Friday, June 29, 2007

Poland to be next hot destination for Indian workers

And not one possible negative is given regarding the potential influx of 'hundreds of thousands of Indian's'. But when it came to Poland's baby-boom, then there was no shortage of problem's, and no proposed solutions. But the moment there's an opportunity for immigration then everyone is singing from the same globalistic hymn-sheet. Then immigration becomes a solution without drawbacks.
Poland's workforce has been decimated by an outflow of labourer's to the West, so now foreigners need to be imported to make up the shortfall! That's globalism for you. Whatever it takes to keep the economy growing by 3% a year, because that's all that matters at the end of the day. _____________________________________________
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vidovdan (St. Vitus' Day)

On this day in 1389 Serbian forces did battle against a larger Ottoman army on the plain of Kosovo in southern Serbia. When the battle was over, Prince Lazar, the commander of the Christian army, and Murad, the ruler of the Ottomans, lay dead. The Battle of Kosovo marked the end of an independent, united Serbia and the beginning of 500 years of oppressive Ottoman rule.
The following is a speech that Saint Nikolai, gave about the significance of the battle to Serbs:

None of the Christian peoples has in its history what the Serbian people have in Kosovo.

Some 60 years after the Battle of Kosovo, Constantinople fell, the capital of Eastern Christianity. The Christian emperor, of Serbian blood and origin by 1 of his parents, was killed. It could be said that that disaster was like Kosovo. And it might also be said that it was an event even greater than Kosovo. God forbid! In the field of Kosovo the Christian army marched toward death, while in Constantinople they remained in the town hoping to the last moment that death would somehow turn its back on them. When the first cannonballs in history penetrated the city ramparts, terror ensued so that both the army and the citizens were panic stricken. All the churches were filled with crying and prayer to God for the salvation of the city, that is for the salvation of their bodies and for the salvation of the state and the earthly kingdom. That is why the Greeks recorded the fall of Constantinople as night and not as day, as destruction and not as victory. It is true that it was a battle between the cross and the crescent, but without an epopee (epic poetry) and without any inspiration for future generations.
For a defeat understood only as defeat cannot arouse anybody's enthusiasm. Nor can Golgotha itself without the Resurrection inspire and strengthen anybody.
The Serbian Kosovo is a totally different matter.
As the dead are dressed in new and expensive clothes, so was the Serbian army dressed in its best robes. The glowing procession hurried from all the borders of the empire onto honor and fame, to the field of Kosovo. Shaded with cross-shaped banners and the icons of their family saints (slava), singing and cheering, singing and playing musical instruments, with song and joy, the army rushed toward its execution. Does not that remind us of the first groups of Christians who in such a mood went under the sword or to the fire or before the beasts?
Not a single Christian martyr is known to have prayed to God to save him from his approaching death, while thousands and thousands are known to have prayed not to be spared from a martyr's death. Neither did Lazar's army hold prayers for salvation from death. On the contrary, it confessed its sins and took Communion in preparation for death. An entire people as one Christian martyr, obedient to the thoughtful will of the Almighty, accepted the bitterness of death, and that not as bitterness but as a life-giving force.
And has not Kosovo right up to the present day, indeed, served as a vital force to dozens of generations?
In the history of the Christian peoples there is not another case of 1 entire army, an entire nation being imbued by the wish to die in order to meet death for the sake of its religion. This was not to meet a suicidal but a heroic death. Kosovo is unique in the 20 centuries old history of the Christian world. Those are mistaken who say that Kosovo stopped the wheel of our history and held us back. If it had not been for Kosovo, we would have been a great nation today! It was Kosovo that made us a great nation. It is our Golgotha; but it is at the same time our spiritual and moral resurrection.
Still, the holy body of Lazar, imbued with Heavenly power, lies whole even today curing all human disabilities. The bodies of the other knights of the cross were not lost, although they remained on the battlefield. Their bodies were sanctified by their holy souls, and the entire land of Kosovo was dedicated by their holy bodies. Thenceforth Kosovo became the campo santo, the holy field.
That is why the Serbs, even those living in America, come and take a handful or a bag of soil from the holy field of Kosovo to carry it and keep it as a sacred relic in their places of worship and their homes, as is done from the tomb of St. Dimitrije in Salonika or the graves of other Christian martyrs. Kosovo is the greatest tomb of Christian martyrs killed in a single day. No other of such magnitude is known to us. And celebrating the deathday of their saint, the whole Serbian people honor and commemorate St. Vitus' Day (Vidovdan). He who honors the holy martyrs, such as the archdeacon Stefan or Djordje or Dimitrije or Teodor or Trifun or Good Friday and Easter Sunday or Saints Petar and Paul, does not honor the defeated but the victor; neither does he honor the dead but the living.
Therefore, by celebrating the great martyrdom of the Kosovo martyrs, we do not celebrate the defeated ones but the victors, not the dead but those who are alive. Vidovdan is the greatest Slava of the Serbian people. It is day and not night - it is the Day.

