Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pseudo-music in the Balkans

How fitting. After blogging on Snoop, and the EXIT 'music' festival in seperate entries recently, it turns out Snoop is on his way to 'perform' in Serbia. And it seems that Albanian's are now complaining about how the song performed by the part Turk, part gypsy lesbian at the Eurovision song contest was stolen from them. They seem to have a chip on their shoulder the size of Asia minor. They're so desperate for acceptance and achievement that they they're not even capable of evaluating who is worth emulating or befriending, or what is worthy of being called an achievement. Let them have the song, let them have the lesbian. Infact let them host the Eurovision song contest next year. While they're at it can they please take the EXIT festival off our hands as well?
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DoD security contractor working for KFOR speaks about life in Kosovo

I am currently stationed at Camp Bondsteel near the city of Ferizaj (Urosevac is the Serbian name) in the southeastern part of Kosovo, near the Macedonian border. My job entails basically access control onto the base, or perimeter overwatch, sitting in a guard tower with an M-16 and a bunch of NoDoz. The "fun" part of the job is searching vehicles and personnel for contraband/weapons/things that go "BOOM". We haven't had anything bad happen here (knock on wood!) since I've been here.

The UN and OSCE contingents, though, have had their operations bombed, both in the last couple of weeks. The independence talks have broken down, and the Albanians (with the US backing them) and the Serbs (with the USSR, I mean, our good friends the Russians backing them) are getting froggy. Frankly, from what I've seen, the Serbs are the underdogs in this, and tend to get short shrift from the Albanian majority here for wrongs done centuries ago. The Albanians claim this area, but it is the birthplace of Serbia. So, go figure. There is NOT going to be any peace here, anytime soon.

Organized crime and corruption are a way of life here, and are embedded in everything you can think of. The more UN/EU money that flows into this God-forsaken place, the more the Albanian mob gets its hands on.

Source: R. Lee Ermeys SOUND OFF Forum

Ok so this guys not too familiar with the history of the region, but even he realises that organized crime is a way of life for Albanian's. I would like to know how Albanians were wronged centuries ago. I'm inclined to think that being invaded by Turks, and then settled by Turkish minions (Albanian's) makes Serbia the one that was wronged. Mind you some Albanian's have a warped view of history. Check out this perverse interpretation of Serbia overthrowing Turkish occupation after hundreds of years of struggle:

In fact it was Serbia that acted in contradiction with international law in 1912 when it annexed Kosovo through military occupation after its aggression against the Ottoman Empire

Aggression against the Ottoman Empire? But the Ottoman Empire wasn't being aggressive when they invaded our land, abucted our children, settled our land with Albanian's and other muslims, and exploited our people? I guess when you view history from this kind of perspective it makes sense to regard Tony and Bill as noble and peaceloving saviours.
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Albanians build statue to 'saviour' Clinton

Kosovo Albanians plan to honour their “saviour” Bill Clinton by erecting a statue of the former United States president in the capital of Serbia’s breakaway province.
Izeir Mustafa was thrilled to be asked to sculpt a statue of Bill Clinton
The 10ft tall monument is still under construction in a studio in Podujevo, 40km north of Pristina. “He is our saviour. He saved us from extermination,” Izeir Mustafa, the sculptor, said. “I was thrilled by the work because I know what he did for us.”
Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 after 78 days of Nato bombing ousted Serb troops who had killed some 10,000 ethnic Albanians in an 18-month counter-insurgency war against Albanian separatist guerrillas. Mr Clinton, as leader of the Nato alliance at the time, is seen as the man who decided to bomb Serbia to force the late Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw his forces from Kosovo, effectively handing victory to the Kosovo Liberation Army.
Pristina already has a road named after the former president, graced by a 25ft tall mural. Pristina municipal authorities say that they expect to erect the statue somewhere along Clinton Boulevard later this summer.
Mustafa has several more days to work before he dips the Clinton sculpture in bronze, after which he will turn his attention to another soon-to-be former Western leader. “I definitely will do a statue of Tony Blair,” he said. “He saved us as well.”

Source: The Guardian

I hope the pigeons give this statue the respect it deserves. Let these Albanian occupiers erect symbols of their subservience, they have no authentic cultural heritage of their own in Kosovo. When they're not destroying medieval churches, they're building statues of present-day war criminals. No matter. One day those churches will be rebuilt, and these grotesque statues bulldozed.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Kosovo in the media

This time nine years ago we were firing cruise missiles into their capital, Belgrade, hundreds of miles from the so-called war theatre in Kosovo.
Nato bombed Serbia for 11 weeks to smash the nation into submission. Some 2,500 Serbs died and Û100billion worth of damage was caused. Blair regards this is as a success story.
But the war was based on a complete con-trick, devised by the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army and swallowed by the Yanks. Kosovo is now about to have "independence" at the point of Nato guns, enabling the Kosovar Albanians to carry on their vile businesses of drug-running and people-smuggling.
Their latest wheeze is to give the Americans a base for Star Wars missiles, right on Russia's doorstep.

