Thursday, April 19, 2007

Late abortion

Via Modern Tribalist I came across this story of a young Brazilian women (here in the UK) who knew she didn't want her baby the second she realised she was pregnant. Upon giving birth to a little girl in a garden shed, she pummeled the babies skull with a blunt instrument, and wrapped the baby's head with cling film and sellotape, covering the mouth, nose and eyes. The judge gave her a 'suspended sentance', which really equals no sentance, since she's completely free to go about her daily life and will only get jailed if she commits another offence. By the moral standards of the time and place we live in I guess this this is just a late abortion.
Not that this has anything to do with the moral implications of this case, but this young woman was an illegal immigrant. Needless to say the judge has refused to deport her. Its already blindingly obvious that modern Europe has no respect whatsoever for the laws of God. But it seems that those that rejected God are not even willing to uphold their own man-made laws. _____________________________________________
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