"Whoever keeps his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."Matthew 10:39
The book itself preached to the Tsar: "Tsar Lazar of noble ancestry! Which kingdom will you choose? Will you choose the earthly kingdom? Or will you choose the heavenly kingdom?
If you choose the earthly kingdom ...All the Turkish host will perish. If you choose the heavenly kingdom ... All your army will perish, And you, O Prince, will die with them."
After the Tsar heard these words, He pondered all sorts of thoughts: "Dear God, what shall I do and how shall I? Which kingdom shall I choose?
Shall I choose the earthly kingdom? Or shall I choose the heavenly kingdom? The earthly kingdom lasts only a brief time, But the heavenly kingdom always and forever."
So the Tsar chose the heavenly kingdom ... Then the Turks mounted their attack against Lazar.
And the Serbian Prince Lazar perished, Together with his entire army, Seventy-seven thousand in number, And all was holy and honorable And acceptable to gracious God ...
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poland wants more babies, hospitals can't cope

If only Serbia had the same 'problem'. With a population of around 40m and one of the most homogenous populations in the world, the Polish demographic situation is incomparably better than ours. I love the way that Yahoo news makes out that the baby boom is such a massive problem. As if a bit more investment in hospitals wouldn't provide an adequate solution. On the other hand you can just imagine the reaction if Poland was being swamped with immigrants. Then there wouldn't be any limit to the amount of proposed solutions and explanations in order to keep the floodgates open. And there would be constant reminders about the supposed benefits and the sacrifices people must make. But a minor problem with hospital standards, that's an unsolvable enigma. It's a Gordian knot that could lead to national suicide. Not like immigration. Let's go back to a falling indigenous population, let's subsidise abortions, let's send for immigrants to make up the shortfall. No need for this old-fashioned solution of upping the birth-rate. Leave the reproduction to Asian's or African's. And we all know that a recently arrived Bangladeshi is as Polish as an ethnic Pole. Anyone that doesn't think so is a filthy racist, potential anti-Semite, and should be sent on a forced-tour of Auschwitz for some spiritual sustenance!
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Bush Met With Jewish Leaders

CRAWFORD, Tex., June 16 -- As he prepared for a visit this week from Israel's prime minister, President Bush held an unannounced meeting with the top leadership of the United States' Jewish community to discuss the dramatic events in the Middle East and other foreign policy issues.
Bush meets with smaller groups of Jewish leaders from time to time, but the gathering Thursday was the first time he had met with the entire leadership community, about 50 heads of Jewish advocacy, service and religious organizations of different political orientations.
The White House did not disclose the private session on the president's schedule, and officials asked participants to treat Bush's remarks as off the record. Present for the session were the president's most senior aides, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley, White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten and political adviser Karl Rove.

Read the rest here. There's debate going on in the comments section, and some of the comments are extremely positive. Some people are waking up. Here's a sample:

By Desert_Fox: MO3, MANY Jews in this country do in fact have dual loyalty. Case in point, MANY Jewish Americans SERVE in the Israeli Army. Our laws say serving in a foreign army means losing your U.S. citizenship. EXCEPT FOR ISRAEL! Why the free pass? Why aren't these people serving in OUR military? Why aren't they being shown the door? Because of the OVERWHELMING PRESSURE from the the pro-Israel lobby.

By PrussianBlue:
Interesting to see how this obviously political news item, after debuting at the top of the web "front page", was then buried in the "Religion" section so as not to call as much attention to it.

@motherof3: it SHOULD be a no-brainer to observe that "Arabs are Semites too," but somehow Jewish publicists and politicos have monopolized the term "Semite," as in "anti-semitic," the same way they have monopolized and practically trademarked the term "holocaust," to the exclusion of every other group that's suffered enormous losses due to government injustice--just in the 20th century I might mention the Armenians, Ukrainians, Khmers and Tutsis. I wouldn't even have brought it up if a fellow-poster hadn't decided to open up with the nuclear option of calling everyone who was skeptical about our Israel policy "a bunch of anti-semites." We aren't. I've got nothing against any Jew per se...and to the extent that I sympathize with Arab grievances, I could be called even more pro-semitic than those who sympathize more with Israel; since there are so many more Arabs than Jews, and since (unlike the modern post-Diaspora Jews, who come in so many genetic types after 2000 years away from the Promised Land) the Arabs are normally Semitic through and through. The fact is, and history will confirm, that Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Adelman, Abrams, Shulsky, Wurmser, Kristol, Friedman, Krauthammer, J.Miller, Broder, and many another neo-con advisor or scribe for this administration, of Jewish faith or extraction, was either explicitly or probably motivated to a greater or lesser extent, in their zeal for THIS war against THIS enemy (Iraq, Saddam) by zeal to get a danger off the back of the Jewish state. (In the same fashion, many worthy Cuban-Americans form a political bloc to influence our policy toward Cuba, not necessarily in America's national interest.) Look at the book FIASCO by the Wapo's own Thomas Ricks, which notes how obsessively Wolfowitz, in promoting the conflict, drew analogies between Saddam and his crew and Hitler and the Gestapo: "It was like a tic with him." As Ricks observed, it was a debate tactic that also tended to intimidate potential objectors out of arguing. (Like yelling about "anti-semites", I would add.) People need to stop feeling intimidated.

By ClandestineBlaze: michel1835 - you ignore history VERY well. Israel also engaged in major terrorism in the 1940s and 1950s against the British government that had control over the region that is currently known as Israel. Massive amounts of British soldiers and diplomats were kidnapped, murdered, and had their corpses dumped out in the streets. Read more about the zionist movement called the Stern gang and Lehi. So, the Israeli's excuse was that they were justified to terrorize and bomb because they were "freedom fighters" - but when the Palestinians use this excuse, they're just a bunch of dumb cavemen who need to be separated by their wives and kids with a wall? You are a sick, sick human.

