Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Serbian Robin Hood

Check out this bizarre story about a Serbian banker in Germany who stole money from rich clients to help poor ones. I wouldn't usually go out of my way to highlight the crime of a fellow countryman, and it's not a sign that I approve of it, but it's quite interesting that someone would commit such a crime and not profit at all. Especially in this day and age.

From Spiegel online:

A German bank employee, identified only as Dragan V., stole money from rich customers to give it to poor ones. He's now been sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison, officials in the southern German town of Mosbach announced Thursday.
The 45-year-old man diverted €2.1 million ($2.8 million) to needy clients while he was a senior executive at a savings bank in the southern region of Tauberfranken. "I felt sympathy for the unemployed and the socially disadvantaged and wanted to help them," the man, who made a full confession, told the court.
At the bank in the town of Lauda he managed to win loans for poor customers by transferring money to their accounts from rich customers, to make the disadvantaged ones look a bit wealthier. At first he tried to fill the inevitable gaps in the poor customers' loan accounts with his own money. Then he started to use other customers' money. Finally -- at the end of 2005 -- he admitted to himself that he had lost track of his illicit deals. He did not, however, profit personally from the embezzlement.

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