Sunday, November 05, 2006

Do not waver in your faith in victory

EDIT: Ive removed my commentary. It rambled on too much about an issue only partially connected to this beatiful poem. Seeing as its a Sunday I thought Id post a nice extract from 'Prayers by the Lake'. Its obviously full of allegory and analogies, most in reference to spiritual battles. But I think there is also a physical dimension to it.

Warriors of Life, wage war mightily and do not waver in your faith in victory.
Victory is bestowed on the one whose eye keeps its untiring gaze fixed upon it. Whoever even thinks of defeat, loses sight of victory and does not find it again. Victory is a tiny star in the distance, which continuous gazing magnifies and draws nearer!
Keep watch with vigilance, so that not even one of the enemy jumps over the wall into your city. If even one adversary jumps in, the city is lost. Only a single serpent slithered into Paradise, and Paradise was transformed into Hell.1
Indeed, just one drop of poison enters a full body of blood, and physicians predict death!
It is not as important to slay your enemy outside the city as it is not to let him into the city.
Warriors of Life, wage war mightily and do not waver in your faith in victory.
What does it profit you, if you conquer and gain possession of the world, and the world takes the place of your soul.2 Truly, the world will remain, but the soul will no longer be yours. The soul is a timid bird; if you throw even a tiny bit of ashes at her, she takes flight and flees to escape.
The soul is more valuable than the world -- you would do better, therefore, to subjugate the soul rather than the world. The soul is a more faithful ally than the world -- you would do better, to forge an alliance with the soul. The soul is richer than the world -- you would do better, to make her your fortress. The soul is more healthy than the world -- you would do better, to seek your health in her. The soul is more beautiful than the world -- you would do better, to take her for your bride. The soul is a more fruitful field than the world -- you would do better, to exert yourself over her.
Warriors of Life, wage war mightily, and do not waver in your faith in victory.
Do not cast out a demon with a demon. For you will always have a demon in the house. But cast out the devil with God. And the devil will flee, but God will remain.3
Do not fight fire with fire. For you will make the fire into a conflagration, and your house will burn down along with your enemy's. But fight fire with water, and you will extinguish it.
Do not raise death as a weapon against death, for you will only increase the range of death. But raise life as a weapon against death, and death will retreat as a shadow does before the face of the sun.
Warriors of Life, wage war mightily, and do not waver in your faith in victory.
Your objective is your weaponry. If you wage war for Life, expect also a crown of glory from Life.
Have neither two objectives, nor twofold weaponry. When the objective is life, life is also the weaponry. When the objective is death, death is also the weaponry. Wherever life and death are intermingled, death is the victor.
Do not expect a reward from both sides. For the other side is death.
Do not serve two masters.4 For the name of the other master is death.
Sacrifice everything for Life, and expect everything from Life. And Life will give you everything.
Whoever captures Life, has truly taken the wealthiest city in all realms. And he will find more treasure in that city than an eye can behold, a heart can desire, and a dream can dream of.
Warriors of Life, wage war mightily, and do not waver in your faith in victory.

1. Cf. Gen. 3.
2. Cf. Matt. 16:26.
3. Cf. Matt. 12:22-28.
4. Cf. Matt. 6:24.


Blogger shieldwall said...

as a fellow nationalist, I was wondering ,if living in this country "hurts" you so much why do you still live here?,no offence is meant by this question,just curious.Regarding your nationalism and your views towards Islam, you are correct,BUT,are you anti British as a people or anti British as a government?.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Nikola said...

I wrote a long comment in reply but it wasnt processed properly. I will address your questions in more depth at a later date. In short Im not anti-British as a people (otherwise I wouldnt support the BNP). I am here because it is at present the best option for the future in terms of education and employment. The future plan is a return to Serbia though.

2:48 PM  
Blogger editor said...

The words on St Nikolai Velimirovich truly inspire and have important meaning today. But we must be sure to be careful when interpreting his works, before passing judgements. (Not that you did Nikola, but just so that your readers can put Velimirovich in the right context. EG: Some beleive he was anti-semitic)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Nikola said...

By the standards of the world we live in today he was anti-semitic. In as much as exposing them for their wrong doing can be regarded as anti-semitic. No one calls him 'anti-Serbian' for examining the defects in the Serbian national character. Nor does such a word exist. All meaningless slurs used to 'win' the argument before it has even started. I will actually post some of his words regarding Jews in the future.

10:37 PM  
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