Monday, July 21, 2008

Ljotic on the connection between the Spirit, Politics and Economy

The following is an extract from a larger work by Dimitrije Ljotic, written in 1940. He wrote about how the political and economic independence of Yugoslavia had been compromised primarily because a foreign spirit had been adopted, not consistent with traditional values. I am convinced that today he would be saying exactly the same regarding Serbia. We are adopting deformed values from the West and then we wonder why we are not politically or economically independent. We try to solve our problems in the wrong order, hoping that economic success will solve everything. We have surrendered our souls and compromised our world view.

If we were our own people spiritually, we’d be our own people politically and economically as well. We are slaves of foreigners spiritually, so our state bears a foreign stamp, and the economy is in the hands of foreigners. If a miracle were to occur and we freed ourselves economically and even politically, but spiritually we remained slaves of a foreign spirit, then the freedom in the political and economic sphere would last only a short time and we would again lose our political and economic independence.

All of this shows that we are right when we proclaim the truth that: there is no healthy economy without a healthy politics, and no healthy politics without a healthy spirit and proper moral values.

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