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The Rolling Stones and the 'Exit' festival

Belgrade horses are to be drugged for a Rolling Stones gig! It seems that the bunch of pensioners still trying to live out their fast fading 'rock and roll' dream (not too long to go now before the trips to the loo in the early hours of the morning) are due to make an appearance at Belgrade's racetrack. Why the Rolling Stones couldn't hold it at another venue I don't know. Better still they could have chosen another country. Now 300 horses are about to be 'a few metres' from the main stage of a rock concert. Have some pity also for the 100, 000 Serbs who are also attending. At least the horses didn't pay good money.
That was one of the advantages of the sanctions era: none of these Western bands were able to get into the country. Soon after the Soros coup, Western-loving youth were tripping over themselves to stage a 'music' event that would show that Serbia was once again accepted by the 'world community'. Now every Summer the picturesque fortress of Petrovaradin, overlooking the city of Novi Sad, gets turned into Serbia's version of Glastonbury. The only difference being that Glastonbury is the epitomy of Westerners and their own sub-culture, whereas the EXIT festival is a sad attempt by Serbs to emulate Western sub-culture. The self-styled 'music' festival is in fact more of a celebration of debauchery and drug-taking and does nothing but further pollute the Serbian national soul. That might sound a bit harsh, but this festival puts this sub-culture up on a pedestal. Noise pollution and intoxication aside, it promotes the same type of values and mindset as the clowns that are on display. In other words a high-school dropout who's only claim to fame is that he can rap into a mike while drugged up to the eye balls and has slept with hundreds of women suddenly becomes an example or idol for others. This product of the cultural revolution becomes an inspiration for the next generation. An inspiration for all the wrong reasons; for he promotes hedonism, drug-taking, and a mentality and lifestyle that is the antithesis of that which our forefathers strove for.
I have first hand reports about the disgraceful scenes that occur at the festival. A fellow Serb I grew up with, who has all but melted into this society and is barely able to speak Serbian, makes a point of heading out there each summer. He seems proud of the fact that Serbia is staging an event that draws some of the biggest bands in the world. Before that Serbia was about as interesting to him as Siberia. He doesn't bother visiting his extended family, or immersing himself in his own roots and history. Instead he returns to the home of his ancestors to witness something he could see virtually every day of the year back here in the UK. He tells me that the festival is rife with drugs, but I guess thats all part of the exiting and rebellious nature of the cultural revolution, since it doesn't seem to bother him, just the opposite. It might be a novelty to some Serbs that such bands are gracing us with their degenerate presence. Personally I think back to our glorious ancestors and wonder what they would think if they saw these Serb girls lining up to offer their bodies to those losers masquerading as succesful performers. Or are the males more sad because they think that by emulating rap stars, rolling up one of their trouser legs to the knee, slurring while they speak, and gyrating to jungle beats on crack, makes them cool and enhances their ability to pick up women. Possibly the saddest thing is that it does enhance this particular ability. Whether that type of woman is worth attracting is another matter altogether.
A lifestyle based on the relentless pursuit of physical gratification, without a sense of higher purpose and striving, is limited indeed. But with all the Saints, all the warriors, all the martyrs, all the patriots and all the ascetics that our nation has produced and that God has bestowed upon us, you'd think we'd know better. Its quite pointless saving Kosovo or any other Serbian land if its to be inhabited by Serbs who identify more with a rapper than with any of our great forefathers. Or by Serbs for whom 'democracy' and 'human rights' are more relevant than our spiritual heritage. And given the appallingly high abortion rate, its not even likely to be populated by any type of Serb. The most important battle has to be the one for the nations soul, without that the land is worthless.
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Blogger Estavisti said...

Sorry to hear about that guy. It's pretty sad, but guys like him abound unfortunately . Also, I agree 100% with this: "The most important battle has to be the one for the nations soul, without that the land is worthless." But when can your readership expect something about Kosovo, which the West is attempting to wrench away from us this year? Maybe this will motivate you :)

12:50 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

I'm a bit pushed for time at the moment though I am managing to update on a semi-regular basis. I have blogged on Kosovo a number of times, and will not stop doing so. But right now there seems to be a kind of stale mate. The stance of our government has been suprisingly good so far, I'm waiting to see whether they are for real, or whether they're going to sell out in the end and claim: 'We did what we could'. I'm happy to re-post or link to any incisive articles that you find or post.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gets worse -- the Rolling Stones are known occultists, followers at one time of Aleister Crowley. Conservative Catholic writer and social critic E. Michael Jones describes the sordid nature of the Stones' early years and affiliation with the occult in his book, "Dionysius Rising: The Birth of the Revolution out of the Spirit of Music." At the notorious Altamont fiasco, Jagger intentionally behaved in a way he understood as in keeping with Crowley's ideas on magick. They, like other rock groups that are occult inspired, stage rock concerts as public rituals. The intent, in part, is to tranform people, to essentially initiate them into carnality and drug use. Notice how kids today show the hand signal for the devil -- the index finger and pinky raised to resemble horns -- at rock concerts. These "concerts" are not entertainment -- at some level, consciously or unconsciously, they are a sort of diabolical anti-liturgy. The fact that Serbia has been attacked militarily and is now on the map for rock groups suggests the Cryptocracy is not finished with them. Make no mistake -- it is because Serbia is Orthodox that it is being attacked. The enemies of Christ are everywhere tearing at Orthodoxy and these alchemical cultural transformation techniques are intended to replace the Truth of Christ with the dead end of hedonism and rootlessness.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reckon you should probably get on with your own life rather than worrying about all the sex other people are having (and that you're clearly not).

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