By 1humanity: As long as we (including our president) are giving Israel our unconditional support with the blood of our boys and girls and our tax money, Israel has no incentive to negotiate for peace. Read Jimmy Carter's new book about apartheid in Palestine and you'll know the facts on the ground.We should stop giving unconditional support to the brutal regime and in order to do that we need to clean our government from necocon traitors and foreign agents who disguise themselves as consultants and experts in various Zionist think tanks in Washington. We also need to clean up our Congress from greedy AIPAC agents.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sites and blogs

In Serbian:
ИХТУС (Ihtus in English) is a Serbian publishing company run by a Dr. Jurjevic. He left his homeland as the communist's took over at the end of WW2. He worked as a psychologist in America until 1992, when he returned to Serbia to help educate Serbian youth and undertake missionary work. He's written many book's about Christianity, free-masonry, Zionism and psychology, but also translated book's from English to Serbian. His site has some excellent text's, and detail's of how to order a multitude of book's.
Светосавље (Svetosavlje) is another Orthodox site, concentrating on the Serbian tradition and experience (derived largely from St. Sava) in particular. The best part of the site, in my opinion, is the section with many works by St. Nikolai. I haven't found any other site with so many of his works.
Српски сабор Двери is a patriotic and Orthodox Serbian academic magazine, stemming from a Belgrade student movement founded in 1999. The NGO's are always whining about them which means that their message must be positive by default.

In English:
Srba joins the extremely small Serbian blogging community, and is the first Serb blogger from Australia, that I know of. (At least when it comes to blogging on Serbian issues). His blog is only just up and running, and as far as I can see it will concentrate on politics.
Incidentally I have recently been participating in quite a few discussions on Club Parada forum. Club parada is an Australian-Serb party organiser, popular amongst the youth. Not that I've ever been to one of their event's, but their forum has as many Australian Serbs as you'll find in one place on the internet. I've been trying to get some dialogue going on various issues. Member's range from the patriotic to the extremely liberal, with the odd completely lost soul (one guy seems to spend his whole life starting threads about the falseness of Christianity and the obvious superiority of atheism).
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Friday, June 22, 2007


It came to my attention yesterday that there is going to be a new propaganda movie made called 'The Filthy War'. It seems that its going to be about the battles around 'Vukovar', present-day Croatia, and the main villain's are going to be Arkan and his famous Tiger unit. Arkan is set to be played by Vinnie Jones! I expect that Vinnie will be asked to play the role of the merciless, sadistic, ethnic cleanser. Sounds like the role he's been waiting for all his life.
By complete coincidence I was watching an interview with Arkan on Thursday. It was one of the last interviews he gave before he died, and it was for an Australian TV channel so it's in English. It took place in Belgrade during NATO's assault on Yugoslavia in 1999. It's worth analysing the propaganda techniques employed. Australia is not even a member of NATO, yet it's media still produced this type of propaganda.
Arkan, even amongst Serbs, was always the subject of intense debate. I don't have enough information to either clear or condemn him, since I refuse to be 'educated' by my enemies. One thing is for sure though. Our enemies used the image they projected about him to demonize the Serbian nation, and to justify their own crimes (as can be seen in the interview). While it cannot be denied that in his early days he raised money as a bank-robber in various Western countries, it is also beyond question that he and his unit fought in some of the most intense battles of the 90's and showed immense bravery and sacrifice. Those battles are testament to the fact that there is no basis in the claims that he had no interest in anything but profiteering from the war. Ultimately no one but God will judge him.

Setting the scene
The female news reader begins by introducing Arkan with 'Arkan the Terrible' written on the screen behind her. She proceeds to refer to the Tiger's as a 'gang' as if they were no more than looters, when it is well documented that they were a volunteer unit which served under the operational control of the Yugoslav army. They were better motivated, and trained, and were often used as 'fire-fighters' and thrown into situations where the regular army was crumbling. For instance Arkan was awarded a medal by the Bosnian Serb President, Karadzic, for repelling the Muslim and Croat advance on Banja Luka and saving the most important Serb-held city in Bosnia.
The unbiased news reporter then goes on to state that there is an arrest warrant out for him in 'every single country on earth'. This translates to 'he's wanted by Interpol'. She makes it sound like every country on earth came to the same conclusion individually.

The unprejudiced expert
Then follows a character assassination of Arkan by someone with a dubious sounding name from the London Institute of International Affairs. I say dubious sounding because his name ends in 'ic' which is the most common ending for Serb and Croat names. I tried to research him, though the task was made more difficult by the fact that they did not put his name on the screen as they usually do when they introduce a commentator. I had to try various combinations of letters since my original guess at the spelling of his name was wrong (I thought it was Chris Sivic or Sivich). I wasn't helped by the fact that the reporter's awful pronunciation (if I was being paranoid I might speculate that it was purposeful) threw me way off the scent. Also he looked pretty old in the video so I figured he might have popped his clogs and that there wasn't much info on him any more. As luck would have it I eventually identified someone by the name of Chris Cvijic who I thought was most likely to be the same guy, though without a visual verification I couldn't be sure. This guy was obviously the type of expert acceptable to the establishment, having been to NATO sponsored conferences on the future of regions where not one country is a NATO member. It became even more likely that he was the one when I saw this foreign affairs memorandum submitted by him, where he parrots the official line about the success of NATO 'intervention' against Serb murderers, torturers, rapists, and ethnic cleansers. And then it all became crystal clear when I managed to find a photo which confirmed that he was the guy from the video. And it also confirmed beyond doubt that this guy was not an impartial commentator, but a native of Croatia! So much for impartiality. They try and big up his academic credentials, they have him climb up and down a library ladder, looking all distinguished and scholarly. But when it comes down to it, choosing someone with a vested interest or loyalty to one particular side to be an honest broker of the truth on wars in the former Yugoslavia is outrageous.

