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Serbia and the BNP

I never really intended to get this involved in writing about the BNP for this blog but when fellow Serbs come up with the type of stuff seen in the comments section of one of my latest blogs I have to respond. And im responding indepth.
We start off with the following comment by estavisti who will be the focus of my attention (all his comments will be in red):
Who gives a fuck what direction this "society" is moving in?
There are four different types of people who might ‘give a fuck’ about the direction this society is moving in:
(1)The indigenous people, because it is their country after all.
(2)People who this country has affected for whatever reason.
(3)People who live in this country but are not natives.
(4)People who are non of the above but have a positive disposition towards mankind generally, and wish the best for each nation.
Clearly you are not a native (1), and all the evidence would suggest that I cannot call upon your positive disposition towards other people since you don’t care about anything that doesn’t benefit you or Serbia personally (4). I don’t think anyone can seriously claim that they live in a social grouping (lets not call it a society for now) yet have not the slightest regard for its state, and direction. You do not live in a vacuum, presumably you care if only for selfish reasons. Ie job opportunities, taxes, local issues etc On a more emotive level how can someone live in a society where crime is increasing but ‘not give a fuck’ that it is getting worse. Im sure your indifference would disappear the moment someone knocked you over the head with a baseball bat or tried to sexually assault you. However this is not the issue I want to concern myself with. I think it is more significant that you would ignore the significance of (2).
For someone who misses no opportunity to list all the very real crimes the establishment of this country have inflicted on Serbia, it is illogical to be ‘indifferent’ to the state of this country and the direction it is moving in. This very government and the one previous to it bombed our country and are still trying to inflict their globalist/capitalist/democratic agenda. If their appalling social experiment is failing this should be of great interest to us.
If for no other reason but for the fact that this country bombed us, it would make sense to wish for a government which was not disposed to treat us in such a way. Since all 3 of the main parties were unanimous in their demonisation of us, none of them deserve ANY consideration. Now certainly the BNP are not the only party who were against the wars in Serbia (although they certainly are the biggest among them) but the reason I as a Serb nationalist feel an affinity for the BNP is because they fundamentally reject this liberal multicultural society, the EU, meddling in other countries affairs (Serbia included), they wish to preserve the Christian values of this country. I can identify with these desires, why would I wish to deny for this people what I want for my people, especially when it is not to my detriment?
I have stated why this country does affect Serbia directly, but there are also indirect affects. Serbia in its lost, disillusioned and depressed state wants only one ideal: prosperity. Certainly its all the politicians and youth ever talk about. It believes that by entering western institutions such as NATO and the EU, opening its borders, liberalising society, moral values, and national companies, that it can attain western living standards. Serbia’s eyes are fixed upon the west like a mouse caught in the mesmerising stare of a cobra. If it can only emulate the ‘shining’ example of the west, prosperity and international acceptance will be achieved. So clearly, a solid example of one of the worlds biggest economies (at least for now) showing that it rejects the globalist agenda, rejects multiculturalism, and international interventions, can only have a positive impact on Serbia. The Serbian people will have a shining example to snap them out of their trance and show them that nation-states that care for their own values first and foremost are the way forward, not some European super state obsessed with nothing but corporate profit. The move of exiting the EU could have further positive affects, weakening it and maybe even leading to its demise. This is only a possibility, but you have to remember that this is on top of the fact that the UK would not bomb Serbia, and furthermore what other option is there? More of the same? No sane person could suggest that.
Id also like to question why you have put the word society in inverted commas. If you look up the word in the Oxford dictionary you find that it means ‘any social community’. It does not necessarily imply anything positive. Nor did I intend to make it imply something positive. I would have thought my entire blog would have made it clear to you by now what I think of this society, and that I was referring to it in a negative light. You then use this one word as the pretext to launch the following bitter and irrelevant rant:
On the one hand you have the simple-minded oiks of the BNP and company, and on the other hand you have the brain-dead, ignorant "cosmopolitan" (degenerate) mainstream, while at the top you have a bunch of corrupt mendacious pricks who should be in a telenovela and not shaping the future of the world, while ripping the country off and doing shady deals on the side. Did I mention that they invaded Serbia for the "genocide" of just over a thousand armed terrorists, then initiated a war which has resulted in almost 700,000 deaths? And people vote for them... Not to mention the urban underclass and all the other fucked up sections of the British population. There, that's your "society" for you ;)
Why launch an attack on the cosmopolitan mainstream and the corrupt leaders, which you know I despise as much as you, and then end it with ‘there that’s your society for you’. I have demonstrated nothing but opposition to it, why is it suddenly my society? I would be the first person to highlight the suffering of our people but there is a logical time and place for it. Going ‘off on one’, like you did, makes you seem very bitter. No one would begrudge you that right, but why insert this in response to a positive report on the BNP? Why remind us of the guilt of the mainstream when I wanted to highlight and celebrate the possible emergence of a party outside the mainstream. It seems to me that you could not find much negative to accuse the BNP of, apart from a snide remark about ‘ignorant oiks’ and so you thought you would set up a straw man, and attack him. Its akin to carpet-bombing: you couldn’t launch a precision attack on the BNP so you tried to carpet bomb all of Britain in one fell swoop.
Next we come to your bizarre definition of a society:
"Society" is just a collection of individuals in the West.
Then you go on to say: ‘I don't feel affected by British society, because it doesn't exist’. So first you define it (wrongly), and then you claim it doesn’t exist. Why define it if it doesn’t exist? How can I say the cookie monster is from Ghana, and then say he doesn’t exist?
I also don't buy into this pan-European identity - although we are European, we are also Orthodox, Slav, Balkan, citizens of the World etc etc
You are quite right when you say that we are defined by all of these things. I wouldn’t ever deny that. The fact that a multitude of traits define us, does not make any one of them meaningless. The fact that we are Orthodox does not exclude the fact that we are Slavic, which in turn does not diminish our European character. They are all part of the rich tapestry of our Serbian national character. Serbia does not have a ‘pan-European’ character, it has a European identity. If you cant understand that we are a European nation, which has guarded the gates and faith of Europe for centuries, then I am incredulous. If all Europeans were as closed-minded as you, the bells of the Notre Damme would not have been ringing out during the battle of Kosovo in 1389. We are linguistically European, culturally European, racially European, our spirit is of the Old Europe which embraced Christianity. If that means nothing to you then so be it. But to me it means I have closer bonds to a fellow European then an aborigine in Australia. I don’t want a pan-European super state, I want sovereign nation-states at peace with each other.
Also, Serbia gains nothing from the BNP coming to power.
Ive demonstrated that it does. Not getting bombed is pretty significant.
If their kind of ideology swept the world, I can see Serbia formally becoming a Anglo-American/German colony
This demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of BNP ideology. Read their mission statement and good fences make good neighbours.
The spread of their ideology would lead to independent and sovereign nation states, not any colonies.
As for the BNP themselves, their (presumeably) most capable and intelligent member has a third class degree and they can't even find someone to make them a decent website to get out their message. If they can't even organise a political party, why should anyone trust them to run the country?
Firstly dont pretend you're concerned with how they would run the country. We've already established that you couldnt care less.
Secondly you have raised no policy based reasons to attack the BNP so we now see an attempt to smear them with incompetence. I have no idea why Nick Griffin did not do well in university (though this wikipedia article claims he got a lower second), but you know you cant be stupid to get into Cambridge. As for their website, it is the most popular political website in the UK. Quite impressive for a bunch of ‘simple minded’ and ‘ignorant’ ‘oiks’. It is updated very regularly, the content is diverse, indepth, and it is fairly easy to locate what you are looking for. So what if its not 100% aesthetically appealing. Do you value style over substance? Id rather log onto the BNP site and read something I agree with and can vote for, then log onto the Labour site and read all their lies beautifully displayed. In any case they are launching a new look site soon. They don’t have limitless funding from dubious sources unlike the big 3 parties which you attacked precisely because of their corruption.
I'm indifferent to their policies (as presented by you), but looking at who would be putting them into action just makes me laugh.
If you were indifferent to their policies you would at least mention them and show why you are indifferent. Instead you show no intention of doing anything but smear them with side issues. This clearly shows you are opposed to the BNP and only feign indifference, while all the while time attacking them.


