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It came to my attention yesterday that there is going to be a new propaganda movie made called 'The Filthy War'. It seems that its going to be about the battles around 'Vukovar', present-day Croatia, and the main villain's are going to be Arkan and his famous Tiger unit. Arkan is set to be played by Vinnie Jones! I expect that Vinnie will be asked to play the role of the merciless, sadistic, ethnic cleanser. Sounds like the role he's been waiting for all his life.
By complete coincidence I was watching an interview with Arkan on Thursday. It was one of the last interviews he gave before he died, and it was for an Australian TV channel so it's in English. It took place in Belgrade during NATO's assault on Yugoslavia in 1999. It's worth analysing the propaganda techniques employed. Australia is not even a member of NATO, yet it's media still produced this type of propaganda.
Arkan, even amongst Serbs, was always the subject of intense debate. I don't have enough information to either clear or condemn him, since I refuse to be 'educated' by my enemies. One thing is for sure though. Our enemies used the image they projected about him to demonize the Serbian nation, and to justify their own crimes (as can be seen in the interview). While it cannot be denied that in his early days he raised money as a bank-robber in various Western countries, it is also beyond question that he and his unit fought in some of the most intense battles of the 90's and showed immense bravery and sacrifice. Those battles are testament to the fact that there is no basis in the claims that he had no interest in anything but profiteering from the war. Ultimately no one but God will judge him.

Setting the scene
The female news reader begins by introducing Arkan with 'Arkan the Terrible' written on the screen behind her. She proceeds to refer to the Tiger's as a 'gang' as if they were no more than looters, when it is well documented that they were a volunteer unit which served under the operational control of the Yugoslav army. They were better motivated, and trained, and were often used as 'fire-fighters' and thrown into situations where the regular army was crumbling. For instance Arkan was awarded a medal by the Bosnian Serb President, Karadzic, for repelling the Muslim and Croat advance on Banja Luka and saving the most important Serb-held city in Bosnia.
The unbiased news reporter then goes on to state that there is an arrest warrant out for him in 'every single country on earth'. This translates to 'he's wanted by Interpol'. She makes it sound like every country on earth came to the same conclusion individually.

The unprejudiced expert
Then follows a character assassination of Arkan by someone with a dubious sounding name from the London Institute of International Affairs. I say dubious sounding because his name ends in 'ic' which is the most common ending for Serb and Croat names. I tried to research him, though the task was made more difficult by the fact that they did not put his name on the screen as they usually do when they introduce a commentator. I had to try various combinations of letters since my original guess at the spelling of his name was wrong (I thought it was Chris Sivic or Sivich). I wasn't helped by the fact that the reporter's awful pronunciation (if I was being paranoid I might speculate that it was purposeful) threw me way off the scent. Also he looked pretty old in the video so I figured he might have popped his clogs and that there wasn't much info on him any more. As luck would have it I eventually identified someone by the name of Chris Cvijic who I thought was most likely to be the same guy, though without a visual verification I couldn't be sure. This guy was obviously the type of expert acceptable to the establishment, having been to NATO sponsored conferences on the future of regions where not one country is a NATO member. It became even more likely that he was the one when I saw this foreign affairs memorandum submitted by him, where he parrots the official line about the success of NATO 'intervention' against Serb murderers, torturers, rapists, and ethnic cleansers. And then it all became crystal clear when I managed to find a photo which confirmed that he was the guy from the video. And it also confirmed beyond doubt that this guy was not an impartial commentator, but a native of Croatia! So much for impartiality. They try and big up his academic credentials, they have him climb up and down a library ladder, looking all distinguished and scholarly. But when it comes down to it, choosing someone with a vested interest or loyalty to one particular side to be an honest broker of the truth on wars in the former Yugoslavia is outrageous.

Establishing a sense of moral indignation
Then the Australian interviewer has the cheek (while NATO is bombing the civilian infrastructure of a sovereign nation which committed no aggression) to state that Arkan is guilty of 'heinous crimes which disgusted the civilized world'. So to cover up the ongoing crimes of the 'civilized world' he is trying to switch peoples attention to the alleged crimes of one man, and to maintain some kind of moral superiority.

