Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why I have no loyalty to Britain or its government

In response to a couple of emails I recieved asking me why I have no loyalty towards my country of birth:
The fact that they are imperialists bent on the oppression of anyone that stands in their way would be reason enough. I would be a complete cretin to feel allegiance to this war-mongering elite that rule this country. However my personal history gives me even more reason to take the stance i have. In the last century my nation has undergone more suffering and wars than in any century previous to that. My ancestors had withstood the ottoman occupation, the balkan wars, the 1st and 2nd world wars. Throughout all these hardships none of my ancestors had left their country. It is as a result of a gross betrayal, whose responsibility lays almost entirely with the elite running Britain, that my family was forced to leave. Serbia had an option to stay neutral during the 2nd ww and indeed signed a pact proclaiming her neutrality. Since this did not suit the interests of the elite running Britain, they instigated a coup and the resulting government entered the pointless war on the side of the allies, just as the 2 anti-Christian empires of Germany and Soviet Russia were about to clash. Our country was overrun with breathtaking ease in just 6 weeks. The revenge exacted by the Germans was horrific, but this paled into insignificance compared to the genocide we suffered at the hands of Croatia. In the mean time our 'allies' switched their support from the nationalist resistance forces to the communist ones. This resulted in the communists coming to power. In the 40 years they attempted to eradicate Christianity, and our 'allies' the British stood by and watched. The Queen, the head of a nominally Christian church was indifferent. Come the nineties, and our 'allies' were no longer content with leaving us at the mercy of other evil doers, they decided to personally attack us. However I stray from my families personal history. My grandfathers fought the communists with the nationalist resistance. When the communists won, the surviving anti-communist units withdrew to Italy. Hence my family would never have left our homeland if it had not been for this betrayal. Can i really be grateful that my family was accepted into England?? Its like beating someone over the head with a hammer, and expecting them to be grateful when you drive them to hospital. Subsequent events in the nineties, and the degeneration of western society since the 2nd ww show that these are not just isolated events. God knows i am not harbouring some irrational paranoia, but these things have not happened by accident. And the blame lies at the hands of the globalist elite, which i will not go in to. And not only will i never feel loyalty to them or any society they subjugate, but i pray for their utter destruction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither do I and I am English back through to the 1700's.

And not only will i never feel loyalty to them or any society they subjugate, but i pray for their utter destruction.

So do I.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Estavisti said...

I totally agree. The British "zasluge" to my family are similarly honourable and praiseworthy. Despite living here for almst 15 years, I will never be British, and will probably leave as soon as I graduate. Even now, the mere thought that I'm paying various taxes to this warmongering state makes me sick. It's like paying to be mugged...

12:08 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Dont worry this society has lost all its values and its rotten to the core, its on its deathbed. The key thing is though not just to know just what you stand against, but what you stand for. Thats why secular Europeans are intimidated by Muslims because they can see a belief and conviction which is absent within them. Struggle is a blessing and an honour, and it will be what prompts people to search out the truth and act on it.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a take on what real English folk have on this issue as i am in the same situation as Nikola who is a dear life long friend and brother of mine.
The message here i think is that its recognising that God is the only solution to whatever problem, and this is a pretty huge problem.
Much praise goes to `estavisti` and the anonymous Englishman for their comments!
Help bring back orthodoxy to our respective lands and we will be saved no doubt!!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! Great thanks for advocating the truth and saluting from Serbia! Namesake("Freelander")

3:15 PM  
Blogger shieldwall said...

I am a proud Englishman and Briton and I would rather die than hand my nation over to ANY foreign race,if you are nationalists then surely this is our goal for our respective countries.Regarding England and Britain,YES,it is in a degenerative state,BUT,it is far from dead,and that makes me fight harder,UNTIL,we have won the war and taken it back to its past greatness.I am a born and bred Devonian(Plymouth)and unfortunately we are seeing the effects of this stinking multiracial idea and it is ruining a beautiful part of England that I love,and I say TO HELL WITH THEIR IDEALS,WE DONT WANT THEM,so for Gods sake people, fight back!.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that I am late but I will leave my comment for the sake of posterity. As a Serb in the diaspora, I have no loyalty to the west or western governments at all. They are nothing more than imperialists and oppressors!

3:44 AM  
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