Thursday, March 22, 2007

Homosexual school stories for 4-year olds

Over on BNP news I've found yet another story regarding homosexual interference in childrens education:
A tale of a handsome prince and an aging queen ready for retirement is a classic setting for a children’s fairy tale but when the handsome prince falls for another handsome prince it’s time to ask just what is going on?Children as young as four will be introduced to such stories which promote homosexual relationships as new gay rights laws come into force in April. There are already several primary schools taking part in the taxpayer-funded study (costing £600,000) to introduce children to homosexuality.
Academics have claimed that telling the children "gay stories" will reduce homophobic playground bullying. However, groups opposed to the indoctrination of children say that schools could face legal action if they refuse to use the gay books.
The books include "King & King" where a prince refuses three princesses before he falls in love and marries one of their brothers; "Spacegirl Pukes" in which the leading character has two mothers; and a story about two male penguins who meet and fall in love in a New York zoo.
So homosexual penguins are perfectly Ok, but apparently heterosexual pigs are not:
A Church of England school in Yorkshire has renamed the favourite childrens’ story "The Three Little Pigs" so that Muslims will not be offended.
The story is now called "The Three Little Puppies", after the organisers of a music festival changed the story and lyrics because of the multi-cultural make up of the children and the audience.
Honley Church of England Junior School, near Huddersfield, were due to perform the story at a concert at Huddersfield Town Hall, which featured children from 63 schools. But Kirklees Primary Music Festival organisers decided that the script must be altered to make it more "sensitive" to Muslims, and it would be responsible to remove the references to pigs. It was believed that Muslim children would not sing along to words about pigs, and it was better to change the wording than to cause offence.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats very interesting but i was wondering how these chenged the wa kids looked at these stories? have you studied it? should you studie it?!?!?

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that is very strong lead in for 4 year olds so i am not sure u should you start that young???
This is very intelectual
but i am not sure it will work
kids at that age are still too myoung to understand.....

3:46 PM  

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