The above quote, taken from an article by a Paul Routledge, was published in the Daily Mirror of all papers. Too little too late. During the war, the gutter papers such as the Mirror and the Sun were shameless cheerleaders for the war. I remember reading the Sun on the way to school on one particular morning in 1999 (and no I didn't pay good money, someone had left it on the train). There was some ludicrous story about how primary school children in Belgrade had 'sniper studies' as one of their obligatory subjects! I might also add that its naive to believe that the rag tag KLA duped a super power. The US was arming and training the KLA well before the bombing, while it was pretending to be a mediator striving to resolve the conflict. Evidence of this can be found in the second half of another blog entry of mine.
As opposed to the media furore over make believe events, there is a silence on the real events that occur daily in Kosovo. For example, a few days ago a Serbian girl was raped in Vucitrn, Kosovo. Now its not clear yet who the perpetrator was. It is within the realms of possibility that it was a Serb. However given the deafening media silence I'm guessing that in all likelihood the perpetrator was an Albanian. The Serbian PM, who thought it appropriate to issue grandiose proclamations regarding the 'victory' at the Eurovision song contest, as if it was of immense importance, has remained strangely quiet in pushing for an investigation. B92, which prides itself on its broad coverage, has not one article or report on the matter. Now such crimes take place in every nation and country. My argument is not that Albanians are rapists, and Serbs are angels. That would be to hijack NATO's argument and apply it in reverse. And frankly its quite counter-productive and desperate to use such individual crimes, horrific as they are, to further a political agenda. It would be quite inconsistent and immoral to rant about a depraved Albanian one day, and then remain silent the next when say a Serb rapes a Serb.
The issue here is that during the bombing lies were broadcast the world over about Serb rape camps, about Albanian suffering, about the noble KLA freedom fighters. But now that the noble freedom fighters are in power, now that Serb troops have left, noone reports about the destruction of the ancient Serb churches, monasteries and monuments. Noone reports on the pogroms against Serbs, the cleansing of more than half of Kosovo's Serb population, the shootings, the beatings...
And the second issue is that of leaving the investigation of this rape to the Albanian police force. Apart from the fact that they couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery and that they are as corruptible as it gets, the most obvious problem is that they simply do not have the will to protect Serbs, especially if Albanians are implicated. I am reminded of the Serb priest that was arrested bleeding and covered in shrapnel after an Albanian mob threw a grenade at him, under the charge that he threw the bomb at himself! An interview (starting at 10min 50), with the priest in question describing the incident, is available here.
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Washington’s New Imperial Strategy In Venezuela

Revision is going well. So well, I spend hardly any time on the net whatsoever. Only around 24 days to go before I'm all done, then I'll be back in force. In the meantime a reader emailed me an article about the economic imperialism of Washington. It compares the aims and tactics between the subjugation of Serbia and the (ongoing) machinations against Venezuela:
Setting the Stage for Turmoil in Caracas
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Recommended essays

UPDATE: For anyone thats visiting as a result of the Eurovision song contest, a small summary of my reaction is available in the comments section of this entry. Turns out Serbia was represented by a half-Turkish lesbian. The shame of it.

I finally got hold of news on the 'ganja march' the other day, but forgot to inform people. It turns out that it was a total failure as not one of the provocateurs showed up. Instead around 200 patriots gathered in Belgrade town centre and the day ended peacefully enough. And it turns out that Obraz did issue a press release about the march, available on their site.
The following are some informative articles and news stories that I don't have time to comment on:

Serbo-phobes should take a history lesson by Neil Clark
Whose land is it, anyway? by Mr Smith
A Communism for the 21st Century by fjordman
Corruption, Religious Freedom and Israeli Real Estate by Patrick Theros (courtesy of Hellenic Nationalist)

News stories
Vegas run by gays and Jews, says magician
Oral sex linked to throat cancer
Some schools in Britain too white

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Albanian's turn on their benefactor

6 men charged in plot to attack Fort Dix
And when they say "former Yugoslavia" they mean Albanians from Kosovo. It's the same when drug dealers get arrested. The media must find it difficult to concede that the people they promoted as innocent's suffering at the hands of the evil Serbs are capable of doing anything wrong. Maybe they don't want to 'confuse' people. That the media deliberately withholds information under this pretext was confirmed by Bob Wareing MP, no less, on my trip to parliament. On the otherhand I suppose Hollywood movies such as 'The Peacemaker' don't confuse people at all. I mean the imminent threat of nuclear terrorism by Serbs is one of the most pressing matters in the world today!
The incompetence of these real would be terrorists is actually quite amusing. Who else could think that paintball games were sufficient combat training to take on a US Army post. Who else would take their training photos to a fast photo finishing place to be developed? NATO acted as the KLA's private airforce, and yet the Albanians still couldn't break through Serbian defences. I'm reminded of the battles that were fought in a border area of Kosovo known as Kosara. Backed by SAS spotters, and heavy artillery they were unable to break out from Albania and into Kosovo even in instances where they had vast numerical superiority. The following video (in Serbian and unfortunately without subtitles) documents the battles that took place on the ground during NATO's air campaign:
Pakao Kosara - The Hell of Kosara
At some points on the border, 10-25 Serb troops faced off against groups of hundreds of Albanians.
Its nice to see the alliance of convenience between America and the Albanians falling apart. We just need to bide our time. America is in terminal decline, and once it no longer has the ability or the will to meddle in Balkan affairs, Serbs have to be ready.