Establishing a sense of moral indignation
Then the Australian interviewer has the cheek (while NATO is bombing the civilian infrastructure of a sovereign nation which committed no aggression) to state that Arkan is guilty of 'heinous crimes which disgusted the civilized world'. So to cover up the ongoing crimes of the 'civilized world' he is trying to switch peoples attention to the alleged crimes of one man, and to maintain some kind of moral superiority.

Repetition of unproven claims no matter how outrageous We then go back to our impartial Chris Cvijic, for some more propaganda alleging that Arkan's men cut out pregnant women's bellies and raped women in the presence of their family. He then claims that they gouged people's eyes out and that this was very 'traditional'. He's right, it is traditional in the Balkans, but amongst the Croat Ustase and Bosnian Muslim's. After another clip of the actual interview with Arkan, Chris continues listing various crimes. Apart from he ran out of them after his first list. So he repeats the claims of rape and mutilation, and then to add something different he accuses the soldiers of raping women in front of family members 'very spectacularly'. What this is supposed to mean I'm not quite sure. And then even more bizarrely he claims they sometimes 'killed children, if this produces an effect'! If it produces an effect? When wouldn't it produce an effect? Then the interviewer continues with more shocking crimes about men's penises being cut off and put in their mouths. Remember all these sensational claims about past conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia are being listed in the midst of the current NATO war. He accuses Arkan of being responsible for crimes in Omarska (a supposed death camp). A good video about the Western media reporting of these supposed death camps is available here.

Misrepresentation of all opposing views
After a couple more scenes with Arkan, at 11min 13 (the video is only 11min59 long), we finally get to the issue of the NATO bombing. After calling the physical damage 'enormous' the reporter shows he is nothing more than an apologist for NATO crimes by mocking the Serbian side of the story. He states that Serbs claim that the masses of Albanian refugees are all lies made by Western propaganda. No Serb ever claimed this. What Serbs claim, and this can be totally verified, is that there was no mass exodus of Albanian's until NATO started bombing, so this cannot be a valid pretext for the bombing. One has to ask why people were displaced after the bombing was underway. In proportional terms even more Serbs fled their homes than Albanians. The displacement was therefore the logical result of civilians trying to flee a province being saturated with cluster bombs, cruise missiles, depleted uranium rounds, and of course the focus of fighting on the ground between the KLA and the Yugoslav army. I might add that it is logical that a good deal of the Albanians that died in the conflict, who were not members of the KLA, were not necessarily victims of war crimes either. If a large segment of the population supported the KLA’s violent struggle and were present in areas of engagement (since the KLA occupied many Albanian villages) between the KLA and the Yugoslav army then it is not surprising that there would be ‘collateral damage’ (a favourite phrase the US likes to use, yet it denies the use of it by its opponents). Rooting out armed insurgents from unarmed sympathisers is not something that can be done with surgical precision.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BBC report damns its ‘culture of bias’

The report points to the danger of BBC programmes being undermined by the liberal culture of its staff, who need to challenge their own assumptions more. “There is a tendency to ‘group think’ with too many staff inhabiting a shared space and comfort zone,” says the report.
It goes on to highlight a “Roneo mentality” where staff ape each other’s common liberal values.

Read the rest here

Surprise, surprise. What next a report concluding the pope is Catholic. The BBC has a £90,000 a year 'Diversity Czar', what do they expect. They purposefully handpick these liberal's and then pretend they're surprised with the result.
Reminds me of the story about ex-BBC business editor Jeff Randall complaining to a senior executive about the BBC's pro-multi-culturalism stance - to which he was told: "The BBC is not neutral in multi-culturalism, it believes in it and promotes it." _____________________________________________
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The Serbian Robin Hood

Check out this bizarre story about a Serbian banker in Germany who stole money from rich clients to help poor ones. I wouldn't usually go out of my way to highlight the crime of a fellow countryman, and it's not a sign that I approve of it, but it's quite interesting that someone would commit such a crime and not profit at all. Especially in this day and age.

From Spiegel online:

A German bank employee, identified only as Dragan V., stole money from rich customers to give it to poor ones. He's now been sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison, officials in the southern German town of Mosbach announced Thursday.
The 45-year-old man diverted €2.1 million ($2.8 million) to needy clients while he was a senior executive at a savings bank in the southern region of Tauberfranken. "I felt sympathy for the unemployed and the socially disadvantaged and wanted to help them," the man, who made a full confession, told the court.
At the bank in the town of Lauda he managed to win loans for poor customers by transferring money to their accounts from rich customers, to make the disadvantaged ones look a bit wealthier. At first he tried to fill the inevitable gaps in the poor customers' loan accounts with his own money. Then he started to use other customers' money. Finally -- at the end of 2005 -- he admitted to himself that he had lost track of his illicit deals. He did not, however, profit personally from the embezzlement.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homosexuals brainwashing children

Via the Western Voices World News site I came across these videos which show how far the cultural revolution has progressed and how successfully American society is being re-programmed and its values completely redefined. And this 'liberal democracy' is the utopian society and system that some Serbs aspire to.
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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

