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The EU has just sent a high level delegation to Serbia to 'press' the Serbian government to take part 'positively' regarding UN talks on the future of Kosovo. I dont take kindly to the United Nations meddling into the internal affairs of my country, but I take even less kindly to the EU poking its nose in. We're not even part of the EU. Who do these arrogant bastards think they are. Does Serbia send special envoys to tell Spain to allow the Basques to have independance. Do we threaten them with withdrawal of an assortment of economic goodies if they dont play ball. And they send Javier Solana NATO's former secretary general no less. NATO is another western organisation of which Serbia is not a member. They did more than just poke their noses, they bombed Serbia and annexed Kosovo 8 years ago. This guy was NATO secretary general during the bombing. Now he has the cheek to show up and play the role of some benevolent diplomat, an honest broker trying to coax a fair solution for everyone concerned. His German sidekick who accompanied him said:
"We are hoping for the decisiveness on the difficult issue of Kosovo. It is now important that this agreement will create stability in the Balkans"
In other words, they've had enough of creating conflicts in the Balkans, its time to create a stable environment for their foreign investments. They are in the last stages of creating a bunch of impotent banana republics incapable of resisting their globalisation and imperial economic takeover.
The UN envoys draft proposal on Kosovos status is predictable. He offers the Kosovo Albanians independance in all but name and then pretends its a compromise. Supposedly a consitution, armed forces, flag, anthem and membership of organisations such as the UN is not independance.
Kosovo has never in history been a state, there has never even been a Kosovan nation. It seems that its within international law for the Albanians to colonise a province, breed like bunny rabbits, and then use violent means to break away. So tell me where is the incentive to allow foreign immigrants into your country? That Orwellian catch phrase 'diversity is our strength' is again being exposed for the fraudulent fantasy that it is. And another thing, it shows the flawed nature of democracy. Any Serb that believes in democracy must believe in independance for Kosovo. Truly the majority of the inhabitants of that province want independance. According to 'democracy', native populations can be over-ruled and trodden upon, just because the majority of immigrants want it that way. All that matters is relative numbers. Ancestral claims, historic claims, legal rights, the constitution, they all go out of the window. In a multicultural democratic state you get morality by numbers. Whoever is in the majority calls the shots. And as for minority rights, they only count for immigrants while they are in the minority. Once they become the majority, minority rights aren't needed any more. The picture on the left sums up the situation. An Albanian pissing over the entrance of a burnt out Serbian Church, with UCK (KLA) scrawled on the walls. The only thing thats missing is Javier Solana in the background asking us to be complicit in our own humiliation.


Blogger Estavisti said...

You forgot a key point - not only was our sovereignty illegally violated, in contravention of NATO's own charter, and without UN approval, but that their flagrant disregard of their own rules as well as international law was based a false premise - "genocide" by "the Serbs" against the Albanian population.

Hundreds or tens of thousands dead Albanians - FALSE. Albanians being chucked down the Trepca mineshafts by the genocidal Serbs - FALSE. Albanians being rounded up to be killed in Pristina Stadium - FALSE. The fact that these things have been shown to be complete bullshit doesn't stop the media implying or explicitly claiming them to be true, to this day (I read it all the time).

Interestingly, all the left-wing "liberal" "humanists" who opposed the war in Iraq because "we were led to war on a lie" are either strangely silent when it comes to Kosovo, or brimming with unseemly enthusiasm based on some bizarre anti-Serbian animus. Attitudes which would be unacceptable when directed towards any other nation or race were and are perfectly acceptable when directed at Serbs. Remember this by Friedman in the NY Times? - "Like it or not, we are at war with the Serbian nation (the Serbs certainly think so), and the stakes have to be very clear: Every week you ravage Kosovo is another decade we will set your country back by pulverizing you. You want 1950? We can do 1950. You want 1389? We can do 1389 too." Also, Serbia is often referred to as "the Serbs", some collective Borg-like entity which we are lead to believe is "ultranationalist", “hard-line”, “uncompromising” and guilty of multiple "genocides".

It's important to realise that the bombing of Serbia set the stage for the present US doctrine - "we can do whatever the fuck we like, whenever the fuck we like, to whomsoever we fucking choose". Now it's routine to attack a country every couple of years - Afghanistan and Iraq are by no means the end of it. They're currently slowly whipping up support for an attack on or an invasion of Iran, complete with all the usual trappings - lies, disregard for their own rules, whipping up public support through propaganda in the mass media, and intransigence (while claiming the other side is hard-line(!)). Oh, and hypocrisy and conflicts of interest play a big part too.

Which brings us back to Kosovo. "Serbs reject UN plan" - sounds pretty hard-line, right? The UN plan was drawn up by the "impartial" UN representative Marti Ahtisaari, who also happens to be the Chairman Emeritus of the International Crisis Group, a cabal diplomats and politicians who have appointed themselves to conduct "high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict", who have been vociferously lobbying for an independent Kosovo! This organisation also includes General Wesley Clark, commander of the NATO forces which bombed Serbia. How impartial is that?

The final blow is that many Serbs have sadly started to believe the anti-Serbian propaganda of the last two decades, rationalising the clinically psychopathic behaviour of the US and its lackeys, most notably Britain and Germany. Mammoth comment I know, but if it opens one person's eyes I'll be happy.

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Blogger Nikola said...

Excellent point well made. Dont worry there will be posts in the future regarding their nebulous 'genocide' claims. Just like they lied in Bosnia, they lied in Kosovo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading more about this. Keep up the good work, Nikola.

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Blogger The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

intersting article nilolai - i look forward to your further blogs on this charade.

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Blogger The Green Arrow said...

The way the Serb people have been treated is atrocious. The majority of the people in the UK did not and still do not understand the truth.

Germany's behaviour along with that of NATO was disgusting.

Now we are facing our own Balkanisation in the U.K., the British people might wake up.

Good Luck

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