Friday, October 27, 2006

Anniversary of the French Riots

If theres one word that pisses me off these days its 'diversity'. Everyone in every government in virtually every western nation, and all their media bum-chums are obssessed with it. Theyre always telling us how we need diversity. Supposedly its what makes us great. Well what was wrong with the homogenous European countries pre WW2? What has any European country gained from diversity? Nothing but cheap labour, and foreign food. And all the pressure is on European countries to welcome diversity with open arms. Why is it that European soil is the primary location for this neo-marxist cultural experiment. I dont see the EU condemning Saudi Arabia as a horribly homogenous country. Truth is that if multiculturalism was so inherently good you wouldnt need to enforce it on anyone, theyd welcome it with open arms. Paddy Ashdown, the former dictator of Bosnia, was on 'Question Time' yesterday claiming that modern day Britain was a better place because of the diversity of races and religions. Has Bosnia taught him nothing? If people want to experience Hinduism or Buddhism they can go and visit Asia, until then they can survive perfectly well without enforced cultural enrichment. Whats wrong with a world where each nation has its own living space and is free to express itself? Infact it is clear the advocates of globalism want mish-mash societies which attempt to stand for everything and as a result stand for nothing. Such societies are easier to dominate.
Meanwhile pathological liberals in the media seem unable to distinguish between races except when it is in the interests of ethnic minorities. They shift and squirm awkwardly and claim that the "youths" in France are rioting and car jacking people. They mean the north african muslims? Let's be as specific as we can, if we're being honest about reality. It's as absurd as claiming that humans are rioting. Or, perhaps, mammals are rioting. Are animals rioting? Is it life-forms? It's north african male muslims.
Its ironic that at this point in history, when the European people are so far removed from their own spiritual heritage, they are being persuaded that it is beneficial to have the presence of a multitude of foreign cultures and religions. Shoudnt they be primarily concerned with rediscovering their own faith and culture? Meanwhile the liberal elite repeats their Orwellian mantra 'diversity is our strength'.


Blogger Witch-king of Angmar said...

One of the pillars of modern-day suicidal liberalism is the so-called "cult of the minority" according to which certain minorities can do no wrong and pose no demand that is outrageous enough. Of course, it is those minorities who pay lip service to the multiculturalist ideology that are deemed "worthy" by the establishment.

10:30 AM  
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