Repetition of unproven claims no matter how outrageous We then go back to our impartial Chris Cvijic, for some more propaganda alleging that Arkan's men cut out pregnant women's bellies and raped women in the presence of their family. He then claims that they gouged people's eyes out and that this was very 'traditional'. He's right, it is traditional in the Balkans, but amongst the Croat Ustase and Bosnian Muslim's. After another clip of the actual interview with Arkan, Chris continues listing various crimes. Apart from he ran out of them after his first list. So he repeats the claims of rape and mutilation, and then to add something different he accuses the soldiers of raping women in front of family members 'very spectacularly'. What this is supposed to mean I'm not quite sure. And then even more bizarrely he claims they sometimes 'killed children, if this produces an effect'! If it produces an effect? When wouldn't it produce an effect? Then the interviewer continues with more shocking crimes about men's penises being cut off and put in their mouths. Remember all these sensational claims about past conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia are being listed in the midst of the current NATO war. He accuses Arkan of being responsible for crimes in Omarska (a supposed death camp). A good video about the Western media reporting of these supposed death camps is available here.

Misrepresentation of all opposing views
After a couple more scenes with Arkan, at 11min 13 (the video is only 11min59 long), we finally get to the issue of the NATO bombing. After calling the physical damage 'enormous' the reporter shows he is nothing more than an apologist for NATO crimes by mocking the Serbian side of the story. He states that Serbs claim that the masses of Albanian refugees are all lies made by Western propaganda. No Serb ever claimed this. What Serbs claim, and this can be totally verified, is that there was no mass exodus of Albanian's until NATO started bombing, so this cannot be a valid pretext for the bombing. One has to ask why people were displaced after the bombing was underway. In proportional terms even more Serbs fled their homes than Albanians. The displacement was therefore the logical result of civilians trying to flee a province being saturated with cluster bombs, cruise missiles, depleted uranium rounds, and of course the focus of fighting on the ground between the KLA and the Yugoslav army. I might add that it is logical that a good deal of the Albanians that died in the conflict, who were not members of the KLA, were not necessarily victims of war crimes either. If a large segment of the population supported the KLA’s violent struggle and were present in areas of engagement (since the KLA occupied many Albanian villages) between the KLA and the Yugoslav army then it is not surprising that there would be ‘collateral damage’ (a favourite phrase the US likes to use, yet it denies the use of it by its opponents). Rooting out armed insurgents from unarmed sympathisers is not something that can be done with surgical precision.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbian propaganda i sick and people of the Balkans ask when will it stop.
Serbia lost the war,get over it.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbian nationalism is disgusting. Whether it be the latest rioting and looting of the US emabassy or 'Australian' Serbs rioting at the Australian Open Tennis, your misplaced pride is sickening.

Your veiled attempt to exonerate the atrocities committed in the name of Serb pride is pathetic.

I hope Kosovo gains independence just to fuck with you!

10:37 PM  
Blogger Ammutbite said...

I am 100% with you on the issues raised by the involvement of Western "democracies" in campaingns of lies in the media and military actions against Serbian people.
The Serbs are a nation judged "too defiant" and "too independent" for the strategically valuable territory which is their home.

Speaking uncomfortable truths is bound to get vicious replies from dupes of US propaganda and Croat/Bosniak/Albanian supporters, but it is still the truth.

The public's lack of insight is a result of efficient tactics of Informationn War, not morality.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am fine art sculptor as are my parents, My father made full standing character statue for Vinnie Jones which is seen in his apartment ont he film mean machine.
My parents have also made many statues for many famous people including Our Queen HRH Elizabeth II and a former prime minister.
I now do the same of great hero Arkan in honour of his sacrifices.
Arkan and all who fought by his side we owe you a debt of honour and gratitude.
I am ashamed of how our people are lied to and sit idle.
I have just finished serving second prison sentence for speaking out against islam and send warmest regards to our brothers and sisters in serbia.
Kosovo is serb and we stand by you and are many.
I cannot wait to visit your great nation.