I've taken the liberty of posting this blog entry taken from League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. His blog will go into my disorganised links section, which I am hoping to categorise some time soon. Thanks to Mr.Smith for drawing my attention to it. It's refreshing to know that there are American's that think like this. Here goes the full article:

Later this month, on June 28, the Serbian Orthodox Church will be observing the feast day of Saint Lazar. The feast day is held on the anniversary of Lazar's martyrdom at the Battle of Kosovo, an epic fight waged between the forces of Christian Serbia and the Muslim Ottoman Empire in 1389. It was Lazar, a Serbian prince, who led the Christian forces against the Muslims in the infamous battle. The Serbian force, outnumbered more than two-to-one, consisted of nearly every knight and prince of Serbia. Legend has it that the night before the battle, an angel came to Prince Lazar in a dream, offering him a choice between two kingdoms: one on Earth, and one in Heaven. Prince Lazar, knowing that the choice of an Earthly kingdom would result in victory over the Ottomans the next day, and that the choice of a Heavenly kingdom would spell defeat, declared: "Perishable is the earthly kingdom, but forever and ever is the Kingdom of Heaven!" The words he offered his soldiers before joining the Ottomans in battle the next day were simply: "We die with Christ to live forever!"And on June 28, 1389, at Kosovo Field, the Christian armies of Serbia were wiped out, along with the Serbian political elite - including Prince Lazar. But the Ottoman victory came with a heavy price. Before the battle, the Ottomans were in a position to expand even further into Europe, conquering and converting as they went. At Kosovo, however, the Serbs had inflicted such losses upon the Ottomans -- including the death of Sultan Murad I -- that they had no other choice but to retreat back to home turf. Over the next few hundred years, the Holy Ground of Kosovo -- where the Christian West was saved from the Islamic Caliphate -- would be overrun by Albanians, a conquered people who were forced to convert to Islam by their Ottoman overlords 500 years ago, and have remained a Muslim nation ever since.On June 10, 2007, it was reported that United States President George Bush received a "hero's welcome" in Albania.
"Sooner rather than later you've got to say 'Enough's enough - Kosovo is independent,'" Bush said, telling Albanians what they wanted to hear. He said independence was a certainty.Independence for Kosovo is, of course, absolutely none of President Bush's business. Unfortunately the issue was thrust upon all citizens of the United States by President Bill Clinton in the late 1990's, when Yugoslavian (Serbian) forces began to crackdown on Albanian separatists in Kosovo. The dispute was an internal matter of a sovereign state, and atrocities were alleged on both sides, but when the international community -- led, of course, by the United States -- finally inserted itself into the matter, it erred on the side of the Muslim Albanian separatists. A brutal air war was waged on the people and infrastructure of Yugoslavia by the United States under the guise of NATO, and on June 11, 1999, Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic backed down. The Albanians returned to Kosovo, Yugoslavian forces retreated, and the region has been ruled by the United Nations ever since.Contrast this episode with the situation in the Middle East. As Kosovo has always been a sacred part of the Serbian Nation, Palestine is historically recognized as the fatherland of the Jews. Roughly 100 years ago, the Zionist movement began to pick up steam. An attempt to reverse the ancient Jewish diaspora was made and by 1948, the State of Israel was recognized across the world. Most Christians in the United States believe that the establishment of the modern Israel was ordained by God in some way; this is reflected by the unconditional diplomatic and military support given to Israel by the United States' government. Of course, the reclaiming of Israel could not have been achieved without an
ethnic cleansing of Muslim Arabs, and the efforts of those that we would easily label murderers and terrorists - if they hadn't happened to have been Jews.The circumstances between the Muslim Arab conquest of Palestine and subsequent reclamation by the Jews early last century, and the Muslim Albanian conquest of Kosovo and attempted reclamation by the Christian Serbs later last century, are virtually the same. Yet, for whatever reason, the United States backed Israel, and threw the Christian Serbs to the dogs. Imagine a few years from now when the demographics have lined up, that the Mexican populations of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas vote for independence from the United States. Then the Russian, Chinese, and European heads-of-state fly into Mexico City to pledge their support for the Mexicans in the US Southwest. That's pretty much what just happened with President Bush in Albania (save for the fact that -- unlike the US Southwest -- Kosovo is regarded a holy ground by an ancient people that -- unlike the US -- actually have fought a war of survival against the spread of Islam).Despite the circumstances leading up to the 1999 NATO campaign, and the consequences it will forever hold for Christian Serbia, millions of US citizens are still wildly deluded into believing that their country is some sort of "Christian Nation". The brutal fact of reality is that the Kosovo War was just one more episode in the United States' long, rich tradition of destroying Christians. The staunchly devout Southerners were overrun and "reconstructed" when they peacefully and democratically left the US in the 1860's, with tens of thousands of civilians killed in the process. Forty years later, more than 200,000 (mostly Christian) Filipino civilians were murdered by US forces in a pointless bid to conquer the Philippines. After World War One, the Protestant and Catholic Kaisers of Germany and Austria-Hungary were forced to abdicate, and the Allies' constant demand on the Tsar to keep his nation in the war led directly to the demise of Orthodox Russia. Without these ancient, Christian monarchs in power, the US and its allies had delivered Europe and Russia to Fascism, Nazism and Communism. The idiotic Treaty of Versailles that made this possible was championed fiercely by the United States. It led directly to the Second World War -- which wasn't allowed to end until the United States' military had finished its science project in "the oldest and most influential Christian community in Japan" -- and subsequent struggle with international Communism in which tens of millions of innocent civilians would be murdered by their godless governments. The bloodiest century in the history of the universe was made possible by the unwarranted meddling of the United States' government, which for some reason prints "In God we trust" on its currency and forces its youngsters to pledge allegiance to its flag, which is touted as the symbol of a nation "under God". This same "nation" went on to kick off the Twenty-First century with a quixotic bid to erect a Jeffersonian democracy in the heart of Mesopotamia, an ancient region with absolutely no heritage of liberal government whatsoever. Typically, the debacle in Iraq is poised to accomplish that which no other empire ever could - the complete and total annihilation of some of the most ancient Christian communities in the world.As our president mingles amid throngs of happy Albanians, let us remember the historic events of June, and never forget the hypocrisy exhibited by our leaders and the atrocities perpetrated by our government on Christians all around the world.
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Recommended articles

