand for everything we are against?
Indeed it is fitting that 8 years after Serbia was bombed on Easter day by a coalition comprised primarily of EU countries, that these same enemies of the Serbian people are still assaulting our homeland without regard for our Holy days. Tony 'the devout Christian' Blair, Bill 'the liar and adulterer' Clinton, and the assorted collection of immoral misfits launched 'Operation Merciful Angel' against a Christian people, and could not bring themselves to halt the bombing for the Holiest day of the Christian calendar. Non-military targets were attacked throughout Serbia on the Easter of 8 years ago, but one stands out: the attack on the medieval Gracanica monastary. This is how a military spokesman, at a press conference in Washington, justified the desecration and vandalism of this ancient monastery: "NATO said it had been informed by Albanian guerrillas that there was a field hospital nearby." To NATO hitting a field hospital (on Easter) is perfectly acceptable. A very Christian way to celebrate Easter. The message written by the 'freedom lovers' on some of the American bombs was "Easter presents to the Serbs". Future generations of the Serbian people must remember the destruction and damage done by the "friendly and civilized" NATO "Christians" in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention and they must forever reject this kind of "democracy" and "humanity" for what it truly is, a monumentally and shamefully anti-Christian deed by an anti-Christian New World Order.
I can only repeat Patriarch Pavle's words:
But we, dear spiritual children, cannot give up, cannot fear, because of injustice. Rather, let us commend our whole life to Christ our God! Christ did not commit sin, nor was there deceit in His mouth, and yet He was condemned and crucified. But, He also gloriously resurrected. If, God forbid, the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija undergo one more crucifixion, more terrible than the others, let us remain with Christ: do not slander, do not think evil; rather let us pray, and from the Cross let us witness to God's love for all and everybody. Let us witness to Christ, the Victor over death, sin and all injustice. Those who do evil to others, do even worse to themselves. Sooner or later, if they do not repent, they will weep bitterly.
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Easter egg traditions in the Balkans

The dyeing of Easter eggs is a common practice and tradition in practically all of the countries in the Balkans on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. The egg was a symbol of life in antiquity, while the red colour used on Easter eggs symbolises Christ's blood on the Cross, according to the faithful and theologians.
According to the Romanian tradition, the Madonna had placed a basket full of eggs at the feet of the crucified Jesus, which turned red from the blood dripping from his wounds.
In predominantly Orthodox Christian Romania, the practice of egg dyeing (vapsuvat) takes place on the Thursday before Easter Sunday (Veli Chetvortok). In the evening of the same day, the women of the households would bring one of the eggs to church to be blessed by the priest. After the Thursday mass, the eggs are buried in vineyards to have God's protection from hailstorms and to ensure a good harvest. According to popular tradition, a blessed egg can remain unspoiled the entire year until next Easter.
Roughly 100 million eggs will be dyed in Bulgaria this Easter, corresponding to 30-35 eggs per household, the average monthly consumption of eggs in the rest of the year.
In Serbia, the first dyed egg is kept until next Easter, guaranteeing family security and health. All the rest hard boiled dyed eggs are used in a traditional game, known as egg dumping, where each player hits the other players' egg with their own. The winner is the holder of the last intact egg. The losers get to eat their eggs. This is a common practice in all Christian Orthodox countries on Easter Sunday.
In predominantly Roman Catholic Croatia, dyed eggs or "pisanice", particularly in the south of the country, are colored red and decorated with a white cross in the middle, while in the rest of the country eggs are being decorated with flower designs.
The practice of dyeing eggs red in Greece is a centuries-old tradition as well, with family members and friends attempting to "crack" the other's egg with their egg, beginning usually, at the traditional Easter Sunday dinner table.
The text comes courtesy of the prolific contributor 'crvena zvezda' of Serb Hellenic forum.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Paschal message of Serbian Patriarch


By the grace of God
Orthodox Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch, with all the Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church—to all the clergy, monastics, and all the sons and daughters of our holy Church: grace, mercy and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, with the joyous paschal greeting:

"This is the day of resurrection. Let us be illumined, O people. Pascha, the Pascha of the Lord. For from death to life and from earth to heaven has Christ our God led us."(The Canon of Pascha, Ode I)

