Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bush Met With Jewish Leaders

CRAWFORD, Tex., June 16 -- As he prepared for a visit this week from Israel's prime minister, President Bush held an unannounced meeting with the top leadership of the United States' Jewish community to discuss the dramatic events in the Middle East and other foreign policy issues.
Bush meets with smaller groups of Jewish leaders from time to time, but the gathering Thursday was the first time he had met with the entire leadership community, about 50 heads of Jewish advocacy, service and religious organizations of different political orientations.
The White House did not disclose the private session on the president's schedule, and officials asked participants to treat Bush's remarks as off the record. Present for the session were the president's most senior aides, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley, White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten and political adviser Karl Rove.

Read the rest here. There's debate going on in the comments section, and some of the comments are extremely positive. Some people are waking up. Here's a sample:

By Desert_Fox: MO3, MANY Jews in this country do in fact have dual loyalty. Case in point, MANY Jewish Americans SERVE in the Israeli Army. Our laws say serving in a foreign army means losing your U.S. citizenship. EXCEPT FOR ISRAEL! Why the free pass? Why aren't these people serving in OUR military? Why aren't they being shown the door? Because of the OVERWHELMING PRESSURE from the the pro-Israel lobby.

By PrussianBlue:
Interesting to see how this obviously political news item, after debuting at the top of the web "front page", was then buried in the "Religion" section so as not to call as much attention to it.

@motherof3: it SHOULD be a no-brainer to observe that "Arabs are Semites too," but somehow Jewish publicists and politicos have monopolized the term "Semite," as in "anti-semitic," the same way they have monopolized and practically trademarked the term "holocaust," to the exclusion of every other group that's suffered enormous losses due to government injustice--just in the 20th century I might mention the Armenians, Ukrainians, Khmers and Tutsis. I wouldn't even have brought it up if a fellow-poster hadn't decided to open up with the nuclear option of calling everyone who was skeptical about our Israel policy "a bunch of anti-semites." We aren't. I've got nothing against any Jew per se...and to the extent that I sympathize with Arab grievances, I could be called even more pro-semitic than those who sympathize more with Israel; since there are so many more Arabs than Jews, and since (unlike the modern post-Diaspora Jews, who come in so many genetic types after 2000 years away from the Promised Land) the Arabs are normally Semitic through and through. The fact is, and history will confirm, that Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Adelman, Abrams, Shulsky, Wurmser, Kristol, Friedman, Krauthammer, J.Miller, Broder, and many another neo-con advisor or scribe for this administration, of Jewish faith or extraction, was either explicitly or probably motivated to a greater or lesser extent, in their zeal for THIS war against THIS enemy (Iraq, Saddam) by zeal to get a danger off the back of the Jewish state. (In the same fashion, many worthy Cuban-Americans form a political bloc to influence our policy toward Cuba, not necessarily in America's national interest.) Look at the book FIASCO by the Wapo's own Thomas Ricks, which notes how obsessively Wolfowitz, in promoting the conflict, drew analogies between Saddam and his crew and Hitler and the Gestapo: "It was like a tic with him." As Ricks observed, it was a debate tactic that also tended to intimidate potential objectors out of arguing. (Like yelling about "anti-semites", I would add.) People need to stop feeling intimidated.

By ClandestineBlaze: michel1835 - you ignore history VERY well. Israel also engaged in major terrorism in the 1940s and 1950s against the British government that had control over the region that is currently known as Israel. Massive amounts of British soldiers and diplomats were kidnapped, murdered, and had their corpses dumped out in the streets. Read more about the zionist movement called the Stern gang and Lehi. So, the Israeli's excuse was that they were justified to terrorize and bomb because they were "freedom fighters" - but when the Palestinians use this excuse, they're just a bunch of dumb cavemen who need to be separated by their wives and kids with a wall? You are a sick, sick human.

By 1humanity: As long as we (including our president) are giving Israel our unconditional support with the blood of our boys and girls and our tax money, Israel has no incentive to negotiate for peace. Read Jimmy Carter's new book about apartheid in Palestine and you'll know the facts on the ground.We should stop giving unconditional support to the brutal regime and in order to do that we need to clean our government from necocon traitors and foreign agents who disguise themselves as consultants and experts in various Zionist think tanks in Washington. We also need to clean up our Congress from greedy AIPAC agents.
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