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Immigration, the holocaust, and the blogosphere

Some time in the future I will summarise the dire population predictions for Europeans that I read about in Death of the West. News stories such as this confirm not just what kind of a future we are heading for, but also how quickly. One estimate apparently predicts that one in three people residing in Spain will be a foreigner by 2015. Its quite easy to describe attacks on foreign owned property as 'racist vandalism'. But when discontented and frustrated natives see no end in sight to these mindless policies human nature kicks in. When people feel marginalised, helpless and sold out they tend to lash out. I don't welcome random acts of violence, but I equally deplore this leftist-liberal attitude that, no matter how unrealistic, disastrous, and ludicrous their social and immigration policies become, its all the fault of depraved racists who couldn't quite manage to stick out all the obvious failures that precede their utopian future.
I received an email recently from a reader that questioned the amount of focus that I put on Israel and Jews. I only usually expand on stories that I find. If 'the holocaust' and Jews weren't an issue almost every single day of the year, I wouldn't post about them so often. But this story had me falling off my chair! Its incredible what lengths some people will go to in order to indoctrinate children. A three week fast during Lent would no doubt have been unthinkable, but a three week holocaust re-enactment was deemed acceptable:

Anywhere from 50 to 100 9th graders taking an advanced placement geography class were designated as Jews and made to wear a Star of David on their I. D. badge. Other students were designated as Germans. Reports circulated that some students had been spat on, pushed, kicked and tripped. The parent said, if the reports were true, it was, "totally uncalled for. It should not have been allowed to happen. If they would have stopped it sooner, it wouldn’t of got to that point.”
According to students and teachers, the assigned Jews were forced to stand against the wall as the German students passed by in the hallway. The Jewish students ate lunch last and had to pick up every one's garbage. But some students say things began to escalate." We made beating sticks to hit the kids with," said Texas Medley, a student at the school. They were spit on. It was a good lesson but it went on too long.” "They would spit on them. They would push them down the stairs. They would be really rude," said student Tiffany Zimmerman. "I think it was too rough and over the edge. They took it too far.”
Just imagine the amount of abuse any kid that was previously bullied, and who happened to be assigned the role of Jew, must have got! I'm sure that could induce some kind of psychological disorder at that age. Three weeks of being kicked down the stairs, spat upon, and beaten with sticks, all in the name of Jewish suffering! While I'm on the issue of 'the holocaust', I found a very interesting article entitled: The Holocaust as Sacred Myth and Ideology: Final Reflections in the Wake of the Iran Holocaust Conference . Also I intended to watch a Dutch-made video this evening, entitled 'The Israel lobby: a danger to the world'. Its about the Israeli lobby in America and it had taken number one spot in the google video 'Movers and Shakers' list. Surprise, surprise its been removed by Big Brother. And I have it on good authority that this wasn't some amateurish diatribe but a reasoned and well-researched piece of journalism. Though I guess that makes it more dangerous not less.
I read an article in yesterdays edition of The Guardian, written by some ponce, and I was going to mention it on my blog. Lo and behold, I research the journalist, Jonathon Freedland, and he turns out to be Jewish! I swear I'm not making this up, but you just can't avoid them! Anyway this is the article that I had previously read, and its not hugely gripping, so I'll save everyone the bother and give you the gist of it. He initially starts off by claiming that the blogosphere is 'lawless' and lacks 'civility' and that this creates a 'stale and claustrophobic environment'. I began to smell a bit of a rat when he complained about how the freedom of expression was surely outweighed by the amount of people who could find this type of discussion off putting, and that the result would be the loss of a 'great democratic opportunity'. I'm sorry, but what bullsh*t! Because he, in his great wisdom, is adverse to topics about 'religion and race', he wants to curb basic freedoms on fraudulent pretexts such as 'civility' or 'democratic opportunity'. His conclusion is that 'anonymity' is the problem. And in a way he's right. Its because people have the freedom to post anonymously that they are less afraid to cover contentious and controversial issues. But that clearly annoys Johnny, he wants all those issues to be shoved back under the carpet. He wants people to have one eye over their back, knowing that their career and reputation could be on the line if they speak their mind or step out of line. In short he wants the blogosphere to emulate the regular mass media. He wants anyone that dissents to know in advance that they could be held publicly accountable for deviating from the set script. He wants them to be named and shamed. Not much of an incentive to partake in the great democratic opportunity he has in mind. He suggests the possibility of a single online identity that covers sites where money is at stake, such as ebay. Just imagine, one minute you say something out of line on a private chat forum, the next minute amazon have cancelled all your orders and are refusing to deal with you again. Or maybe your bank closes your account on the basis that it 'doesn't support racism'. Johnny ends his contribution with more talk about 'stuffy rooms' and 'democratic potential', but I think you get the picture.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, now go look at my blog, the entry on 'Those pesky Jews'. Another Jew, but what a difference in what he's doing to what that other idiot's doing!

