Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Patriarchal obedience as a mental disorder, hatred of parents as normal

Over on the BNP and Me blog, I came accross the extraordinary news that a girl in Germany was taken from her family by police and placed in a mental asylum under the most absurd pretexts imaginable. The girl was being homeschooled, and apparently the German state has a tendancy to harrass people who choose to educate their children in this way (probably because it interrupts the flow of state propaganda at the most impressionable age). She was diagnosed with something officials called "school phobia." However the head of Erlangen Youth Welfare Office, Edeltraud Hölleren, insisted that the Busekros case is not about homeschooling. The agency's psychiatric evaluation of the girl, mentions something else: her devotion and obedience to her father Hubert, which is portrayed as a mental disorder. The evaluation says that Melissa is "a highly disturbed girl who obediently and faithfully obeys the idealistic statements of her father and who describes the State as being despotic and 'fascist-like'." Well shes not wrong there.
It adds, with a concerned tone, that "Melissa demonstrates loyalty towards her father and unconditional solidarity with her family."
"They say I am influencing the children too much…," said Hubert. "They want to stop any influence of the father."Joerg said, "If you have a good relationship to your children -- a very close relationship like in the Busekros case, it seems to be in the eyes of the officials, something which is dangerous."
The Busekros' attorney Gabriela Eckermann told a judge in the case, "For the Erlangen Youth Welfare Office, 15 year olds only seem to be "normal" if they live according to their own wishes…if they do not love their parents…but…rebel against them cooperate with…the police, court, youth welfare office and experts…against their own parents."Gudrun said, "…that our daughter is loyal to us or has the same convictions we have? This is not normal for them.""For us, it's very important to be able to bring our children up without being directed by the state or government officials, because it's the right of the parent alone to bring up their children," said Hubert. Melissa is now with a foster family at a secret location while a court fight continues. Hubert and Gudrun are only allowed to see their daughter one hour a week. And there are fears that the police may return, and take their other five children, as well."I know that God is helping us," Gudrun said, "but humanly speaking, we have no help against these people…what can we do against them?


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Yes, its deeply horrendous isn't it. Ive actually updated the post this morning, with a follow up article.

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