Monday, January 29, 2007

News roundup

I thought Id do a news summary of some of the stories that grabbed my attention in the past week or so. Starting with France, a member of the French Socialist party has been expelled for saying that there are too many blacks in the French football team. Using the moronic logic of the professional 'anti-racists', to be found further down this entry, I could claim that the French football association is racist because blacks are disproportionately more likely to play football for France. But seeing as I accept reality, I can see that there may well be some genetic or social reasons which lead blacks to be more likely to become footballers in France (just as there may be similar reasons that they are more likely to be stopped and searched in some inner city areas in Britain). That would of course make 'reality' racist, if we are to be consistent in the way we use the word 'racist'. Having said that the issue here is that these footballers, good though they may be, are not French and do not represent France. The issue of national teams using mercenaries seems to be cropping up all over Europe, even in places you wouldn’t expect. Greece has a black basketball player, Russia an American one, the Croatian football team a Brazilian etc etc. A piece of plastic does not change ones ethnicity!Coinciding with the sacking of this politician, a poll has shown that one third of French people are at least somewhat racist. In translation, that means one third of French people are willing to admit that they value their own ethnic group and heritage more than that of others. Hardly a surprising finding. If you surveyed Muslims in France I’m sure that you would find that they have only secondary loyalty and solidarity (if any) to France and French people, their primary loyalty lies with the Ummah and their Muslim brethren. Funny how the survey insinuates that its somehow morally wrong to favour your own group, but only voices concern about the natives. I should think the French are sick about not only about having this social experiment imposed on them, but then being told to appreciate it. I remember last year a charity was attacked for providing pork soup (traditional French food) to homeless people because it couldn’t be eaten by Muslims. Well what about charities that provide meat, which cant be eaten by vegetarians, or Muslim charities that provide Halal food that cant be eaten by those who don’t want to endorse animal suffering? People should have the right to be charitable to whomever they want. And its not immoral to provide first for your own, just as its not immoral to put your family ahead of your neighbours.
Moving on to Britain, the Daily Mail claimed Tony Blair was showing signs of losing his grip on reality yesterday as he claimed that the past 18 months had been his finest while in power! Personally I think he lost whatever grip he may have had a long time ago. Quite frankly the chickens are coming home to roost. He and his corrupt band of opportunists are being investigated in the ‘cash for honours’ enquiry in which they were giving away peerages in return for loans. Some democracy when a wad of cash will buy you entry into the House of Lords. Then we have the unravelling disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan, pointless and unjust wars, based not on honest mistakes but lies. And as for the Home Office it seems they couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. Not only do we have countless dangerous criminals including paedophiles and terrorists on the run, but we don’t even know how many. And the reason is because of the ‘open prison’ system. WTF is the word ‘open’ doing next to the word ‘prison’? That might provide a clue as to the problem! The prison crisis in Bliars utopia, could all be solved in an instant: deport the 11000 foreign criminals clogging up the system (for a start). The result of all this is that paedophiles are not being sent to jail because theres not enough space!
After paying compensation to criminals for not giving them drugs while in prison, and paying school children to attend school, the latest big idea is to give drug addicts TVs, iPods and other assorted goodies if they can kick their habit. The lunatics are clearly in charge of the asylum (quite literally in the case of the open prisons).
And the polically correct fanatics are still whining about 'racist' police tactics. There is no more PC institution in the UK, so if they can be accused of racism anyone can. Supposedly 'stop and search' is racist because it targets black people disproportionately. Well if black areas have disproportionately more crime, for whatever reason, its not surprising that black people are more likely to be searched. I guess the law of probability is racist. In that case maybe the anti-terrorist unit should set up a branch in a remote island off the coast of Scotland. Even if theres zero crime, at least we'll be diverting resources from 'oppressing' people that are more likely to commit crime. Check out the ethnicity of the six men who were accused of plotting to bomb London. They all look very (for lack of a better word) foreign. Now we know that Muslims (predominantly Pakistanis, Africans and Arabs) are more likely to commit a terrorist attack (by a factor of at least a thousand), so it would be ludicrous not to use racial, religious, or any other statistically relevant profiling. And politically incorrect crime statistics can be found all over Europe. For example in Holland, asylum seekers are more than 3 times as likely to commit a crime than Dutch citizens. Is it therefore surprising or racist that they are more likely to be searched?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Logic/reason vs PC, as opposed to logic/reason > PC.

Strange world, and the people in it even stranger, apparently.

10:11 AM  
Blogger montecristo said...

There are many native French who voiced there opinion about the French World cup team. In fact the only true whole bred French was a blond haired sub who no one ever mentioned. The fairer skinned players, Barthez was half-Spanish and Zidane of course was born in Marseille but is actually an Arab.This came to display later when he was insulted as a terrorist and responded in violent fashion,thus letting down the whole of France. In fact I know of many French who wouldn't watch it for the very reasons you mentioned.

6:53 PM  
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