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One last push and I'm done

Recently there have been a lot of interesting stories that under normal circumstances I would have felt compelled to write about. There was the Channel 4 documentary on Kosovo which really got me worked up. The ancient Serbian symbol of a cross and four C's (standing for only unity can save the Serbs), found on virtually every Serbian flag ever, was referred to as a supremacist symbol. Serb school children and teachers were asked provocative questions, mainly along the lines of 'Why don't you make an effort to fit in and learn Albanian?' Oh and a gypsy was portrayed as a Serb, and an Albanian flag was referred to as a 'Kosovan' flag, when no such flag exists. To call the reporter clueless would be generous.
Then there was the arrest of a Mladic aide in Bosnia. When I initially saw the headline I thought Mladic himself had been caught. As it is he's still free, thank God. I hope he's tucked away safely in some remote monastery.
I have been sent some excellent material recently and intend to publish it when I'm done with exams. I will be done in exactly 10 days time. Until then there will, in all likelihood, be blog silence as I make one last big push on the academic front. I want to give it everything I have, not spend the summer wondering whether I could have been more productive or obtained better results. My fellow contributor is burdened with even more important commitments than I am, and does not currently have regular access to a computer. God willing, we will make amends for the recent scarcity of posts in the future. Until then God bless everyone...


Blogger British National Party member said...

Good luck mate, see you after the exams.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a counter demonstration against "enough"
Please visit my site for details and if possible advertise on your site.

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Anonymous Cleansebyfire said...

This is very sad I wounder what Arkan would of this situation :-(

1:35 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Nikola, your going to want to read this guy;

The Media and their Atrocities
May 2000

For the better part of a decade the U.S. public has been bombarded with a media campaign to demonize the Serbian people and their elected leaders. During that time, the U.S. government has pursued a goal of breaking up Yugoslavia into a cluster of small, weak, dependent, free-market principalities. Yugoslavia was the only country in Eastern Europe that would not dismantle its welfare state and public sector economy. It was the only one that did not beg for entry into NATO. It was — and what's left of it, still is — charting an independent course not in keeping with the New World Order. . . .

Read more here;

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Blogger British National Party member said...

By the way i should point out that i first read this last night in a book called "You are being lied to", isbn 096641007-6


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Blogger The Green Arrow said...

Nikola, you have probably already seen this but it was new to me and provided by BNPmember and I think sums the truth up nicely.

Good luck in what you are doing.

One day we will rewrite the history books to reflect the truth.

7:25 AM  
Blogger The Green Arrow said...

Sorry BNP. I am running in comment windows and did not see the end of your posts. That little util can go.

I should have known you would be on the ball with useful information for Nikola.

Well done and thanks again for your comment. It restored my equilibrium.

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Blogger British National Party member said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger lpcyusa said...

3:47 PM 1/19/2011What It’s Like to Chill Out With Whom the Rest of the World Considers As The Most Ruthless Men: Ratko Mladic, Goran Hadzic and Radovan Karadzic (+) Confessions of a Female War Crimes Investigator By Jill Louise Starr NJ USA

Retrospectively, it was all so simple, natural and matter of fact being on a boat restaurant in Belgrade, sitting with, laughing, drinking a two hundred bottle of wine and chatting about war and peace while Ratko Mladic held my hand. Mladic, a man considered the world’s most ruthless war criminal since Adolf Hitler, still at large and currently having a five million dollar bounty on his head for genocide by the international community. Yet there I was with my two best friends at the time, a former Serbian diplomat, his wife, and Ratko Mladic just chilling. There was no security, nothing you’d ordinarily expect in such circumstances. Referring to himself merely as, Sharko; this is the story of it all came about.

1:37 AM  
Blogger lpcyusa said...

Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case
(The Documentary Secret United Nations ICC Meeting Papers Scanned Images)

This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr Karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.

Unfortunately for the Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states instituting the ICC & ICTY housed at the Hague, insofar as the, Radovan Karadzic, as with the other Hague cases awaiting trial there, I personally witnessed these United Nations member states having a substantial conversations, and, openly speaking about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for financial funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in Manhattan making the iCTY and ICC morally incapable trying Radovan Karazdic and others.

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND judicial
appointments, for monetary funding.

Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly believes if we contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and other countries
feeding it financially MORE direct power over its decisions.”

((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((( Instead of censoring the country representative from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked! The idea was “let’s discuss it.” "It’s a great topic to discuss."

Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is, bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate topic instead of an illegitimate topic which it is in the meeting that I attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent international criminal

In particular., since “Spain” was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, “Spain” must have already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was “socially acceptable” for
conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and ICC before in meetings; this is my take an international sociological honor student.

SPAIN’s diplomatic gesture of international justice insofar as, Serbia, in all of this is, disgusting morally!SPAIN HAS TAUGHT THE WORLD THE TRUE DEFINITION OF AN

I represented the state interests’ of the Former Yugoslavia, in Diplomat Darko Trifunovic’s absence in those meetings and I am proud to undertake this effort on Serbia’s behalf.


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