Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sites and blogs

In Serbian:
ИХТУС (Ihtus in English) is a Serbian publishing company run by a Dr. Jurjevic. He left his homeland as the communist's took over at the end of WW2. He worked as a psychologist in America until 1992, when he returned to Serbia to help educate Serbian youth and undertake missionary work. He's written many book's about Christianity, free-masonry, Zionism and psychology, but also translated book's from English to Serbian. His site has some excellent text's, and detail's of how to order a multitude of book's.
Светосавље (Svetosavlje) is another Orthodox site, concentrating on the Serbian tradition and experience (derived largely from St. Sava) in particular. The best part of the site, in my opinion, is the section with many works by St. Nikolai. I haven't found any other site with so many of his works.
Српски сабор Двери is a patriotic and Orthodox Serbian academic magazine, stemming from a Belgrade student movement founded in 1999. The NGO's are always whining about them which means that their message must be positive by default.

In English:
Srba joins the extremely small Serbian blogging community, and is the first Serb blogger from Australia, that I know of. (At least when it comes to blogging on Serbian issues). His blog is only just up and running, and as far as I can see it will concentrate on politics.
Incidentally I have recently been participating in quite a few discussions on Club Parada forum. Club parada is an Australian-Serb party organiser, popular amongst the youth. Not that I've ever been to one of their event's, but their forum has as many Australian Serbs as you'll find in one place on the internet. I've been trying to get some dialogue going on various issues. Member's range from the patriotic to the extremely liberal, with the odd completely lost soul (one guy seems to spend his whole life starting threads about the falseness of Christianity and the obvious superiority of atheism).
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Blogger Srba said...

Hello Nikola,

Thank you for the aknowledgement (if that's how it is spelt) and a big thanks for the promotion on your own blog. Keep up the good work, I will try my best. We might be a small community, and that's why we must show stubberness. Uz Inat! It will take me a bit of time to get up to speed as I have never blogged in the past but I'll try to get some sense out there.

12:54 AM  
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