The New World Disorder: The West and Kosovo
By Father Andrew Phillips

Bush In Kosovo: Precedent For U.S. Southwest?
By Michael Kleen

My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia
By Jesse Petrilla

Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology
By fjordman
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Montenegro signs up to US occupation

The actual headline is 'US and Montenegro sign military pact', but seeing as America gets to build bases and deploy troops to Montenegro, and Montenegro doesn't get to do the same in America, its not a partnership as much as it is the furthering of a colonial and imperial agenda. The story seems to have passed me by while I was revising. It's hardly unexpected though, yet another Serbian land being first ripped from Serbia, then occupied by the US.

The Status of Forces Agreement was signed by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic, who was making his first official visit to Washington since his nation broke from Serbia and gained independence in 2006.
Dr Rice said the agreement "establishes a basis for United States military personnel to operate in Montenegro for mutually agreed activities".
"Mr President, we share your aspirations for a Euro-Atlantic future for Montenegro and the United States and Montenegro are working towards that goal," she said during a joint press conference with Mr Vujanovic.
The State Department revealed yesterday the two governments had also signed last month a so-called "Article 98" agreement, a controversial bilateral immunity deal that would shield US troops and nationals stationed in Montenegro from possible prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The United States has signed Article 98 agreements with more than 100 countries despite questions about the international legality of the pacts.

Read the rest here
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chinese immigrants, Iraqi, Afghani refugees building homes in Serbia

"Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."
Gen. Wesley Clark, USA Supreme Commander, NATO mass-murderer
CNN, April 24-25, 1999

[The original news report is below my commentary]
Unless Serbia deals with its massive abortion problem (200,000 a year), the Serbian youth begin to show an inclination towards marriage and family, and we ban immigration, Serbs will be a minority in their own country by 2050.
There are a couple of things to note from the following article. But just to provide a background, the Serb population in Serbia numbers around 7m. Of these, more than 450,000 are Serb refugees from Bosnia, Krajina, and Kosovo. Now first off, why is a country with so many refugees of its own, and which had what remained of its dilapidated communist infrastructure decimated in 1999, being forced to take refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq? The UN claims that they are in transit, waiting for transfer to a third country. But Serbia should not be used as a transit point by an international body, especially one that has so spectacularly failed our nation already. Let those countries that created the mess in those countries in the first place take them, or let their fellow Arabs/Muslims take them. Many of them have been in Serbia for years, how long does this process take. Given the UN's track record I'm not optimistic it will be resolved any time soon. The other problem is that an individual motivated to flee their country for no other reason other than fear for their personal safety will stop in the first safe country that is reached. There is I think a statement that amounts to as much somewhere in the UN's charter. This is being flouted, and economic migrants have an incentive to break the law since the UN refuses to enforce their own principles. Once the 'asylum seeker' reaches their preferred destination, the host country is breaking international law if it chucks them out, even if the 'asylum seeker' should never have got that far.
The Key part of the article though, is the mention that 'Serbia does not have a law on asylum, so it transfers all refugees and asylum seekers to third countries, with the help of the U.N. refugee office'. Watch out in the future for this loophole to be closed. Right now no refugees have a right to settle in Serbia although in practice they seem to be staying indefinitely due either to the UN's incompetence or unwillingness to act. I anticipate that one reform which will be a non-negotiable (as if the current Serb government would even protest) pre-requisite will be one that institutes an immigration policy in keeping with that of our Euro-Atlantic 'allies'. That basically means, anyone that manages to cross the border illegally, simply has to utter the word 'asylum' and they can kick-start a complex legal process which no doubt lasts years, at a cost to the Serbian tax payer, and results in them being rewarded for breaking the law and violating our border.
There are tens of thousands of Chinese in Serbia, mostly in and around Belgrade. If you had to pick a non-European, non-Christian people to accommodate in limited numbers then I guess Chinese would be somewhere at the top of the list. They don't whine about discrimination every waking minute of the day as a means to obtaining privileges. They are hard working, respect authority, and stick to themselves. But while they have all this going for them, the issue is that though they might win the most-desirable-immigrant award, we have no need for any immigrants in any case. Given the demographic nightmare we face, it is absolutely suicidal to take in any new-comers. We let Albanian's cross our border with impunity, and now we have 2m of them.

