Saturday, June 16, 2007

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The New World Disorder: The West and Kosovo
By Father Andrew Phillips

Bush In Kosovo: Precedent For U.S. Southwest?
By Michael Kleen

My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia
By Jesse Petrilla

Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology
By fjordman
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Anonymous Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

What I value about you is that you acknowledge your one-sidedness, lack of objectivity and your extremist Serb-orthodox nationalist leaning. Other nationalist extremist try to hide it. Cheers!

1:27 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Theres nothing extremist about being an Orthodox Serb nationalist. 'Extremist' is another of those meaningless buzzwords which implies hatred. Its an emotional tool intended to blacken someone on the basis of their supposedly inferior moral values. A bit like the word 'racist'.
I have no hatred, but a thirst for justice. I don't want revenge, I simply want to make sure that the injustices of the past are never repeated.
For someone that runs a blog dedicated exclusively to the suffering of Muslims in the war, its a bit rich for you to talk about objectivity and one-sidedness. You are attempting to make out of 'Srebrenica' the same psychological weapon that the Jews wield with the 'The Holocaust'.
What is 'extreme' is the current situation in the Balkans. We have the left-over remnants of Turkish minions, converts to a heretical faith, in the middle of what was Christian Europe. You are prepared to create an unholy alliance with liberal imperialists and jihadists. That is extreme.

Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

Enemies have driven me into your embrace more than friends have.

Friends have bound me to earth, enemies have loosed me from earth and have demolished all my aspirations in the world.

Enemies have made me a stranger in worldly realms and an extraneous inhabitant of the world. Just as a hunted animal finds safer shelter than an unhunted animal does, so have I, persecuted by enemies, found the safest sanctuary, having ensconced myself beneath your tabernacle, where neither friends nor enemies can slay my soul.

Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

They, rather than I, have confessed my sins before the world.

They have punished me, whenever I have hesitated to punish myself.

They have tormented me, whenever I have tried to flee torments.

They have scolded me, whenever I have flattered myself.

They have spat upon me, whenever I have filled myself with arrogance.

Bless my enemies, O Lord, Even I bless them and do not curse them.

Whenever I have made myself wise, they have called me foolish.

Whenever I have made myself mighty, they have mocked me as though I were a dwarf.

Whenever I have wanted to lead people, they have shoved me into the background.

Whenever I have rushed to enrich myself, they have prevented me with an iron hand.

Whenever I thought that I would sleep peacefully, they have wakened me from sleep.

Whenever I have tried to build a home for a long and tranquil life, they have demolished it and driven me out.

Truly, enemies have cut me loose from the world and have stretched out my hands to the hem of your garment.

Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

Bless them and multiply them; multiply them and make them even more bitterly against me:

so that my fleeing to You may have no return;

so that all hope in men may be scattered like cobwebs;

so that absolute serenity may begin to reign in my soul;

so that my heart may become the grave of my two evil twins, arrogance and anger;

so that I might amass all my treasure in heaven;

ah, so that I may for once be freed from self-deception, which has entangled me in the dreadful web of illusory life.

Enemies have taught me to know what hardly anyone knows, that a person has no enemies in the world except himself.

One hates his enemies only when he fails to realize that they are not enemies, but cruel friends.

It is truly difficult for me to say who has done me more good and who has done me more evil in the world: friends or enemies.

Therefore bless, O Lord, both my friends and enemies.

A slave curses enemies, for he does not understand. But a son blesses them, for he understands.

For a son knows that his enemies cannot touch his life.

Therefore he freely steps among them and prays to God for them.

by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

10:48 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Those articles were excellent Nikola.

1:14 PM  

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