With these verses of the Paschal hymn, dear spiritual children, we, the believing people of God, begin the Celebration above all celebrations, song above all songs, about the Event above all events – The Resurrection of Christ. The Resurrection, like the Crucifixion, is a stumbling block for the Jews and foolishness for the Greeks, but we experience and celebrate it as the deepest experience of our faith and life. This is the experience which was first encountered by the holy myrrh-bearing women and the holy apostles, which they have graciously passed down to us and which we have received with faith, with the faith that becomes the power of life.
Filled with joy by this fact of the new life, the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian proclaims his experience to Christians of every time with these words: "That which we have heard, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled," is that which is "Life made manifest and we declare to you that Eternal life." The Day of Resurrection is the day of Life. Therefore, let us rejoice and be glad in it! We celebrate the Life-giver, Christ the God-Man!
The day of Resurrection, dear spiritual children, begins a new era. If Great and Holy Friday was the particular "terrible judgment" by fallen man against God Himself, then the day of the Resurrection is the Day of the victory of God's love and goodness. The Resurrection took place on the first day of the week. Thus it has received its beginning in time and space, just as on the first day of creation the world received the dimensions of existence of everything visible and invisible. The Day of Resurrection is not, as some would want and wish, only a spiritual and poetic event, but above all it is a historical-eschatological Event that has changed the history of the world. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away and all things have become new," said the holy Apostle Paul.
The Day of Resurrection is filled with Divine light – a light with which the Risen Lord Himself enlightens us. "Come, receive light from the unwaning Light!" – are the first words with which the Church invites us to the beginning of the celebration of Christ's Resurrection. If anyone would truly celebrate the Resurrection of Christ as his own life experience, he must first be illumined with the light of Christ. The gladsome light of the unfading Light is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. He rose from the tomb as the sun rises in the east out of the darkness of night to shine upon the whole earth, to warm it and renew a life on it. Let us be illumined with the Light of the Resurrection, the light which has shone from the tomb. This is the light of the God-Man Christ, Who said of Himself: ŒI am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." Today and always, through His Holy Church, He calls us to the enlightening of our mind, heart, and our whole being.
Pascha, the Pascha of the Lord! The Jewish people passed through the Red Sea in order to be delivered from sin-poisoned Pharaoh. How? With God¹s help. For, "The Lord went ahead of them on the road as a pillar of cloud during the day, and at night as a pillar of fire, giving them light so that they could travel day and night." This pillar of cloud and of lightening fire was exactly the radiant Light of the unfading Light, the Logos of God. Having crossed the Red Sea, those who until then had been slaves entered into freedom, exclaiming to the Lord: "Gloriously has he been glorified; a horse and a rider he threw into the sea!" This was the Passover (Pascha) of God's chosen people, that seed of Abraham¹s faith. And the Passover (Pascha) which we celebrate today is the Passover of the Lord – truly the Passing Over of Him Who led the Jewish people from slavery into freedom. So this is His Pascha, which has a universal character. This is why the church hymnographer calls upon all people from every nation and time, and not just one nation, to celebrate the Pascha of the Lord, that is, Christ's Passover from death and the tomb into the Resurrection, so that we all may pass with Him from slavery to sin and death into the freedom of life.
Seeing this dimension of the feast of Christ's Resurrection, dear spiritual children, let us lay aside all earthly cares, and together with the angels of heaven and the choirs of the saints, let us live this new reality of divine life in Christ Jesus, let us sing and praise the Cause of our salvation! Our song is victorious because death has been destroyed by death! The death-dealing poison of sin has lost its power to kill. How? Through the love and goodness of the God-Man Christ, for He as a blameless Lamb took the sins of the world upon Himself and gave Himself to be crucified. Sin and death are no longer the alpha and omega of life. The Resurrected Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of our sanctification. With divine virtues and ascetic efforts, let us hasten into a new, virtuous life in the Resurrected Jesus Christ!
Living in time and space, we Christians measure everything and everybody with Christ's values. We do not disregard this world and life, nor do we despise them. On the contrary, we sanctify them with the all-sanctifying grace of God. This world can be transformed by the energies of the Resurrected God-Man Christ. This is why our Lord unambiguously said to Christians: "You are light of the world." This means: only with you and through you can this world be transformed and saved. The Savior said this as well: in this world you will have many tribulations! You will be persecuted as I was persecuted and crucified; the cup from which I have drunk, you also will drink! But do not be afraid, for I have conquered the world. And despite all the suffering which the Church of Christ has experienced throughout the centuries, and is going through even today, Christians remain "the light to the world", just as He Himself was the only Light of the world to shine in the darkness that covered Jerusalem on Great and Holy Friday.
Just as at that time the whole Jewish Sanhedrin (the chief priests and leaders of the people) was against Christ the Savior and aroused many people against Christ, so in our time, the "new Sanhedrin" fights against Christ and His Church. This new Sanhedrin fights against Good in this world. It is doing everything it can to make this world its sinful fiefdom and to conquer everything under its authority, by any and all methods and means. This is why it is imperative that all Christians carry on a spiritual warfare for this world and for the dominion of Good in it. The Good that the God-Man has brought and granted to the world by His Resurrection will not be conquered. "Do not fear!" said the Savior. Let us therefore rejoice and be glad as did the chosen people after they crossed the Red Sea exclaiming: Christ is Risen – Gloriously has the Lord been glorified!