I could just about understand if it was the policies of the State of Israel you were criticising, but when it gets to being about a race just for being a race, then I start to wonder.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Clearly it would be dishonest and nonsensical to extrapolate from the actions of one man that his entire tribe or race has exactly the same ideology, beliefs. That was neither my argument nor my intention. This little commentary of mine cannot be taken in isolation. If one looks at what Jews have had to say about their own actions and influence as a collective group then by the same token surely they are committing the same offence of judging themselves as a race?
If they suffered as a race, which they never cease to remind us about, and if they truly deserve recognition for their positive contributions, for which they are always praising themselves and being praised, then by the same token they can be critically examined for their negative contributions.
Or else we end up with this politically correct intellectual dishonesty where for example blacks can be praised for their superiority in some areas but not for their inferiority in others. In other words free speech is allowed in cases where minorities and racial groups can be praised collectively, but it is beyond the pale to criticise them as a collective. So no one has a problem when I say that blacks are better sprinters due to their genetics (they have a higher proportion of fast twitch muscle fibres), but state the statistically proven fact that they have a below average IQ and I become a racist.
If a people are tied together ethnically and religiously it makes sense that they would identify with their own kind ahead of anyone else. Now it may be unpalatable to admit, but it is at least plausible, that given this simple statement, were they to reach positions of power in countries which are not their own, their influence would be to the detriment of non-Jews. Otherwise we have to pretend that they have absolutely no solidarity as a racial group or influence as a racial group, which is clearly not the case.
As for Israel, it does not exist in a vacuum. It was created by the Jewish people for the Jewish people. But most Jewish people live outside of Israel and exert an influence in countries which are not their own. Jews, their actions and influence are not confined to the state of Israel so therefore examination of their actions has to be wider reaching. Especially when they have roped countless countries into their cause in the middle east. America’s policy towards Israel does not benefit it whatsoever; it only benefits Israel.
For a people with such racial consciousness, to the extent that it is ingrained within their religion, it is amazing that they are so averse to openly acknowledging the existence of race. So for example Jonathon Freedland, doesn’t want it to be discussed, and the ex-comedian you mention claims that one of the redeeming features of classical liberalism was a colour blind mentality. So it really intrigues me how a people who have such a powerful collective consciousness have made it sinful to acknowledge this simple fact. I am sinful because I am simply stating their misdemeanours, but they are not sinful for committing these misdemeanours in the first place. They have made the simple statement of fact that they committed a crime more grievous than their own initial crime. And the irony is that I don’t even need to rely on anyone’s testimony but that of Jews themselves. Yet I would be accused of anti-Semitism simply for quoting what Jews have stated about themselves. This is a psychological weapon par-excellence but it is not one that intimidates me in the slightest. All these buzz words such as ‘racist’, ‘anti-Semite’, and others are only powerful in as much as you allow yourself to be influenced by the possible accusations and smears. In a sense it leads to a self-administered censorship.
For details of Jewish complicity in the revolution one can read their own quotes here:, or Churchills opinion here:
That there are noble individuals I do not deny. Indeed I have posted videos and articles by Naom Chomsky, and others (such as here:
I also intend to post the video you mention. While I don’t consider it perfect, on a number of counts, it has some very useful material about the nature of the leftist utopian mentality. One thing all these individual have in common though is that they don’t go far enough. Chomsky relentlessly attacks the elite and their false democracy, without identifying the structures and persons that operate this false system. He only names visible puppets such as the president. Evan Sayet doesn’t go far enough because he attacks the system and claims that an ‘elite’ have seized the cultural, media and educational institutions, but he still believes they conduct a noble foreign policy.

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