Blogger shieldwall said...

that about sums it up,well done Nikola,10 out of 10,a gold star next to your name!.

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Anonymous Ben the Convert said...

First class analysis

12:24 PM  
Blogger BNPhome said...

Who you calling a simple-minded oik?

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What d'you say, Ryan?

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbians better wake the Hell up and not just think of themselves as Serbs, but WHITE EUROPEANS. This is what the White Nationalist movement is all about, from Russia, Ukraine and the former Jewish Soviet Jewnion bloc countries, to Jobbik in Hungary, the BNP in England, Marine Le Pen in France, these are WHITE NATIONALIST EUROPEANS who want to save their white European race. This is beyond simply nationalism, it is about racial nationalism. Are Serbians WHITE, or are they just "Serbs"? The Jews in Washington, (Madeline Korbel Albright, Richard Holbrooke Cohen, Clinton, etc. ) bombed the shit out of Serbia and handed everything over to the shit skin shiptars in order to destroy what is left of "white Slavic Serbs". This is racial politics now. WAKE UP. Join the WHITE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT AND STOP BEING PUSSIES AND BEING AFRAID OF OFFENDING THE JEWS WHO BRAINWASHED YOU ALL INTO BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT AND TOLERANT OF DIVERSITY AND REPLACING YOUR OWN RACE!!!! TURN OFF YOUR GODDANMED JEW TVS, STOP BUYING JEWISH CABLE, STOP LISTENING TO JEW MUSIC AND WATCHING JEW HOLLYWOOD FILTH. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BRAINWASHED YOU ARE. THE SO CALLED "NEO NAZIS" OR WHITE NATIONALISTS IN RUSSIA GET IT! GET TOGETHER WITH THEM. THEY KNOW THAT THIS IS A RACIAL STRUGGLE, NOT JUST A NATIONAL ONE.

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