Anyway here goes the original news story:

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro, May 31, 2007 (IPS/GIN) -- Thousands of Chinese immigrants, as well as refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, are building a home in Serbia.
The region may be viewed by some as intolerant and somewhat nationalistic due to its role in the wars of disintegration of former Yugoslavia, but many immigrants say they are finding a hospitable home here.
"Belgrade is my second home, for more than eight years now," said Liu Feng Dun, owner of a popular "New Hong Kong" restaurant. "I do go to China at least once a year, but this is where I have built my real life," he said, adding that his youngest son, born in Belgrade three years ago, was given a typical Serbian name, Marko. His elder son Hu goes to Serbian school.
"We have dozens of Chinese pupils here," a teacher from the Marko Oreskovic elementary school in the New Belgrade suburb of Block 70 said. She gave her name as Jelena only, and indicated two 7-year-old Chinese girls in the crowded schoolyard.
"This one is Jelena, like me, while the other one is Ana," she said. "These boys are Milos, Dragan and Nikola, typical Serbian names," she added laughing, pointing at a trio of Chinese boys playing football with their blonde Serbian friends.
Several thousand Chinese people live, work and send their children to local schools in Block 70.
New Belgrade is part of the country's capital, built on the banks of the Sava River during the communist era when a skyline of high-rises was considered a beautiful sign of progress.
Block 70 used to house a large shopping mall, which was built almost 20 years ago, before the wars that tore former Yugoslavia apart. But the mall never flourished because strict international sanctions -- which were imposed against Belgrade due to its role in the 1990s wars -- brought the country's economy to a standstill.
Thousands of Chinese immigrants began arriving a decade ago and have since turned the gloomy place into a colorful neighborhood. Cheap imported Chinese goods helped impoverished Serbs afford decent clothes and household items, while the new Asian neighbors found the environment receptive to their businesses and ambitions. Most of the inhabitants of Block 70 are Chinese now. Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood are becoming a favorite spot for many long-time Belgradians, as well.
"Officially, there are at least 4,000 Chinese [people] living here in the Block," Jing Dong Rong, head of the Association of Chinese Importers, told the Belgrade media recently. He was addressing the Serbian public after an incident in March, when a mentally disturbed Chinese man stabbed several young men with a knife in central Belgrade. The victims survived and the perpetrator was sent to a mental health institution.
"Nothing bad has ever happened to the Chinese in Belgrade; Serbia is the country where our community has least problems," he said.
The Chinese community was recently granted authorization to build and operate a Baptist Christian Church in another neighborhood of Belgrade, Ledine. Serbs are, by tradition, Orthodox Christians in a country where other Christian denominations are almost nonexistent.
The Chinese community's Baptist Church was viewed as a curiosity and oddity in Ledine, but no one objected to its services. It is a simple two-storey building, with a large banner in Chinese characters.
"We are viewed with scepticism in China itself," said a 30-year-old Chinese man who gave his name as Nikola. "It's unusual to leave the teaching of Confucius and turn to Christianity in China. However, the new religion has helped us turn away from running after money. We have discovered love and psalms," he added.
In another part of New Belgrade, a group of Iraqi Kurdish families resides in barracks rented by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Having arrived in Serbia three years ago, they are awaiting transfer to a third country. Until recently, the barracks housed Afghani families fleeing the war in their country, as well.
Three children from one of the Kurdish families go to the local Laza Kostic elementary school. An 8-year-old girl named Zeinap, 11-year-old Muhammad and 9-year-old Hussein are among the school's best students. They speak perfect Serbian, play with other children and go to birthday parties and other family gatherings traditional among Serbs.
"I like three things here in Serbia: one is the rain, as it rarely ever rains where I come from. Second is that I can walk the streets in the middle of the night without any fear. The third is when a policeman addresses me, he starts with 'sorry, but.' Where I come from, policemen do not use the word 'sorry,'" their father said.
Serbia does not have a law on asylum, so it transfers all refugees and asylum seekers to third countries, with the help of the U.N. refugee office. "We have at least 50 new cases a year. It takes years to process them and find settlement in third countries," said Vesna Petkovic, a spokesperson for the U.N.'s refugee office in Belgrade. "As a rule, these people face no problems in their temporary environment, in Serbia. Some of them work in construction or other similar areas and are welcome by locals. Ordinary people here understand the hardships of others and are sympathetic with them."
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Lesbian sues, says the word 'marriage' is "hate speech"

The words "natural family," "marriage" and "union of a man and a woman" can be punished as "hate speech" in government workplaces, according to a lawsuit that is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Read the rest here
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Europeans believe 'Jews have too much sway in US policy' says ADL survey

Many Europeans believe the Jews dictate US policy in the Middle East, wield disproportionate global economic influence and talk too much about the Holocaust, according to a report released Monday by the Anti-Defamation League.

Foxman said the widely-held belief in dual allegiances was particularly troubling. "Disloyalty is a classical canard of anti-Semitism," Foxman said.

This is possibly the most retarded definition of anti-semitism I have ever come across in my life. So according to the Anti-Defamation League, believing that a significant amount of Jews have any allegiance to Israel whatsoever is 'anti-semitic'.

"A large number of Europeans continue to be infected with anti-Jewish attitudes, holding on to classical anti-Jewish canards and conspiracy theories," Foxman said

I love the way he refers to those who hold anti-Jewish attitudes as 'infected', as if they are mentally ill or defective.