British Serbian friendship.
Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous pederi jebem ti usta skrbava. You dont know shit because you are far away from war for freedom. but your turn is coming. you will be fighting for your freedom soon enough.

5:19 AM  
Blogger RG said...

We need another Arkan and leaders like him who will stand up against the sick musliums.

Arkan Hero

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do and make what ever you want but dont show the bombing of belgrad they were innocent people there running for there lives hibranating in basements praying that it will end till the point where they even stopped caring anymore you basterds left a great deal of pain and sorrow to the serbian people you should have bombed pristina which is the caple of illegal kosovo where the war taked place not belgrade to prove a point you only showed us tat you were mocking the world with how powerful you are like king henry and the egg propaganda or something like that it sickening how you find it ammusing that serbs in BG hibranated like rats.. its discusting and most americans laughed at this set an example for your kids its terrible war not fucking cool or awsam..ect smack them in the face see how it hurts you feel bad and they feel worse tears are shed after nine elven younger americans still dont relize the horror of war three buildings and a plan go down in amater of a morning and they automatically say they are at war wtf try 72 days or 4-8 yearsd bg, and bhagdad how do you think they feel look instead of learning they furiously went to war an killed muslims around the globe proposeing they are terrorists doesnt make sence im not muslim im christan just to let you know ne ways please you sick fuck leave out the part where you bomb belgrad its not ammusing nor is your whole concept of the movie as for vinny wtf get a serb to do the role at least he will look like something

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arkan was a third-rate bank robber and thug who made it big. Get better heroes, chucklehead.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous vampir said...

media has power over retards... Hello to all of you retards who are ready to hate every single member of one country because of this type of sleazy propaganda... Sad stuff. Haters please, you are only embarrassing yourselves showing off your impotence this way. Get a life..

6:36 AM  
Anonymous proud serb said...

all anti arkan propaganda is nothing more then anti serb propaganda. you'd have to be a complete idiot to deny this. in every western serb bashing propaganda theres absolutely no mention of the expulsion of serbs from krajina or the ethnic cleansing and white slavery rings in kosovo by albanians against serbs. kosovo and metohija is rightfully serb land and has been since the 7th century.those turk albo scum want a greater albania, croats want a greater croatia, and bosniaks are turks with no rightful claim to any balkan land at all (bosnia was inhabited by serbs and croats exclusively before ottoman invasion), but all you hear about is greater serbia in western is united serbia not greater because we don't want to steal other peoples land, we just want what's rightfully ours, the enemy says the same thing but they lie about their history, our history (ancient) theres only one version of (the truth and we're proud of it), albanian history changes whenever they come up with a better lie, they are not illyrians, illyrians are extinct, albos are turk half breeds just like bosniaks, they betrayed all of europe and are the enemy still to this day.
when serbs defend ourselves and fight for our country or even just to survive for that matter, we are declared war criminals.
Arkan is a hero, true he may have had a troubled youth but all wartime accusations about him are false. you will notice the same accusations by the hague and many others against every serb who fought in the 90's. name one croat, bosniak or albo that was found guilty in the hague. the croat "beli vuk" goes around bragging about ethnically cleansing serbs and planting landmines for refugees returning to krajina, is the hague after him? no, because he's not a serb.
the biggest war criminal in all of the balkans hashim thaci is now the president of the worlds first terrorist state "independent kosovo" (thats albo for stolen kosovo and metohija).
Arkan and the tigers are heroes who fought for their country and their people while we were under attack.
where was the "humanitarian west" during serb expulsion from krajina? why wasn't republic of serb krajina and republica srpska "internationally recognized", oh I forgot its only "humanitarian" to save the enemies of serbia and saving serbs who are being massacred isn't "humanitarian".

