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Karadzic arrest

Nothing should surprise anyone anymore. Contrary to all conventional logic, Tadic's party went into coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia (Milosevic's party). Bear in mind Tadic's party was instrumental in overthrowing SPS, sending Milosevic to the Hague, and demonising SPS for all the problems of the 1990's. As soon as this unholy government was formed, the decision was taken to bring in Karadzic, the symbol of Serbian resistance to those that fomented bloodshed in the Balkans. This is yet another black day for the Serbian people. It was Serbian people that voted for Tadic, it was a (nominally) Serbian government that gave orders to arrest Karadzic, and it was Serbian policemen that carried out those orders.

How ironic that on the same day as Karadzic was arrested, the Serbian foreign ministry refused to extradite a Serbian student wanted in America on assault charges because Serbian law does not allow the extradition of its citizens. Vuk Jeremic, the foreign minister claims that:

"Serbia is a sovereign and democratic country with an independent judiciary"

He implies that U.S. authorities should hand over the case file so Kovacevic could be prosecuted in Serbia and goes on to say:

"This case has dealt a serious blow to the already strained relations between Washington and Belgrade"

So we’re willing to strain relations upholding the law for some student, but not for Karadzic? A nation that acts in such a servile, dishonourable and self-destructive manner has no future. At the same time we should not raise our hands in the air in an apathetic state. This is exactly what our opponents would want. They have captured one man, but what they really want is to capture our hearts and souls so that they can hold our entire nation in an apathetic brainwashed trance long enough to transform and dismember us. I for one am invigorated. I feel the all-encompassing stench of betrayal and cowardice, but this only delineates the battle lines even more clearly and spurs me to fight on.

As far as this particular episode is concerned, I only hope that Karadzic acquits himself before our enemies in a dignified, manly and uncompromising manner.

No Surrender!

An Orgy of Lies by Nebojsa Malic
Obraz statement (Serbian text)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was disgusted to see the picture of Fikret Alik again without the title PRISON CAMP FRAUD. Don't you realise that millions of us know the truth, that we don't rely on or need the MSM. Penny Marshall of ITN fabricated this picture in an open relief camp. She and the camera crew were within the barbed wire enclosure and the people came over to see what was happening. She had Fikret Alik, a skinny man with a genetic disorder, come forward for a picture that was used for obscene propaganda purposes, a picture that helped justify in the minds of the public the bombing of innocent Serb civilians - not to mention journalists in the TV centre.

The Srebrenica massacre story is also a fraud. Yes, many died on both sides but there was never a football stadium massacre of thousands of men and boys. You people are the 'useful idiots' of the New World Order, and that is a compliment, because if you are not, then you are vile murdering leftist propagandists, just like the National Socialists, the Bolsheviks, the Communists and all others on the left. You are helping the Bilderbergers to break up nations and divide people the better to railroad us all into a global communist dictatorship with a puppet leader controlled by Wall Street bankers.

'Moster' Karadzic will not see the end of his trial as they will find, as with Milosovic, they have nothing against him, but that he has plenty of evidence against the West.

I have forwarded Allison Martin's details to the relevant groups in the Balkans. I advise her not to go on holiday to that region.


Lubish moje dupe!

1:27 AM  
Blogger Ardent said...

Fikret Alik was anorexic? What a joke!

For all the letters that you write, it is a shame that you need to keep yourself 'anonymous'.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Truth said...

The telegraph has announced that intelligence sources have 'revealed' that Mladic has 'sold' Karadzic in order to help himself. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/serbia/2452089/Radovan-Karadzic-was-sold-by-Ratko-Mladic.html)

What an utter bare-faced lie!

It is plainly obvious that such an idiotic assertion is made in order to attempt to induce feelings of ambivalence from the Serbian people towards Ratko Mladic.

In fact, the assertion is an example of the diabolical tactics of strategic lying that the west is all too skilled at.

The figure of 8,000 ('killed in Srebrenica') was created in order to legitimise anti-Serb policy in Bosnia, and for another diabolical purpose, the lie about 'Mladic' was harboured in order to convert the Serbian people the cause of Treachery - again, something that the west is very skilled at.

I call upon all Serbs not to be deceived by the rampant media lies that claim that one honourable Serb would betray another.

Finally, it is sickeningly interesting to find that in England, the old key players in Bosnia's affairs in 1990s (Ashdown, Holbrooke and others) are updating the world with their words of poison and hatred towards Serbia. Ashdown, in particular, making close to libelous about his suspicions that the Orthodox Church was protecting Radovan Karadzic.

I urge all who read this blog and this comment to read well-reasoned and documented analysis of Dr Srdja Trifkovic.

1:19 PM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...

Their claim that Mladic betrayed Karadzic so that he would save himself is laughable. If anything there is now a greater expectation that he be found and handed over to the Hague. All part of the attempt to blacken the image of both men in the eyes of Serbs. Just like their immediate claim that Karadzic had a lover.

