Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The sad state of modern day Britain

Apologies for posting the sick photo above, but you know what they say: 'a pictures worth a thousand words'. Hopefully it'll make the message hit home all the more. More mindblowing updates from a country that has lost its way:
We have the politically correct commisars trying to instruct people how to think. A council has decided that the words 'Chairman' and 'fireman' need to banned because they do not include the word 'woman'. And they declare that the phrase 'politically correct' cannot be used because it originated from the Ku Klux Clan and that the use of the phrase is at best factual avoidance and at worst a direct physical Attack. Factual avoidance? Those politically correct bastards make a living out of manipulating facts and imposing their vision of society on others.
BBC executives have openly admitted the corporation is dominated by homosexuals. They acknowledge that ethnic minorities hold a disproportionate number of positions and said the BBC deliberately encourages multiculturalism and is more careful to avoid offending the Muslim community than Christians. Nothing that anybody (but the willingling blind) didnt already know, but nice to have an open confession:
The only thing more obvious than the bbcs liberal multicultural propaganda is the Church of Englands desperation to carve out a position for itself in this social experiment gone wrong by shamelessly sucking up to the powers that be. They dont even have to be coerced, they willingly think up new ways to humiliate themselves and ingratiate themselves with the establishment. Check out this lunatic vicar who decided to do away with traditional remembrance services becaus they were not multicultural enough. I kid you not, this guy wants excerpts from the koran read during some ceremony.
Meanwhile 9 firemen have been suspended for refusing to attend a gay march to hand out leaflets. Obviously when they signed up they expected theyd be fighting fires not sent on public relations exercises, so that the cretin in charge of the fire service could brag about how tolerant the institution is. And of course they have been ordered to attend..........Diversity training!!!!. You cant make this stuff up.


Blogger shieldwall said...


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Anonymous EZD said...

We are all past that phase of stating the obvious my friend.
How about giving a few justifications of your thoughts?
Dont you know that the NWO-run media just wait to make examples of people like you?
Back yourself up!!What do you want for your country and why?
Im not challenging you so much as im trying to help you be aware of how you need to approach fighting the evil empire.

11:33 PM  
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