Unfortunately, we are witnesses of great sins being committed daily in the world. From conception, the innocent child in its mother¹s womb fears for its life. Millions of ordinary people are victims of poverty and hunger, while a few live in unlimited riches and carnal pleasures. Many nations are defending their freedom, earned with blood and suffering, from the aggression of globalization. In the name of false freedom and democracy, preplanned solutions (packaged in advanced) are being imposed. We are witnesses of the newest drama ‹ again, the drama of us Orthodox Serbs ‹ in Kosovo and Metohija. Our people are also afflicted with many tribulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Croatia, and sadly, in Montenegro.
We cannot go without mentioning this Pascha the Golgotha and Great Friday of our Kosovo and Metohija; and the darkened conscience of all those who give themselves the right, trampling upon the world¹s legal order, to cold-bloodedly pass sentence not only on imposed changes in the status of Kosovo and Metohija, but upon our whole history and culture, and the sovereignty of Serbia! In Kosovo and Metohija the Golgotha of the Serbian people has been taking place for centuries. This is seen by all and known by all except by those who are blind to seeing the truth and deaf for hearing justice. We hear "blacksmiths" speedily forging new nails and new spears with the intention to repeat and prolong the Golgotha of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija. All this they do with the blessing¹ of those who swear upon justice, freedom, and democracy, but only for themselves! However, we still believe in the conscience of objective mankind, which was recently confirmed by the international Tribunal of Justice in the Hague. Even though the highest Court of justice decided this after having reviewed all the documents for and against, the shouts can still be heard: crucify, crucify the Serbian people!
But we, dear spiritual children, cannot give up, cannot fear, because of injustice. Rather, let us commend our whole life to Christ our God! Christ did not commit sin, nor was there deceit in His mouth, and yet He was condemned and crucified. But, He also gloriously resurrected. If, God forbid, the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija undergo one more crucifixion, more terrible than the others, let us remain with Christ: do not slander, do not think evil; rather let us pray, and from the Cross let us witness to God's love for all and everybody. Let us witness to Christ, the Victor over death, sin and all injustice. Those who do evil to others, do even worse to themselves. Sooner or later, if they do not repent, they will weep bitterly.
Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ with all the world's Christians, today we rejoice and are glad with them and with all of God¹s creation, and joyously exclaim to one and all
Christ Is Risen!
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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Given that its Holy week I've been spending a lot less time on the computer lately. The fasting period has been invaluable for many reasons, aside from the more obvious spiritual ones. A lot of times, when I have a free moment in the day, I might be inclined to laze about in front of the TV, or surf the net aimlessly. Given that those options are not available to me during this time, I've found that almost every minute of every day gets put to the maximum use possible. In particular I've managed to kick-start my revision with a concentrated and sustained effort that would probably not have been on the cards, were it not for Holy week. I initially thought that this would leave even less time for blogging, but given the organization that my revision blitzkrieg demands, I think I will actually be guaranteed to have a certain amount of time free every couple of days to update the blog. Most likely I'll have to limit my commentary and direct people to interesting links though. But I just wanted to let everyone know that the next 9 weeks might see a drop off in my posting rate, especially as the end of year exams draw closer. My nature is fairly fanatical, and when I put my mind on something, everything else becomes secondary. And for this coming period my studies are coming first.
Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I've recently set up a blog email address: Its not on the main page, but in my profile, so I wasn't expecting to get any mail till I mentioned it. As it happens, I received a number of emails within days of setting it up. To the people that offered encouraging words and support, I give my thanks. Its good to know that there is Serbian youth in Australia that identify with what I say. And on a random note, its interesting to know that there are Pole's that specifically want me to mention the tragedy that occurred in Krajina. Hopefully I will do that period justice in the future.
Lastly, I thought I'd mention the sermon that the priest gave in Church tonight after the Good Friday service. I don't wish to go into great depth, but merely to mention one of the benefits that I obtained. The priest mentioned that when Christ cried out that he was thirsty on the cross, it was not a physical thirst that he was suffering from. He went on to say that even had the Roman soldier offered Christ the most thirst-quenching beverage, instead of the vinegar-soaked sponge, he would still not have been able to quench Christ’s thirst. For the thirst was primarily a spiritual thirst for justice, after the harsh injustices of the period preceding the crucifixion. A superficial reading of the bible without analysis of deeper meanings would have completely glossed over this point, and the cry of thirst might actually have seemed incidental. The priest went on to talk about the times that we live in, and the culture of injustice. He said that every time we commit injustices we are crucifying Christ all over again. On that note, and on this solemn evening, I pray to God for our forgiveness and renewal, and I bid you all good night. Збогом!!!
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Homily on Fasting

