Monday, April 23, 2007

Albanians Set Fire to Serb-Owned Kosovo Forests

The same people that celebrated when NATO rained down depleted uranium on the province in 1999, and that have destroyed over 150 Serbian churches and monasteries, now turn to: forest burning!
Read more over on Byzantine Sacred Art blog. We've had our differences, but she's done this issue justice, and I am more than happy to link to an excellent article. As she says on this issue:
Owning something involves responsibility and love, taking care of it, being proud to see it grow, prosper and endure, and being heartbroken to see it in misery, demolished and destroyed. The only thing Kosovo-Metohija Albanians have proven thus far is that they never really owned a thing in Kosovo-Metohija and they don’t deserve a single foot of Serbian land, let alone the entire Serbian Kosovo.
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Blogger The Green Arrow said...

Your articles are always excellent buy boy do I get depressed.

We in the West just cannot seem to learn anything from the events in Kosovo. Perhaps when our Churches are burning then they "might" wakeup.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous EZD said...

Green Arrow...
The churches you talk about will never burn because they are being converted into luxury apartments,especially here in England. This being the more profit driven alternative as opposed to being reduced to rubble by jewish backed islamic adversaries.

2:39 PM  

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