Friday, April 20, 2007

News roundup

A selection of recent stories, articles and videos I came across recently:
First up a Serbian police officer has been wounded by a grenade somewhere near Novi Pazar (the area where the terrorist camp was found not so long ago). Officers were attempting to search the suspected safe house of a leader of a local group of Muslims who follow theWahhabi branch of Sunni Islam. Police said they responded with machine-gun fire after the grenade was thrown, killing one of the men inside, injuring another and arresting a third. Above is a picture of police carrying away the body of the dead man.
Germany's second biggest producer of baby diapers, Hartmann, has decided to stop production of baby diapers. The company announced producing baby diapers no longer is profitably since the demographic situation no longer requires producing diapers for babies. The company is instead reacting to the rising request of diapers for incontinent senior citizens and is investing in this array of products. An online researcher found out the company had made this decision back in 2002/03. This story immediately reminded me of the dire demographic predictions for Europe that I read about in Death of the West. Here is a passage from that book:

"My reason for not having kids is that I like to sleep. I read a lot, and I can sleep throughout the night", says Gabrielle Thanheiser, thirty-four, a banker in Berlin vacationing in Rome with her live-in boyfriend. "We are DINKS", confirmed Andreas Gerhmann, thirty-seven, using the acronym popular even in Germany for "double income, no kids" couples. In the long run, the self-indulgence of DINKS like Gerhmann and Thanheiser may prove more fateful for the German people than the Third Reich.

On the subject of Patrick Buchanan, I've just read his latest article on the corrupt war-mongering neo-con Paul Wolfowitz. It gives a little insight into the nature of institutions such as the World Bank that make out that their motive is to help the third world. Wolfowitz's big cause at the bank was fighting corruption, yet he handed out jobs with massive salaries to his lover and former White house buddies. Any money that does get to the third world no doubt ends up in the hands of corrupt regimes and rulers that faithfully take their orders from the seat of the Empire in Washington.
Neil Clark, the journalist I heard speak on my trip to parliament has a written an excellent piece on the silence of all the pro-war agitators on the week that the International Red Cross warned that the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is getting even worse and a major academic study by the Oxford Research Group concluded that the illegal US/UK invasion has "spawned new terror" in the region. A little look back at the material these imbeciles (or agents with an ulterior motive) were churning out really does say it all:

"April 9 - Liberation Day! What a wonderful, magnificent, emotional occasion - one that will live in legend like the fall of the Bastille, V-E Day or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Watching the tearing down of Saddam Hussein's towering statue in Baghdad was a true Ozymandias moment. All those smart Europeans who ridiculed George Bush and denigrated his idea that there was actually a better future for the Iraqi people - they will now have to think again." - William Shawcross, writing in the Wall Street Journal
On a more random note I came across this quote from South Korea's first female PM, who stepped down in March (amid speculation that she will run for president):

"We are not far from the future when our country will be the greatest country, and our race should be able to become the worlds greatest race”.

In my humble opinion thats overly optimistic, but its natural that she wants the best for her people. I can't help but wonder what the reaction would have been had a European leader said the same, but regarding his own sub-race or race.
As a follow on to my previous entry (in which the Brazilian woman killed her new born baby, and got away with it), I heard on the radio today that 4 women have been handed exactly the same sentance for forcing 2 toddlers to fight each other for entertainment. I'm all for toughening children up, but inciting a 3-year old to punch her 2-year old brother, and then threatening him unless he hits her back with a small object is beyond belief. How ironic that on this very same day a dog owner has been jailed for turning his home into a dog-fighting arena. Animals are valued more highly by the legal system than humans.
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