Thursday, March 08, 2007

First David Irving account since release

Here is an interesting account of the way David Irving was arrested prior to being sentanced to 3 years imprisonement, written by the man himself. In 2005 he went to give a lecture in Vienna, and the thought police were waiting to arrest him for a speech he had made in 1989! After a narrow escape from secret police on the Viennese streets, they tracked him down and intercepted him on route to the Italian border, using the satellite navigation system from a car he had rented in Switzerland to pinpoint him! British Big brother is gaining ground: more than 4m CCTV cameras, new powers for bailiffs to break into peoples homes to enforce debt payment, ID cards and the storage of the populations DNA on a central database that the EU will have access to.


Blogger Green Arrow said...

I followed with interest the trials of David Irving in the UK some years ago and he made some very interesting points that real historians should investigate. Locking someone up for having a contrarian view is not freedom.

I wish the man well.

7:14 AM  

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