Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bored with 'the Holocaust'

German police cadets in training in Berlin reportedly responded to a talk on anti-Semitism by saying they were bored hearing about the Holocaust. The incident is under investigation, Deutsche Welle reported. The police academy recruits allegedly also said that Jews are known to be rich.
“If these accusations prove correct, there will be consequences,” said Police President Dieter Glietsch.
Isaak Behar (pictured below), an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor who gave police cadets an eyewitness account of the Nazi era, said he was satisfied by the school’s response to the cadets.
But some Jewish leaders say that the incident is symptomatic of increasing anti-Semitism.
“A rise in anti-Semitism is apparent everywhere,” Rabbi Andreas Nachama told the Berliner Zeitung. “This is both regrettable and disturbing.”
Story available here.
Meanwhile The Central Council of Jews in Germany has called for the country's Nazi history to be taught as a separate subject! Maybe they could model it on British GCSE History which covers little else apart from 'The Evils of the Nazis'. The German teachers union has called the proposal 'wrong and unjustified', maybe they should be put on trial and diagnosed with pathological boredom along with the police recruits!

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