Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Given that its Holy week I've been spending a lot less time on the computer lately. The fasting period has been invaluable for many reasons, aside from the more obvious spiritual ones. A lot of times, when I have a free moment in the day, I might be inclined to laze about in front of the TV, or surf the net aimlessly. Given that those options are not available to me during this time, I've found that almost every minute of every day gets put to the maximum use possible. In particular I've managed to kick-start my revision with a concentrated and sustained effort that would probably not have been on the cards, were it not for Holy week. I initially thought that this would leave even less time for blogging, but given the organization that my revision blitzkrieg demands, I think I will actually be guaranteed to have a certain amount of time free every couple of days to update the blog. Most likely I'll have to limit my commentary and direct people to interesting links though. But I just wanted to let everyone know that the next 9 weeks might see a drop off in my posting rate, especially as the end of year exams draw closer. My nature is fairly fanatical, and when I put my mind on something, everything else becomes secondary. And for this coming period my studies are coming first.
Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I've recently set up a blog email address: Its not on the main page, but in my profile, so I wasn't expecting to get any mail till I mentioned it. As it happens, I received a number of emails within days of setting it up. To the people that offered encouraging words and support, I give my thanks. Its good to know that there is Serbian youth in Australia that identify with what I say. And on a random note, its interesting to know that there are Pole's that specifically want me to mention the tragedy that occurred in Krajina. Hopefully I will do that period justice in the future.
Lastly, I thought I'd mention the sermon that the priest gave in Church tonight after the Good Friday service. I don't wish to go into great depth, but merely to mention one of the benefits that I obtained. The priest mentioned that when Christ cried out that he was thirsty on the cross, it was not a physical thirst that he was suffering from. He went on to say that even had the Roman soldier offered Christ the most thirst-quenching beverage, instead of the vinegar-soaked sponge, he would still not have been able to quench Christ’s thirst. For the thirst was primarily a spiritual thirst for justice, after the harsh injustices of the period preceding the crucifixion. A superficial reading of the bible without analysis of deeper meanings would have completely glossed over this point, and the cry of thirst might actually have seemed incidental. The priest went on to talk about the times that we live in, and the culture of injustice. He said that every time we commit injustices we are crucifying Christ all over again. On that note, and on this solemn evening, I pray to God for our forgiveness and renewal, and I bid you all good night. Збогом!!!
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