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No day is sacred for the enforcers of the NWO

Amongst all the festivities and rejoicing, on this most Holy of days, the enemies of Christendom and the Serbian people still forge ahead with their globalist agenda. Ahtisaari did not even have the common courtesy to stay silent for one weekend, but could not resist issuing more threats, more demands, dangling more carrots, and making yet more false promises.
As Patriarch Pavle said:
Many nations are defending their freedom, earned with blood and suffering, from the aggression of globalization. In the name of false freedom and democracy, preplanned solutions (packaged in advanced) are being imposed. We are witnesses of the newest drama > again, the drama of us Orthodox Serbs ‹ in Kosovo and Metohija.
Having failed, till now, to get the Serbian government to sign their own death warrant and agree to the annexation of Kosovo, he now says that EU entry is impossible until Serbia gives up the right to 18% of its territory. Lets be clear about this: Serbia has no effective control over Kosovo, and Ahtisaari could 'award' the Albanians independence overnight. But he doesn't want to set a political precedent. He wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to beat us over the head, and he expects us to tell him how much we enjoy it. So his newest plan, on this most spiritual of occasions, is to threaten to take away a future of material comfort and prosperity; he tells us that we won't be able to join the EU!
But "what communion hath light with darkness?" Avoiding entry into the EU superstate should be our utmost goal, not our darkest nightmare. Hence this arrogant statement by Ahtisaari is not a threat at all, as he would like it to be. What he sees as his most powerful bargaining chip, should in fact be his most impotent one. Were we to call his bluff, his "punishment" should in fact coincide with our highest strategic aim. But I say 'should' instead of 'would'. The reason being that the Serbian people still have their eyes fixed upon the west like a mouse caught in the mesmerising stare of a cobra. When will we realise that the path they offer is one of destruction? If not physical, then at least spiritual. How can we desire unison with the very people that bombed us and that stand for everything we are against?
Indeed it is fitting that 8 years after Serbia was bombed on Easter day by a coalition comprised primarily of EU countries, that these same enemies of the Serbian people are still assaulting our homeland without regard for our Holy days. Tony 'the devout Christian' Blair, Bill 'the liar and adulterer' Clinton, and the assorted collection of immoral misfits launched 'Operation Merciful Angel' against a Christian people, and could not bring themselves to halt the bombing for the Holiest day of the Christian calendar. Non-military targets were attacked throughout Serbia on the Easter of 8 years ago, but one stands out: the attack on the medieval Gracanica monastary. This is how a military spokesman, at a press conference in Washington, justified the desecration and vandalism of this ancient monastery: "NATO said it had been informed by Albanian guerrillas that there was a field hospital nearby." To NATO hitting a field hospital (on Easter) is perfectly acceptable. A very Christian way to celebrate Easter. The message written by the 'freedom lovers' on some of the American bombs was "Easter presents to the Serbs". Future generations of the Serbian people must remember the destruction and damage done by the "friendly and civilized" NATO "Christians" in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention and they must forever reject this kind of "democracy" and "humanity" for what it truly is, a monumentally and shamefully anti-Christian deed by an anti-Christian New World Order.
I can only repeat Patriarch Pavle's words:
But we, dear spiritual children, cannot give up, cannot fear, because of injustice. Rather, let us commend our whole life to Christ our God! Christ did not commit sin, nor was there deceit in His mouth, and yet He was condemned and crucified. But, He also gloriously resurrected. If, God forbid, the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija undergo one more crucifixion, more terrible than the others, let us remain with Christ: do not slander, do not think evil; rather let us pray, and from the Cross let us witness to God's love for all and everybody. Let us witness to Christ, the Victor over death, sin and all injustice. Those who do evil to others, do even worse to themselves. Sooner or later, if they do not repent, they will weep bitterly.
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The idea that our Western leaders are "Christian" is a farce.

Blair overseas abortion and "gay rights."

Bush bombed Churches in Serbia and Iraq.

Time for patriots to see past the spin!

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