Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Legalised incest and Ataturk-worship

Germany is on the verge of passing a law legalising incest by the looks of it. Everywhere you the moral code of old is being trampled upon, and if you refuse to conform then you're a bigot. The lawyer mentioned in this BBC report parrots the same nauseating rhetoric: discrimination etc etc. He claims 'the law against incest is based on very old moral principles'. I'm sure the party that would like to see paedophilia legalised in Holland would agree. The use of the word 'old' as if it somehow implies that something is wrong, limited, or inferior really does get to me. If one has a moral principle then its eternal. So don't tell me its old, have the guts to tell me its wrong. But these type of people don't have any morals, save mainly some hippy/pacifist tendency that makes them feel good about themselves. The only sin they recognise is racism, and the only sin that needs to be atoned for in their eyes is the holocaust.
Totally unconnected to this little rant of mine, I notice that Turkey has banned access to youtube after clips had been found that insulted Ataturk- the revered former Turkish leader. Insulting Ataturk or "Turkishness" is an offence which can result in a prison sentence.


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

It's amazing how those who have no morals seem so determined to compel the rest of us to live by their moral standards.

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