Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holocaust Conference

Here's a must watch video of the American Jew Blitzer interviewing David Duke, an American who attended the Holocaust Conference in Iran.

Looks like Duke really did his research, nailing Blitzer with blow after blow. He brings up Blitzers membership of AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Commitee), which really dismisses any claims he can have to being an 'honest broker' of the truth. Imagine a Serb reporter working for a Serbian owned media conglomerate in the US who also happens to be a member of the 'Serbian Commitee for Kosovo', interviewing Albanians who want an independant Kosovo and claiming to be an impartial reporter working for an impartial media outlet.

Then Duke hits Blitzer with a couple of uncomfortable and irrefutable facts that he doesnt even attempt to call into question:

1. 60% of Republican Party funding comes from Jewish sources.-thats from The Washington Post.

2. 4 out of the 5 biggest media conglomerates in the US are Jewish owned, and the 5th is even more pro-Israel than the other 4. -thats from the Los Angeles Jewish Times.
Its quite perverse also how its portrayed as immoral to question the mainstream account of 'The Holocaust' (you've got to love how the Jews have requisitioned the word 'holocaust' for themselves) but people are free to research any other period of history. I would be ignored if I turned up in Germany and claimed 20m Russians didnt die in WW2, but I would be locked up if I said that 6m Jews didnt die. Talk about a monopoly on suffering even if the standard version of 'The Holocaust' was 100% accurate. And politicians in America moralise about freedom of speech in other areas of the world, but say nothing about the imprisonement of David Irving or Ernst Zundel for thought crimes. Is it not against America's beloved human rights to send people to prison for having an opinion? People are free not to believe in God, they are free to spit on him, but question the official version of events on one particular historical event and all hell breaks loose.

Reminds of a poem I once read which went something like this:

"I see a country that pillages the worlds natural resources but prides itself on being the worlds biggest donor of aid. I see a country that aborts it’s unborn, but won’t club a baby seal. I see a country that prays at the alter of diversity, but destroys it with racial intermarriage. I see a country that allows all forms of filth and degenerate behavior, in public and various forms of media, but won’t allow a cross to be burned in public. I see a country that allows abortion because it is your body and you can do with it as you want, but won't let you smoke a marijuana cigarette. I see a country that will go to war to protect other peoples borders while it's own is being overrun with illegals. I see a country that is the only one in history to use nuclear weapons, but thinks it has the moral authority to decide whether others can have them. I see a country that has degenerated past the point of no return. May God have mercy on our souls."

The point about freedom of speech is actually taken up by Duke in this next interview with MSNBC :

In both interviews Duke mentions his personal website, CNN and MSNBC must really be rueing the day they gave this man air time. I might add that the first youtube clip topped numerous youtube categories a couple of days ago. Among others:
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - People - English
#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - People - English
#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - People - English


Blogger editor said...

Very good interviews- although they were largely the same. The satellite delay served as a perfect interruption technique to block some of the words david duke was saying.

The journalist in interview 2 was the epitome of journalistic ignorance. Especially with the misquote. She said that people would find "wiping out zionism" offensive. Although that was a misquote, even if it was genuine- I still think that she would be wrong in insinuating that it is offensive. Perhaps she substituted "Zionism" for "Jews".

I do agree that the air-time affored to David Duke was a grave mistake of the news networks as I'm sure his popularity will soar even more.

Perhaps, Nikola, you should rename this post "Holocaust Conference: A dedication to Free Speech" or something to that effect because, as proven in the interviews, "Holocaust conference" is somewhat automatically translated in people's minds as "Holocaust denial and anti-semitic, far-right, radical extremist conference" which is, in my view, ridiculous. As David Duke, the issue of whether the Holocaust occured can only be discussed with the prerequisite of freedom of speech.

Thus congratulations to David Duke for his publicity success. Good post.

1:02 PM  
Blogger editor said...

"I do agree that the air-time affored to David Duke was a grave mistake of the news networks as I'm sure his popularity will soar even more."

Which is a good thing I might add. It prooves that the truth can yet be uncovered.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like so many people in the past have said, the Jews must be removed from gentile "goyim" society. They take over the money system by usury, they take over all our institutions and corrupt and degrade gentile society, while they get rich on prostitution, porn, sex slavery, debt finance, fiat money, corruption etc. All mafias are Jewish run at the top. The Jews must be removed from all media, government, banking, educational posts. Millions of innocent people died in world wars in the 20th century so the Jews could have a home which was stolen from the Palestinians. Most Jews have dual citizenship and all gentiles in the West are paying for their desert home. All Jews should be deported to their desert home that millions of white Europeans were murdered for. WAKE UP GOYIM CATTLE OF EUROPE AND WHITE COUNTRIES! There was a very good reason for the pogroms.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember Serbian people, all of you who were raised to feel sorry for the Jews, being raised that the poor Jews were our brothers and sisters, co victims of the Ustashi genocide....Serbian protected that fat Jewish whore, Madeline Corbel Albright from the Nazis...what did she do when she grew up? Did she thank the Serbian people for saving her from the ovens? Did she condemn the Ustashi genocide of the Serbs? No. She grew up to support her fellow Jews, Franjo Tudjman, into destroying Serbia. The Talmud says Serbians are cattle that should be slaughetered. They demonstrated the Talmud at Jasenovac. The Ustashi were invented by the Jews, Josip Frank. Ante Pavelic's wife was a Jew, and his daughter, Visnja, by Jewish law, is a Jew. Dido Kvaternik and Macek who said the Serbs are rats and must be tortured and killed (like their Talmud says) WERE JEWS. Yes, Hitler's top nazis were Jewish mischlinge, and Milivoj Aser, who lives in Austria is a JEW. The Mossad will not arrest him because he is one of their tribe. Death to the Jewish traitors of the Serbian and Russian people!!! Serbians better get Jew wise fast, get your heads out of your Jewish American entertainment and sports distractions, and porn, etc and WAKE THE FUCK UP SERBIAN PEOPLE! THE JEWS ARE YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does this really help your cause?

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the ustasha above me :
are some Jews ustashas too, or at the very least ustashaphiles ?

Have the croat ustashas, or the ss croats, or the croat black-shirts, become a role model for Jews ?

I mean, they could live - according to the very link you posted - in the hitler-supported croatian ndh, unbothered, while hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Rromas, were slaughtered there like some human cattle...

What does that say about those croat-enjoying Jews ?

How on earth could they live amidst hitlerite, sieg-heiling, mace/knife/axe-wielding ustasha croats ?

Don't you see the gap between their pro-croat behaviour, and the pro-german croat behaviour ?

Also, if ndh was so marvellous, why doesn't a prominent Jew produce/make a blockbuster movie about it ?
Something would be quite wrong, wouldn't it ?

The croats DID join hitler during wwII.
Now, you claim quite some Jews joined the croats during that same period of time...

Once again, what does that say about those Jews ?

It's like saying the Jews participated in the Holocaust themselves.

Joining and/or living in concorde with the very hordes who joined hitler doesn't help AT ALL in fighting hitler.

7:55 PM  

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