"But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face..."
Matthew 6:17

This is the meaning of the words "anoint your head": bridle and restrain your inner man from every evil, and incline him to everything that is good. This is the meaning of the words "and wash your face": cleanse your body from the committing of every sin, every impurity and every evil. Keep your senses from everything that is superfluous and dangerous. Restrain your eyes from constantly wandering through the diversity of this world; restrain your ears from listening to anything that does not serve the soul's salvation; restrain your nose, lest your soul inbreathe the smell of this world that turns quickly to a stench; restrain your tongue from talking too much, deceit, and from unseemly speech; restrain your stomach from craving much food and drink; restrain the whole of your body from becoming over-refined and demanding of you more than it needs for survival. Along with this, restrain your hands and your feet from taking you into sin, into the abuse and torment of others, into foolish merrymaking, into godless amusements, into immorality. In contrast, make your whole body into a true temple for your soul; not a wayside tavern, where criminals gather to share ill-gotten gains and plan new attacks, but a temple of the living God. This is the fasting that leads to salvation. This is the fast that Christ teaches, a fast free of hypocrisy, a fast that drives out evil spirits and brings man a glorious victory and many fruits, both in this life and the next.
It is important to note here that Christ speaks first of the head and then of the face - first of the soul and then of the body. The hypocrites fasted only in the body, and showed this fasting to men by bodily means. In contrast to this, Christ puts interior fasting in first place: that of the soul, and then the outward, bodily fasting, not in order to undervalue bodily fasting - for He Himself practiced bodily fasting - but to begin at the beginning: first to purify the source and then the river; first to cleanse the soul and then the soul's mirror. A man must first strive to make fasting his own, in his mind, heart and will, and then fulfill it willingly and joyfully in his body. And so bodily fasting should be joyful, not sad. This is why the Lord uses the words "anoint" and "wash"; because, as these give pleasure and joy to the physical man, so fasting - of both soul and body - must give pleasure and joy to a man's soul. For fasting is a weapon, a very powerful weapon, in the battle against the evil spirit. How could a Christian not rejoice when he arms himself by fasting against his soul's most fearsome opponents? How could his heart not rejoice and his face not be radiant when he sees in his hands a weapon from which the enemy flees in confusion? Gluttony makes a man gloomy and fearful, but fasting makes him joyful and courageous. And, as gluttony calls forth greater and greater gluttony, so fasting stimulates greater and greater endurance. When a man realizes the grace that comes through fasting, he desires to fast more and more. The graces that come through fasting are countless. By fasting, a man lightens both his body and his spirit from the weight of darkness and grossness. His body becomes light and vigorous, and his spirit bright and clear. By fasting, a man lifts his soul above its earthly prison and penetrates through the darkness of animal life to the light of God's Kingdom, to his own true homeland. Fasting makes a man strong, decisive and courageous before both men and demons. Fasting also makes a man generous, meek, merciful and obedient.

By fasting, Moses was made worthy to receive the Commandments from God's hands.