Read the rest of the story here
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Carla del Ponte welcomed in Belgrade

The Serb government invited Carla del Ponte to Serbia over the weekend. Carla del Ponte is the Chief Prosecutor of the Hague 'victors' tribunal, formed for no other reason than to pin the blame for the crimes of our Euro-Atlantic friends on anyone but themselves. Usually when it comes to Serbia, all she does is whine about a lack of cooperation, but this time the Serb government invited her on their own initiative in an effort to woo her. She stated that what she heard was a 'breath of fresh air', and a 'revelation'. One wonders what those unscrupulous, corrupt, spineless career politicians told, or promised, her in private that elicited such a response from her.
Here is a BBC video covering her trip, which also contains some archive footage of Ratko Mladic (former commander of the Bosnian Serb army), who is top of her shopping list.
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Monday, June 11, 2007

The emperor inspects his adoring minions

[Update: Bush’s wristwatch disappeared while he was being mobbed. It would seem that the whole America-loving act was just a nationwide scam to steal his watch!]
Bush's reception in Albania yesterday was in keeping with history. When the Turks overran Southern Europe, the Albanian's converted and offered themselves up as foot soldiers. When the US decided to carve up the Balkans, the Albanian's were only too willing to collaborate with them, especially given the incentive of a land grab. Given their tendency to toe the line and fall in with whoever seems to have the greater firepower or manpower, joining the US alliance was a no-brainer. With over 700 military bases in around 130 countries, the American Empire has the one thing Albanian's respect: military might.
The servility that was on display was breath taking. One placard held up by some ignoramus claimed that Bush was 'God's messenger'. The Albanian President, a professional brown noser, claimed that Bush was the "greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times." Going back in time you can just imagine him making exactly the same statement to any other imperial leader. This guys grovelling technique would be identical in the presence of a Turkish sultan. The president then added: "We are determined to take any decision, pass any law and undertake any reform to make Albania appropriate to receive the invitation" to join the western military alliance. Why doesn't he just sign over the entire country while he's at it?
Give the Albanian's credit though, the sucking up was not a spur of the moment thing. Their ability to mobilise the entire resources of the state with the single aim of sucking up on an industrial scale is unrivalled. In anticipation of his arrival three stamps had recently been issued featuring Bush's picture and the Statue of Liberty, and the street in front of parliament had been renamed in his honour. Albania has also been only too happy to contribute mercenaries for the Empire's illegal, and more importantly, immoral, invasions.
Bush's usual intellectual prowess was on display. On Saturday in Rome, the president agreed there should be a deadline to end the UN talks on Kosovo, saying "In terms of a deadline, there needs to be one - it needs to happen." But Sunday, less than 24 hours later, Bush tried to backtrack when asked when that deadline might be. "First of all, I don't think I called for a deadline," Bush said at an appearance with Prime Minister Sali Berisha in the courtyard of a government ministry building. He was reminded that he had. "I did?" he asked, sounding surprised. "What exactly did I say? I said 'deadline?' O.K., yes, then I meant what I said. The question is whether or not there is going to be endless dialogue on a subject that we have made up our mind about. We believe Kosovo ought to be independent." What a clown!
Interestingly, the prime ministers of 'Macedonia' and Croatia, also travelled to Albania to meet Bush for what must have been a cosy meeting. Croatia was an instrumental ally in the break up of Yugoslavia, receiving US training and funding. 'Macedonia' is a frankenstein, makeshift state. Their permission to allow NATO to use their territory as a staging point for the 1999 bombing should not be forgotten. What goes around comes around. With a separatist Albanian militia in 'Macedonia' already established, they might end up rueing the day that they aided and abetted the US and Albania.

Links about Bush's visit:
Herald Tribune report
BBC report

Free Republic report

2 articles I found on US bases:
US military bases around the world
America's empire of bases
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Michael Parenti on media manipulation

Ok so I'm shattered, but I'm satisfied with how the exams went. Its all over and I can finally rest. There should be a flurry of posts in the coming week as I try to catch up on at least some of the stories that caught my eye.
I'll start with some info from the comments section of my previous entry, where two Brits inform me of Michael Parenti's site. I've heard of the guy before, and I recognised the article that was linked to (The media and their atrocities) as an extract from his book: To Kill a Nation. Its an excellent summary of the media lies surrounding the breakup of Yugoslavia and I often use the books' sources to either to justify a claim or to refresh my memory. It can be bought on Amazon for around £6.50.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

One last push and I'm done

Recently there have been a lot of interesting stories that under normal circumstances I would have felt compelled to write about. There was the Channel 4 documentary on Kosovo which really got me worked up. The ancient Serbian symbol of a cross and four C's (standing for only unity can save the Serbs), found on virtually every Serbian flag ever, was referred to as a supremacist symbol. Serb school children and teachers were asked provocative questions, mainly along the lines of 'Why don't you make an effort to fit in and learn Albanian?' Oh and a gypsy was portrayed as a Serb, and an Albanian flag was referred to as a 'Kosovan' flag, when no such flag exists. To call the reporter clueless would be generous.
Then there was the arrest of a Mladic aide in Bosnia. When I initially saw the headline I thought Mladic himself had been caught. As it is he's still free, thank God. I hope he's tucked away safely in some remote monastery.
I have been sent some excellent material recently and intend to publish it when I'm done with exams. I will be done in exactly 10 days time. Until then there will, in all likelihood, be blog silence as I make one last big push on the academic front. I want to give it everything I have, not spend the summer wondering whether I could have been more productive or obtained better results. My fellow contributor is burdened with even more important commitments than I am, and does not currently have regular access to a computer. God willing, we will make amends for the recent scarcity of posts in the future. Until then God bless everyone...