I'd like to hear some of you idiots out there argue that, most of you probably don't even know where krajina is, and before you open your mouth look at the history there from both sides not just the western view. theres 2 sides to every story but the world never hears the serb side of it.

serbs are divided on milosevic but we all love and hate him for the same reasons, we hate that he signed the dayton agreement (orchestrated by the US) and that he pulled out of kosovo. these are not the reasons he was at the hague, watch his trial, they couldn't prove anything, thats why they poisoned him in his cell. look at vojislav seslj, he is imprisoned indefinitely and the only thing he was found guilty of is contempt for telling the world that the hague is a corrupt anti serb entity and a kangaroo court for croats, bosniaks and albos.
they refused to let seselj pick his own lawyer so he had to go on a hunger strike to be able to represent himself (before that they tried to give him a mandatory lawyer appointed by the hague, the same entity who considers him guilty until proven innocent, its no secret hes no war criminal but they want to crucify him anyway)
hes been in the hague for years now , theres no real charges against him and he's imprisoned indefinitely without any scheduled hearings.
Serbia will survive and one day we will take back kosovo.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

arkan went straight to hell where he belongs he was sick motherfucker and hes lovely bich nek ide u picku materinu

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans, dumbed-down (by design) that they are, and very cowardly that they are, and let’s not forget other “Civilized Westerners” are simply stated going down the drain at accelerated rate. Why is that, you may ask? Well, it is quite simple -- they have lost their National Spirit. And, national spirit is reflection of individual spirits of a given nation. And, I know this firsthand as, unfortunately i live in the U.S., so I can observe this every minute of every hour of every day. That does not spell good for America and other “civilized countries” in a long run.

While American President as well as many other movers and shakers of "Western democracy" are spinning their lips and spewing vapid promises -- The West is going the way of Stalin and Hitler combined, emerging as a totalitarian Super State. Or, to put it simply, the West is going down the drain, big times, and this is all because of what seeds they have planted in past. What they did to other non-western nations it is now hitting their own homes, and it is going to get lot nastier for them than it is now. Lot, lot worse.
See, now the soulless monsters that control western nations are turning on “their own” Western Citizens that have supported murdering and pillaging of those “defiant nations”, just like Serbia was.
Essentially, those Westerners, especially Americans feel incredible frustration that a small nation of 10 million (Serbia) has shown a finger to the "Biggest Superopwer". And, only if you feel impotent and insecure would you be upset that someone “lot smaller” than you and your gang of criminals has the guts to stand up to you. Because, if they do stand up, what does that tell you? It tells you that they are actually stronger than you; they believe in their principles so much that they would die for them, rather than be enslaved by you.

So, you, who consider yourself a big and powerful because of all the weapons you have (and you need that because you are a big bully) begin to feel impotent and insecure. But, deep down you actually feel envious of those “small people” that had the guts to stand up for what they believe. You wish you can be brave like them but you have no courage, so all that you can do is get together with bunch of bully cowards like you, as this is typical for underdeveloped brains and spiritually disconnected people.
that is the essence of why some of the responses here are of so incredibly pathetic, they are trying to justify unjustifiable.
It took enormous Serbian balls to withstand 13 years of sanctions, demonization of Serbian people, demonization of Serbian nation, and various forms of American and Western-European terror and still stand up to America and all other members of a North American Terrorist Organization (NATO) in 1999.
--continued ---

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No amount of Western LIES and propaganda will be able to change the truth.
Westerners are the real terrorists, and we know who controls Western nations, don't we?

Today, Serbia is better off as her spirit is strong as ever, while American National spirit is no more, and a nation without her spirit is already DEAD! Britain is in the same boat, if not worse. They now live in Orwell’s 1984 and America is not much better. Australia already has filtered Internet!
Yikes! Those are “western democracies”??

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Janissary said...

This is a fair warning to all bloody murderers whom hide like chickens those run away from the wolves...''Do not run away or else you'll die tired...''

Just watch,remember & think...

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nikada više kosovo neće biti srbija

3:13 PM  

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