1:52 PM  
Blogger erdega79 said...

since you link to Nebojsa Malic articles and this blog is the only one to address it that I know , I have to say and warn you that this man whom I read a lot and respected a lot has been overtaken by his zionist friends namely Julia Gorin and someone named Ileana Mercer and god knows whom else. He seems convinced that serbian only enemy is "jihad" a broad term that means anything and nothing despite the fact that no significant muslim country aside from secular turkey recognizes "kosovo" or has any ambitions in the balkans and are in fact fighting globalism and american government that is our primary enemy . But he also seems convinced that Israel and international jewish zionists are our friends if not allies supposedly against jihad and without any evidence and probably due to writings of his 2 zionist friends and maybe because he lives in Washington.

This simple analogy is very wrong when one sees boasting of the jews of how they helped muslims in the balkans. Even going to a sensational site like http://sacru.com/ clearly shows their hand. But what is odd that he is the one often raging against people like Richard Holbrooke, Roger Cohen, Morton Abramowitz, Wesley Clarke, Thomas Friedman etc... and rightly so but he doesn't connect them at all. their support for Israel or ignorance of its transgrassions and their wars.

This is a serious thing that I have seen on the serbian blogs like gray falcon , byzantine art and few others is that these serbs who live in the west are completely ignorant of jews,israel and ameerican support and role in it including jewish domination of media and government and they quickly use "racism" mark which just shows they know nothing about said jews and most of all they don't know nothing about about our real enemies but make them there where it isn't , with the arabs who have no genuine interest in the balkans.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since when was Zionism an enemy of Serbs? Israel hasn't recognised Kosovo, Israel sent volunteers during the war in 1999 and gave artillery shells to RS. What have the "Palestinians" or any other Arabs done for Serbs save send their "warriors" to kill our civilians?

This is nothing but an attempt to distract Serbs from the REAL enemies.

5:50 AM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...

People I will reply to both of you on the matter eventually. At the moment there are some personal problems that I need to solve.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous fightingthedefamers said...

Since when has Zionism been the enemy of the Serbs?
Answer: Ever since the Jewish pharasees persecuted Jesus and sent him to be crucified.
The main threat to Judaism has always been the purest form of Christianity ie. Orthodoxy.
Why do you think the communists enslaved the Orthodox Russians and Serbs for so long?Who do you think sent and managed these communists to systematically destory Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe?look into the Russian Revolution and you will find a huge percentage of Jews involved in the Bolshevik takeover!

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So your problem isn't Zionism... its Judaism.

I would also like to remind you that a communist cannot be a Jew since communists tend to be atheists and the USSR supported the various Arab countries in their various wars against Israel and Trotsky is the only Bolshevik of Jewish descent that I know of so as far as I know the Bolsheviks weren't Jews.

6:39 AM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...

erdega79 :

There are a number of reasons I link to Nebojsa Malic even though I may not agree with everything he writes. I consider the main body and thrust of his work to be positive. Some times he does say things I don’t personally agree with and I do not link to those particular articles. For example he once wrote some negative things about Ljotic which prevented me from linking to an otherwise good article. I don’t believe that he is convinced that Muslims are the only Serbian enemy. In fact the vast majority of his articles disparage the US which he refers to as ‘The Empire’. Many times I also link to his articles even though they may not be particularly informative to someone well acquainted with Balkan problems because they are good primers for Westerners who are not familiar with such issues. I would agree with you that there are a good many Serbs that unwisely support Israel and Jewish interests despite the track record of Jewish lobby groups and without thoroughly considering the consequences and implications of taking a pro-Israel stance for no other reason than the fact that the Palestinians are largely Muslim. As you note, I don’t support such an outlook and I don’t link to articles that promote it. On the other hand, I am never going to be 100% in agreement with the entire content of any website. Therefore I am willing to, within reason, link to websites whose positive contributions exceed their oversights.

anonymous ,:

This is the first time that I have heard anyone claim that Israel sent volunteers to Bosnia. Do you have a source for this?

On the issue of the Bolshevik party, Trotsky was not the only Jewish member. See for example this article.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is the first time that I have heard anyone claim that Israel sent volunteers to Bosnia. Do you have a source for this?"

I claimed Kosovo, not Bosnia. Here are the sources:



As for Israel giving artillery shells to RS, I cant find a source

Also, here are Jews that support Serbs:




11:55 AM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...


You did indeed say Kosovo, my mistake. With regards to your link, it mentions that around 40 Israeli volunteers fought on the Serb side. I find this very difficult to believe. If we go back to Bosnia, only limited numbers of Russians and Greeks served there. The Bosnian Serb army in fact issued statements that they did not need extra man power. The reason they accepted support from Greeks and Russians was because of the psychological effect it had on both the civilian population and the Serb troops. They felt like the whole world was against them, and so support from these traditional allies provided a morale boost and was heavily publicised. In the case of Kosovo, the need for extra troops was non-existent. The Yugoslav army at the time swelled to over 600,000 with countless Serb volunteers being told to go home. So again, whatever volunteers there were would have been there almost exclusively for propaganda purposes. So I don't understand why Milosevic's government would have accepted the Israeli volunteers but not made massive propaganda use out of them (especially as Serbs were being portrayed as Nazis at the time). Secondly there were many interviews conducted with the Greek and Russian volunteers, film footage exists. Some have even written books about their experiences. Where are these 40 Israelis? I can't find a single trace of them on the web.

6:13 PM  

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