By fasting, Elijah closed the heavens, so that there was no rain for three years; by fasting, he called down fire from heaven onto the idol-worshippers, and by fasting made himself so pure that he was able, on Horeb, to talk with God.

By fasting, Daniel was saved from the lion's den, and the Three Children from the burning fiery furnace.

By fasting, King David lifted up his heart to the Lord, and God's grace descended on him and he sang the sweetest and most surpassing of prayers that any man, before the coming of Christ, has ever raised to God.

By fasting, King Jehoshaphat crushed his enemies, the Ammonites and the Moabites. (II Chronicles 20:23).

By fasting, the Jews were saved from persecution by Haman, the imperial deputy. (Esther 4:3).

By fasting, the city of Nineveh was saved from the destruction that the prophet Jonah had prophesied for it.

By fasting, John the Baptist became the greatest of those born of woman.

Armed with fasting, Saint Anthony overcame all the hordes of demons and drove them from him. What? Only Saint Anthony? An uncountable army of Christian saints, both men and women, have purified themselves by fasting, strengthened themselves by fasting and become the greatest heroes in human history. For they conquered that which it is most difficult to overcome - themselves. And, in conquering themselves, they conquered the world and Satan.

Adapted from a Homily by St. Nikolai Velimirovic
Taken from St.Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Church Mission Monthly Newsletter for March 2007
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Churchill on the Jews

I found this story a while ago. It seems that an article written by Winston Churchill that never saw the light of day, until now, has been unearthed by a historical researcher in Cambridge University's archives. I can't find any links to the full article, so as usual I have to go by the snippets that have been released for general consumption. Regarding the wave of anti-Jewish feeling that swept through Europe following the Russian revolution, Churchill had the following to say:

"It would be easy to ascribe it to the wickedness of the persecutors, but that does not fit all the facts," the article read.
"It exists even in lands, like Great Britain and the United States, where Jew and Gentile are equal in the eyes of the law and where large numbers of Jews have found not only asylum, but opportunity.
"These facts must be faced in any analysis of anti-Semitism. They should be pondered especially by the Jews themselves.
"For it may be that, unwittingly, they are inviting persecution -- that they have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer."
The article adds: "The central fact which dominates the relations of Jew and non-Jew is that the Jew is 'different'.
"He looks different. He thinks differently. He has a different tradition and background. He refuses to be absorbed."

The mainstream media response was entirely predictable. Most refused to cover the news, and those that did launched scathing attacks accusing Cambridge University of an “extraordinary” lapse of scholarship. Various theories were proposed, all without any evidence whatsoever. The Times online quoted a Churchill expert who claimed that the article had been: 'ghost-written by a member of Oswald Mosley’s fascist party. He added that Churchill had refused to have it published because it was not his work and did not reflect his views'.
How convenient, theres just one major issue, which the Times has completely ignored, yet it provides crucial evidence. Churchill had published a previous article on the Jews in the February 8, 1920, Sunday Herald. That he wrote it is beyond dispute and what he says is just as controversial as anything quoted from this newly found article. The article is titled: 'Zionism versus Bolshevism, A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People'. It is a strange article in that it curiously oscillates between pandering to Jews, and accusing them of instigating the Russian revolution. Again I'd posit a similar hypothesis to my commentary on Death of the West: The author was not prepared to go out on a limb and completely rock the boat.
If we skim through to the more interesting bits we find:

In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

A few telling quotes from Jews themselves that I published on the anniversary of the Revolution can be found here. He goes on to say:

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.

In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

In my entry about the Death of the West and the cultural revolution I briefly touched upon Georg Lukacs who was deputy commisar for culture during the communist Bela Kun regime (during his time in office he put into practice his theories regarding 'cultural terrorism'). Churchill also mentions the regime:

The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary.

Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

But the hordes of brigands by whom the whole. vast expanse of the Russian Empire is becoming infested do not hesitate to gratify their lust for blood and for revenge at the expense of the innocent Jewish population whenever an opportunity occurs.

The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies, which are now being perpetrated.

Regardless of ones views regarding what Churchill wrote, one cannot deny that this text is relevant when evaluating the possibility that he wrote this more recent discovery. Yet there is no mention whatsoever of this text which means that the journalist who wrote the Times online story about the newest article is either completely incompetent or intellectually dishonest. I know which one my money is on.
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