Thursday, May 24, 2007

Albanians build statue to 'saviour' Clinton

Kosovo Albanians plan to honour their “saviour” Bill Clinton by erecting a statue of the former United States president in the capital of Serbia’s breakaway province.
Izeir Mustafa was thrilled to be asked to sculpt a statue of Bill Clinton
The 10ft tall monument is still under construction in a studio in Podujevo, 40km north of Pristina. “He is our saviour. He saved us from extermination,” Izeir Mustafa, the sculptor, said. “I was thrilled by the work because I know what he did for us.”
Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 after 78 days of Nato bombing ousted Serb troops who had killed some 10,000 ethnic Albanians in an 18-month counter-insurgency war against Albanian separatist guerrillas. Mr Clinton, as leader of the Nato alliance at the time, is seen as the man who decided to bomb Serbia to force the late Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw his forces from Kosovo, effectively handing victory to the Kosovo Liberation Army.
Pristina already has a road named after the former president, graced by a 25ft tall mural. Pristina municipal authorities say that they expect to erect the statue somewhere along Clinton Boulevard later this summer.
Mustafa has several more days to work before he dips the Clinton sculpture in bronze, after which he will turn his attention to another soon-to-be former Western leader. “I definitely will do a statue of Tony Blair,” he said. “He saved us as well.”

Source: The Guardian

I hope the pigeons give this statue the respect it deserves. Let these Albanian occupiers erect symbols of their subservience, they have no authentic cultural heritage of their own in Kosovo. When they're not destroying medieval churches, they're building statues of present-day war criminals. No matter. One day those churches will be rebuilt, and these grotesque statues bulldozed.
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