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Albanian and KLA Drug-trafficking

Three laboratories for processing hashish have been uncovered in Albania, and Albanian police are supposedly launching a crackdown on cannabis plantations. Yes, believe it or not Albania has cannabis plantations! And there was me thinking they were only responsible for the transportation and sale of drugs (in amongst the prostitution, weapons smuggling and people trafficking)!
In case anyone thinks that Albanian crime rings and their connections to terrorism are urban myth or vile Serbian propaganda, several authoratitive reports back up my claims:

According to the European Union Situation Report On Drug Production And Drug Trafficking 2003 – 2004, (virtually every single page is peppered with references to Turkish and Albanian criminal networks):

Turkish and Albanian networks may handle a consignment of heroin one day and arrange the trafficking of human beings the next.

Albanian criminals act as enforcers of security for Turkish trafficking groups, following a pattern that was first established in those European countries where Albanians now dominate the heroin trade.

The proceeds from their criminal activities are used in the Member State where they operate or sent to Albania and Kosovo.

It is abundantly clear that the proceeds from these criminal activities have been used for violent political ends in Kosovo. According to the American Russian Law Institute:

Albanian trafficking networks are becoming more and more powerful, partly replacing Turkish networks. This is especially the case in several German speaking countries, Sweden and Norway. According to some estimations, Albanian networks control about 70% of the heroin market today in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Scandinavian countries. According to analyses of the Swedish and Norwegian police, 80% of the heroin smuggled into the countries can be linked to Albanian networks. In 1998, Swiss police even estimated that 90% of the narco-business in the country was dominated by Albanians. Throughout Europe, around 40% of the heroin trade seems to be controlled by Albanians. Recent refugees from the Kosovo region are involved in street sales.

Albanian organized crime groups are hybrid organizations, often involved both in criminal activity of an organized nature and in political activities, mainly relating to Kosovo. There is certain evidence that the political and criminal activities are deeply intertwined. Also, it has become increasingly clear that Albanian crime groups have engaged in significant cooperation with other transnational crime groups.

Albanians, particularly Kosovars, have developed a sense of collective identity necessary to engage in organized crime. It is this element, based on the affiliation to a certain group, which links organized Albanian crime to Panalbanian ideals, politics, military activities and terrorism. Albanian drug lords established elsewhere in Europe began contributing funds to the "national cause" in the 80’s. From 1993 on, these funds were to a large extent invested in arms and military equipment for the KLA (UCK) which made its first appearance in 1993.

The Kosovo conflict and the refugee problem in Albania resulted in a remarkable influx of financial aid. Albanian organized crime with links to Albanian state authorities seems to have highly profited from these funds.

There might still be links between political/military Kosovar Albanian groups (especially the KLA) and Albanian organized crime. Of the almost 900 million DM which reached Kosovo between 1996 and 1999, half was thought to be illegal drug money.

So it is clear that crime money was used to finance Albanian terrorism in Kosovo the only question left is whether the US and NATO were aware of this (since they claim the most benevolent of intentions). This US Senate Republican Policy Committee report makes it abundantly clear that not only was the Clinton administration aware of the links, but that they also were a second source of financing and training for the KLA.

As is to be expected America's 'ethical' foreign policy chops and changes (not something that would happen if policy was based on a moral foundation). Originally the KLA were regarded as a terrorist group:

Clinton Administration's then-special envoy for Kosovo, Robert Gelbard, had little difficulty in condemning the KLA (also known by its Albanian initials, UCK)'We condemn very strongly terrorist actions in Kosovo. The UCK is, without any questions, a terrorist group,' Gelbard said." [Agence France Presse, 2/23/98]

But scarcely more than one year later, the man that was to run for Vice-President claimed:

"[The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles ... Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." (Sen. Lieberman quoted in the 'Washington Post,' April 28, 1999)

Presumably he meant that American values included violence to achieve strategic objectives, complete disregard for the sovereignty of other states, drug trafficking, money laundering, and assassination of opponents. The Senate report alludes to not just the US alliance with the KLA, but the open knowledge that the KLA was involved with a massive Albanian criminal network:

Among the most troubling aspects of the Clinton Administration's effective alliance with the KLA are numerous reports from reputable unofficial sources -- including the highly respected Jane's publications -- that the KLA is closely involved with: The extensive Albanian crime network that extends throughout Europe and into North America, including allegations that a major portion of the KLA finances are derived from that network, mainly proceeds from drug trafficking.

"In order to get the Albanians'... acceptance [of the peace plan], Ms. Albright offered incentives intended to show that Washington is a friend of Kosovo...Officers in the Kosovo Liberation Army would . . . be sent to the United States for training in transforming themselves from a guerrilla group into a police force or a political entity, much like the African National Congress did in South Africa." [New York Times, 2/24/99]

So supposedly showing one is a friend of a province (if that even means anything) is to take one ethnic group within the province, and give its most extreme (and violent) element military training. On the right is a picture of Albright with the former head of the KLA who subsequently became Kosovo's prime minister, Agim Çeku .
In the year 2000, CIA intelligence agents admitted to the London Sunday Times to having been training, equipping and supporting KLA fighters as early as 1998 -well before the NATO air strikes began, at the very time when the White House was pretending to be a mediator striving to resolve the conflict in Kosovo. The hypocrisy of the US was clear for all to see. The problem was that this was one isolated article, not a concerted media campaign like the one which demonized Serbs as the new Nazis.
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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Many of those "guerillas" were Albanians holding Yugoslav passports who all came to the USA in 1980 in one wave when the USA offered them political asylum, yes, the "ethnic issue" the USA brewed in Kosovo goes that far back.

And when 1999 came along there was footage on American tv of those very political asylum Albanians from 1980 who were filmed boarding planes set for Skopje and then shipped into Kosovo to fight the Serbs as a CIA-backed USA terrorist front.

What amazes me is how Serb media did not publish this more?

4:35 AM  
Blogger Estavisti said...

The Serb media DOES publish these stories but they are ignored in the West. There's a nice long extract about pro-Albanian lies in the Western media here, from an article written by a reporter who was herself deceived.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albanians are human beings like any other...or are they?
Are they inherently criminal by nature? Is criminality part of Alabanian Sqiptar culture?
The evidence is that they are criminals just like the Naples criminals.
Also, Hollywood has glamourized these criminals for years to such and extent that people forget the reality of their violent activities. The rape of trafficked girls, the threats against their children, the killings of any who try to save them.
Albanian crime has got to be stopped even if it means removing whole extended families from the streets.

1:16 PM  

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