Wednesday, February 14, 2007

EU leaders would clearly prefer a dictatorship

"If a referendum had been held on the creation of the European Community or the introduction of the euro, do you think these would have passed?"
The above statement was made by the President of the European Commission, Jose Barroso. He was moaning about how the new secular EU constitution has to be ratified by each member country. As the Brussels Journal comments: 'democracy can be such a pain'!
This comes after a quote from Frank Walter Steinmeier, the German Foreign Minister, in The Financial Times, 26 January 2007:
"It would be good if in countries where elections are due that the EU Constitution doesn’t become such a central topic where firm political positions are taken".
These comments clearly show complete disregard for democracy. The elite thinks it knows whats best and will use any means necessary to push through their plans. That includes bypassing referendums, hiding information and misleading people. They drone on about democracy, they couldnt even spell the word.


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