Saturday, October 21, 2006

US 'arrogant and stupid' in Iraq
It is with great pleasure that I note that the American forces and their loyal puppets are meeting defeat on all fronts in Iraq. The British are as usual trying to swindle the public. They withdrew from the Amarah a few months back claiming that they had handed it over to the Iraqis. But the cowards withdrew not because they had made it safe, but for precisely the opposite reason, it was the location at which they were being targeted most intensely. Now their lies have been exposed with news that the Mahdi army has destroyed 3 police stations, running battles have cost the lives of dozens of people.
Further north the American effort to encircle Bagdhad and then clear it of all insurgents has been declared a failure, what a surprise. I think even these cowboys are finally losing their swagger, until now they seemed to be impervious to reality. Bush has announced he will review strategy!
Seeing as this is my first post on Iraq here is a brief summary of my views which I wrote a few months back on another website:
Although I would never deny any nation the moral right to resist foreign occupation, it is not because of a love of arabs that I wish to see 'allied' forces decisively defeated. There is one overwhelming priority to all of this. It is not to save a few hundred British heads, tens of thousands of British babies are killed in their mothers womb every year, and they didnt have the choice, unlike the British soldiers. Therefore, crude as it sounds, a few hundred British dying in Iraq is not very significant in the great scheme of themes, especially as they are willingly there. No, the priority is: Defeat for the NWO and its military machine. This is more important than anything else, and it does not matter who delivers this decisive defeat, it will benefit the entire world. In some ways I wish we Serbs had been invaded on land, and had the glory of inflicting defeat on these satanists, but it wasnt to be.


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