Saturday, December 02, 2006

Serbia sinks even lower

The shame of it, just when it couldnt get any worse Serbia's quisling puppet president has announced that we have just joined the 'Partnership for Peace program'. The Serbianna media outlet reports

"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's admission of the Balkan country into the alliance's outreach program spells the end of isolation from the former foe.
"By joining NATO's Partnership for Peace program, Serbia becomes a secure country," Tadic said, adding the development marked a watershed for Serbia's efforts at Euro-Atlantic integration."

Of course the price of this 'security', which Tadic fails to mention, is the further erosion of our sovereignty, although you could say we lost that after the western coup. As estavisti eloquently put it, his perverse logic is best described as follows:

"They’re tearing our country apart and at the same time inviting us to join their “Partnership for Peace”, so we can have the privilege of sending our Army to aid them in doing that to other countries i.e. we’re joining the bullies to avoid getting bullied ourselves. What a disgrace… "

It beggars belief that we are joining an organisation that bombed, dismembered and demonised our country (and continues to do so, though to a lesser extent). Our politicians really amount to no more than a bunch of prositutes who would make a pact with the devil if they thought it would raise living standards. And its another example of how democracy is no more than a sad joke. Who asked the people whether they want to join this parnership or NATO. Noone. Because if they had they would have told them where to go. If there was one time in the last half a century when the Serbian people united, it was during the 1999 NATO bombardment.
And our army, the fourth biggest in Europe less than a decade ago, which resisted an alliance comrising of 1bn+ people, is being dismantled (or reorganised as they put it). We've already had the commander of the forces that bombed us, Wesley Clark, photographing himself next to Serbian missiles moments before they are destroyed, and recieving a medal for his efforts! We have Solano, head of NATO, at the time, being greeted as a foreign dignitary who is supposedly helping us resolve the situation in Kosovo. We've had elite commando units such as the Red berets, Cobras and others disbanded. We're going to have a military incapable of defending the borders without NATO's help (even though theyre the only real threat to the borders). All we're going to be left with is a few anti-terrorist units, which are going to be used as cannon-fodder for the people that bombed us on more unjust adventures around the globe.
In this google video (with english subtitles) which I found on Altermedia we can see the level of Serbian 'security' in Kosovo. Its a good 15 minute insight into the situation down there. Check out the priest who had a grenade thrown at him by an Albanian mob, and got arrested for 'throwing it at himself' by the Albanian police.He was bleeding and covered in shrapnel yet was locked in a cell for hours before he recieved medical attention. This is where the Serbian army needs to be, not in Afghanistan.


Blogger Bg anon said...

I think we disagree again Nikola!

The concept of soverignty - do you think it exists in todays world?

I dont just mean Serbia, I'm talking about all countries. It isnt nation states that make the decisions these days, its the multinational corporations (who have bought up all political parties long before they come to power in those nation states).

Thus I'd say that soverignty is an illusion. (not that I'm saying its a good thing)

Politicians are a bunch of prostitutes in any country so the Serbian case is not specific.

I dont think the size of the Serbian army is so important. What is important is the quality of the army and basic things like foodstuffs or conditions in it. Its no accident that there have been so many incidents in the army recently considering how the money for the army is spent wrongly by the government. In other words its nasa posla - the corrupt officials take the money to buy themselves flats or to pay immoral arms dealers like Dragic some ridiculous deal whilst ordinary soldiers are freezing, starving and lacking proper training.

And dont forget it was JSO that caused many of the problems for our elected officials post 2000, members of which murdered our elected Prime Minister.

So, yes they should have been disbanded. In fact they should have been disbanded long before - Legija was parading around Belgrade 2001 /2002 in his Jeeps with his Zemun mafia buddies (with state security protection) acting as if he were God or something.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NATO, the EU, the "West" are Jewish Zionist controlled. Washington is run by Russian, German, and Polish JEWS. They brainwashed the white European gentile "goyim" cattle into bombing Serbia. WHITE PEOPLE IN EASTERN EUROPE, WESTERN EUROPE, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA MUST UNITE. THE GOVERNMENTS, BANKS, MILITARY ARE ZIONIST JEWISH CONTROLLED. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Jewish plan for world domination must first destroy the white race and its religion, which has been Christianity. Serbian people are the most naive people concerning the Jews. I don't care if white nationalists call themselves neo nazis, and I don't care that Hitler might have been a Rothschild himself, he was right to hate the Jews, they destroyed Germany and started the wars. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion deliberately want to wipe the white European race and its civilization off the map so they can rule the world. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is being fulfilled. Time is running out!

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read everything you can by both David Duke and Nathanael Kapner.

It's urgent, time is running out for the white race and Europeans.

10:21 PM  

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