Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Contributer Speaks!

Greetings all!

Please excuse my rather belated appearance on this blog, but it feels good to finally be here and share my mind with the rest of the world:) Many thanks accorded to my brother Nikola for enabling me to post on his well-developed domain, and let me take this opportunity to praise him on all the good work so far and wish him the best of luck in making our blog the sanctuary of Serbian Orthodox youth and all like minded patriots throughout the world. At this present time I feel it unnecessary to reveal my complete identity, because it wouldn't really mean much to those who don't know me altogether. I choose to assume the name of Theocrat on this blog, as it best emphasises my ever-increasing affinity towards religious involvement in politics, at least where my Orthodox Christian beliefs are concerned.

It was in the late 19th century that numerous nations started to spring out of the old European imperial order. This secular-inspired movement of establishing sovereignty on the basis of newly emerging nation states would eventually result in what one of our greatest Orthodox theologians, St Nikolai, expressed as "many siblings all fighting each other in the name of the same God." What he was in fact referring to was the rather pointless conflict of World War 1. By the time of the war, the established churches of Europe became subordinate to the authority of their respective nations. As a result of this, the Church assumed a status of inferiority to a secular executive order, thereby suffering a major setback in its evangelical mission to reconcile the people of Europe and spread the Gospel throughout the rest of the world.

Today, it comes as little surprise that the various nations of Europe are being gradually welded into one irreligious and nihilistic superstate. In hindsight, this is exactly what the anti-Christian forces intended to happen, because it makes clear sense that a future where the nations constantly competed with one another for supremacy by means of acquiring land and resources was wholly unrealistic (i.e. it had to eventually give way to a certain order). From the outset, it was really a classical ploy of "divide and conquer": supranational war-mongering interests saw to it that the nations were all militarily equipped to compete with one another in battle, although the frontline national leaders had little idea of what folly this ultimately led to, which was that no one side would ever really win and that the only victors in all of the conflicts would be the war mongers themselves. It seems that Europe was destined to be reunited, except it would be a bastardised Europe dominated by those who actively sought to disunite it in the first place.

In all certainty, it appears that the history of Europe (including the impact of its legacy worldwide), will come full circle when a godless European superstate is finally established. In the future, conflicts at least will never again ensue externally between the various European nations, but rather internally within a single mega entity. And it will happen that all conflicts culminate in to one major conflict, which is that of European Christians against the anti-Christian establishment. In this sense there is some measure of hope amongst Orthodox Christians, who would desire no more than to see the European family of nations reconciled under one banner - the banner of Christ. After all, it is exactly that which Christianity set out to do, so that everlasting peace and harmony may finally be achieved.

As far as my country of origin Serbia is concerned, the only way it seems it can resist the expansionist aims of the anti-Christian establishment of the European Union is by steadfastly clinging on to its Orthodox Christian beliefs and traditions, for they will once again be paraded into the middle of the arena of European affairs, but we also believe that they will ultimately prevail and do their share in helping to reconcile the people of Europe. In that respect, we hold on to our Orthodox Christian Church in earnest, so that it may continue to guide us towards freedom and everlasting peace. Amen! _____________________________________________


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Very promising first post, I look forward to your future contributions!!!

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Welcome bro!

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