I just came across a nice article by Nebojsa Malic on the subject of these failed terrorists.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The 'Ganja March', Tzar Lazar Guards, and the British elections

I still can't get hold of news about what's going on in Belgrade right now. At around 3pm I spoke to a friend attending the 'Ganja March' (as a counter-protestor) and she informed me that riot police were arriving to secure the town centre. I'm not even sure whether there was a protest, since the march gathered a lot of publicity in the last week which resulted in nationalist groups threatening to block the march, as they did the gay pride parade back in 2001. Given the scenes in 2001, the organisers kept changing their position in the last couple of days, calling the march off one minute, and then saying they'd go ahead the next. Presumably they wanted to trick everyone into believing it wasn't going ahead, show up with about 30 people, pose for the camera's and then make a quick get-away. So I have a feeling some of the addicts did show up in the end even if the official march was called off, but I'm even more sure that they were outnumbered by counter-protestors that were not taken in by the misinformation. According to this article the following groups signed a joint declaration condemning the march
Serb Patriotic Movement “Obraz”, the “Nacionalni stroj” (National File), Serb congregation “Dveri”, “Blood and Honour”, “Decisive Battle” and “Tzar Lazar’s Guards”.

The joint statement supposedly included this passage:
"We believe that it is unacceptable to hold gatherings that promote social evils such as drug-abuse and homosexuality in this year of the decisive battle for the future of Kosovo and Metohija”

They announce that they will “intercept the protest march of the junkies and show them what the healthy national youth is made of”.

I have contacts with some of the guys from Obraz, but their site is not updated on a regular basis and I can't confirm that they signed this declaration. 'Nacionalni Stroj' is a newer group that was in the news a while back when counter-terrorist police raided the homes of some members after they disrupted a speech by a human rights activist at Novi Sad University, if I remember correctly. 'Blood and Honour' are skinheads, 'Dveri' I don't know too much about, and 'Decisive Battle I've never heard of. As for the 'Tzar Lazar Guards', they are a newly formed paramilitary organisation that I meant to blog about in any case. They have gained a huge amount of publicity in the past week after announcing that they are gathering volunteers ready to wage a war in case Kosovo becomes independent. They announced that they already have over 5000 volunteers and that May 5 would see “the establishment of the first uniformed Christian militia squad, comprised of war veterans from all over Serbia.”
Though at first glance such a move might seem positive, there are a number of issues which make me doubtful. Firstly I don't think that a paramilitary organisation can exist without the states blessing in present conditions. Not that the state's blessing is something I worry about from a moral stand point, far from it. Given the nature of our puppet government I couldn't care less what their stance is. But their stance is relevant, if for no other reason, because they are in power and are capable of mobilising force against anyone that doesn't toe the line. This was highlighted today at the swearing in ceremony at the Lazarica Church in Kruševac where I hear there were a number of arrests. Secondly the leadership of the group seems to include an opposition leader, and I am always doubtful about the motives of politicians. Thirdly, although the group no doubt has got fighters, where is it going to get it's weapons from? Fourthly how are they going to get into Kosovo? How are they going to get re-supplied when both their own state, and the state they are fighting against is manning the border? They surely cannot be intending to engage NATO in open battle, without heavy weaponry, but then there is not even a large enough (Serb) civilian population within the province for them to blend into and launch hit and run attacks. It all seems a bit far-fetched for me, given the current situation. But without doubt the biggest issue is this: with the Serb population currently falling by 40,000 a year, helped along by hundreds of thousands of abortions a year, is it really worth spilling blood for land when we will be a minority in that land which we have already. The sine qua non must be to get the birth rate up, and consolidate that which we have, together with agitating for unification with Republika Srpska (the Serb-administered half of Bosnia). The countless wars which we have been forced to endure over the last decade and a half have taken their toll on the people and I would hate to see brave, honest and honourable people mobilised in yet another losing battle. That's not to say that the other wars could or should have been avoided, but there's no question that the nation is drained, and we must be wary of getting people's hopes up with false promises and visions. These are my reservations, but at this point I don't wish to condemn or support the group, but wait until more is known. For those interested, this yahoo article and this San Diego news article provide more information. Incidentally I first found out about this group in this article on the top quality news site: Western Voices World News.
Oh before I forget, I thought I'd mention the local elections here in Britain. The British people voted en masse for the same old establishment parties, which confirms more than ever that democracy is useless if the electorate are clueless and ignorant sheep that can be coerced to vote for their own demise. Yes the people get tired of say Blair, or some other figure. But give them a fresh face, a new puppet, and they'll willingly stay on the disastrous course that this country and many others are set. I could elaborate and but I need to get back to studying. Suffice to say that it was all summed up by the sight of the media fawning over the first muslim elected to the Welsh Parliament. That after the leader of the supposed Welsh Nationalist Plaid Cymru Party had said that the parliament was 'too white'. Well he got his wish, and the British people are going to get what they voted for...
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