Monday, July 02, 2007

It's red faces all round over EU's dirty movie

Just when I thought I couldn't detest the EU any more than I already did...

The European Union has turned to shock tactics in its latest bid for self-promotion... making its own dirty video. In a bid to boost interest in the workings of the EU, the communications commission have made a video of 18 couples having sex.
The promotional 44-second video, posted on the website YouTube, opens with a man and a woman stripping each other naked. The video shows 18 couples having sex in an unusual bid to promote the workings of the European Union. What follows are a series of bed-rocking scenes, with sweaty passionate clinches in all manner of positionings. Two gay couples are included in the interests of sexual equality.
The highly charged scenes are interchanged with snaps of bottles rattling on a shelf and an egg on toast shaking under a grill. The film, entitled "Film Lovers Will Love This", finishes with the couples' orgasms and the double entendre "Let's come together".
It then tells the audience "Millions of cinema lovers enjoy European films... every year. Europe supports European films".
But not everyone who has watched the video, found it amusing. Maciej Giertych, an MEP with the League of Polish Families said the EU was using "immoral methods".
Godfrey Bloom, a UKIP MEP, said: "I suppose this film is appropriate. The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years."
All sorts of couples are featured being intimate as part of the dirty video on YouTube. Wallstrom's spokesman said: "What can I say? It's a question of taste. It doesn't always have to be about press releases. These clips explain better what the EU is doing."
The video was compiled by the commission's press unit, using footage from films Amelie and All About My Mother. It is part of a campaign by Margot Wallstrom, the communications commissioner, as one of 44 posted to promote the EU. Other subjects covered are less risque, covering reform of the common market organisation for sugar and the EU's anti-fraud office.

Source: Daily Mail

The youtube clip can be seen here
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Blogger SOD14 said...

The EU is the last bastion of Jewish communism in Europe. Unfortunately it is a huge monster. Here in the UK regionalisation will ensure that electing councilors etc will be a waste of time. Their intent to centralize everything is overwhelming.

The fact that they are using pornography to promote their agenda is no surprise. Jew is as Jew does.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What else would we expect from the filth and perverts that seem to be running the Western world?, where decency is treated with contempt, and abnormality and depravity celebrated??.

4:50 PM  

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