Thursday, May 08, 2008

Election appeal

These days I am pre-occupied with matters on a number of different fronts, hence the lack of posts. However I feel compelled to write an entry, given that there will be a general election in Serbia the day after tomorrow. I don't wish to overly dramatize the significance of this election. Even if Tadic's block loses, there will be many greater tests that the Serbian people will have to face in the future.

One interesting aspect of these elections is the tactic that Tadic's coalition is using: the politics of fear. Many living in the West will notice that this accusation is often aimed at right-wing anti-immigration parties. They are usually accused of whipping up fear of immigrants. Meanwhile the mainstream politicians contrast themselves as optimists because they refuse to see the inherent weaknesses of their social experiment. However in the Serbian case, one notices that Tadic's campaign is based on the fear of isolation, sanctions, economic collapse and war. Western media outlets impartially report that Milosevic's 'loyalists' are set to score a victory. They invoke the memory of a dead man from another political party in order to try to tarnish the Radical party. Otpor, the Western-funded youth movement which helped carry out the coup against Milosevic, and then went on to assist revolts in the Ukraine and Georgia, is quoted as saying that 'darkness could again prevail'.

Tadic's recent signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU exposes his claim that he will defend the territorial integrity of Serbia. One would expect, at the very least (even from a pro-EU politician), that there should be no agreement signed with the EU until their stance on Kosovo is resolved. Tadic obtained no concession whatsoever which clearly indicates that given the choice between the EU and Kosovo, he chooses the EU. Actions speak louder than words. Any patriotic rhetoric from him about Kosovo being an integral part of Serbia should be seen as worthless and contradictory. Clearly he only says these things because he knows full well that he would be unelectable if he did not. Like this, he misles just enough people to give him a shot at victory.

Recently we celebrated Orthodox Easter. Every Serbian church across the globe was required to read out a statement which, among other things, contained the following passage:

A strange civilization of globalization is being created according to the measure of deformed moral values, that is, immorality, without the yeast which gives human life eternal meaning. Such a civilization which is in direct opposition to the Resurrected Christ and His Gospel cannot survive.

Being mindful of this, let us be wise and cautious when we approach this strange table of worldly offers and delights. Let us choose wisely only that which is worthy of Christ; let us choose that which is worthy of our calling and dignity. Let us refuse all that is of pseudo-civilization, distorted and inhuman, just as Christ refused all the offers of the Devil: if you bow down to me all this that you see will be yours! We know the true answer: It is written: serve only God, and to Him only bow down!

Brother and sisters, I do not presume to tell you who to vote for. But I beseech you not to vote for anyone that idolizes this 'strange civilization of globalization' with 'deformed moral values'. A civilization that saw fit to bomb us numerous times. A civilization that now offers us membership to their progressive club if only we renounce our most sacred territory. Those who aspire to this civilization are unworthy of consideration.

Our St. Nikolai once remarked:

Serbian open-heartedness often transformed itself into weakness. And a great and deadly weakness- into servility.

Let us not be lead either by fear or a naive open-heartedness.
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