Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Multicultural farce in modern day Britain

Ok modern day Britain is getting more bizarre by the day. Lancashire Police constabulary is now providing RE lessons, only regarding Islam though. Visitors to their website are greeted by a banner declaring 'Eid Mubarak', and offering more information regarding this muslim festival.
Manchester police have been told not to arrest muslims during prayer times at Ramadan! So thats five slots in the day that muslim criminals can commit crimes and have some bonus get away time.
And to top it off, muslims dont just get preferential treatment before theyre arrested, but also when theyre in jail! Yesterday marked the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Muslim prisoners were all given specially prepared food to celebrate the day and received an extra £1 phone credit and a special gift. Needless to say when an indiginous British prisoner asked if Christians were given an extra £1 phone credit and gifts at Christmas or Easter, the answer was a predictable "no".
This country has been systematically raped, at least since the second world war, of all its traditional beliefs, values, virtues and culture. They have been told by the powers that be that they should embrace secularism, democracy, immigration and multiculturalism. Theyve been told that religion is backward, that the entire purpose to our existance is captured by the expression 'standard of living', in other words chasing after material riches. Now after all of this brainwashing theyve realised that their multicultural formula doesnt add up. The mass immigration they so keenly espoused has brought with it immigrants that dont fit their secular atheistic ideal for society. Theyve imported peoples that have allegiance to their own tribe and faith more than a government whose country they only entered for economic reasons. So now in a pathetic panic-stricken frenzy the establishment are doing their utmost to appease these immigrants and muslims in particular. Though the initial reaction is to feel resentment towards the muslims, it is towards the liberal elite that created this abomination of a society that our angers should be directed. If it was not for them, the immigrants would not be in this country, yet alone be getting special treatment.


Blogger John1975 said...

yea, I don't understand this either!

I say fuck the Muslims and their childish rage over stupid cartoons and wanting to cut my head off and the heads of my children off in their cause to rule the world.

I get angry when people treat them different out of fear of offending them. Fuck that! If they can't take a few insults like everyone else they go to hell for all I care.


3:19 AM  
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