Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas in Britain

Its the run up to Christmas and, as could be anticipated, if you took away all the shiny material objects made from cheap crap from China you wouldnt know it. The government, local councils, schools and the media are doing their very best to undermine any spiritual substance common folk might find in Christmas in all sort of ways. The atheist attack dog that is Richard Dawkins was wheeled out multiple times last weekend to repeat his repetitive arguments on why there is no evidence for God, why Christianity is 'nasty'etc. This guy is the no1 man that the media turn to when they need an atheist (which is quite often). If he was better looking (and less bitter) theyd probably give him his own tv show. He claimed his militant atheism is supposedly based on a love of truth, but he promptly contradicted himself (I suppose he didnt want it to seem like he was a party pooper) by claiming he was a 'cultural Christian'. Sometime I'll post some criticism of mine regarding his favourite arguments.
A Christmas party I had to endure (work related) was in a bizarre restaurant which seemed to double up as a night club half way through the evening. Before I could even get my main course down me theyd wheeled out a DJ complete with all his equipment and were pumping out so much noise pollution I couldnt hear the girl next to me speak. Then they opened up the doors to non-diners and started moving away the tables to make room for a makeshift dancefloor. 20 minutes later it looked like an Ibiza nightclub with Christmas decorations, and a few shell-shocked diners left over. As a few drunk slappers prepared to mount a nearby table to gyrate to the jungle beats I beat a hasty retreat through the mass of pissed and drugged up clubbers. It was actually quite a surreal sight, and I might have stayed longer, if only to observe my work colleagues making fools of themselves. As it was, Id been training in the gym earlier in the day and was not in the mood to inhale copious amounts of nicotine, or deprive my body of rest. Incidentally my local gym considers it appropriate to play songs with lyrics like 'I love pussy, shave that pussy' while people work out. I wouldnt have thought its appropriate 'musical' material for any time of the year, yet alone Christmas time. There were numerous women around as well at the time.
I thought Id gather up some of the more interesting Christmas related stories:
First up, an example of what happens when foreign ethnic groups form enclaves, and then the locals bend over backwards trying to appease them because they're so scared of offending them. In this case the English head teacher of an 80% Muslim school removed the 'virgin' from Mary for Christmas celebrations so as not to offend Muslims. She clearly has no faith or she would never have sanctioned this. But what is even more embarrasing is that she has no knowledge about Islam, and it was the Muslims she was trying to placate. Muslims also believe Jesus was born from an immaculate conception. Why Jesus, a supposedly lesser prophet, was given that honour but Mohammed wasnt is one of the many bizarre contradictions of Islam, but the fact remains that this teacher was clueless. The story is here. Another school decided to axe its Christmas play altogether in favour of a celebration of a range of different faiths, including Judaism or Hinduism.
A local council will withdraw funding of a toddlers group unless it stops singing Christian songs, especially those about Jesus! No sign of any Christmas spirit, infact the yob culture is alive and well, here is a story about a local Santa being ambushed by youths who hurled missiles and swore at him. I laughed when I first read it but its quite sad really.
Speaking of Santa's, a German retail chain withdrew Santa Claus statuettes after shoppers complained that they looked as though they were giving a Hitler salute. A pic of the Santa's saluting in tight formation can be seen here.
We were going to have another crass multi-cultural gimmick from channel 4 featuring a Muslim woman in full niqab giving the broadcaster's alternative Christmas message. It seems the woman in question has stepped down after she saw the reaction to the announcement. But seeing as dozens of women in niqabs applied for the role Im sure they can come up with another one in time to save the day.
Aside from all the usual pc nonsense, this years BNP Christmas message was recorded from the Hebridean island of Iona, a key location in the establishment of the Christian tradition in these islands and a very special place at the centre of early Scottish political life; it is the burial grounds of kings and queens from Scotland, Ireland and Norway, a place of homage and reverence. In the 15 minute video, Nick Griffin gives some history of the island and reminds viewers about the erosion of the Christian tradition together with the replacement of the indigenous British population. The BNPtv clip can be downloaded here for those with broadband connections.
Oh and good news finally: David Irving has been released from jail in Austria.


Blogger The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

some good points. Would you mind if i used a little of your material with a link back?
Tony -

11:09 AM  
Blogger editor said...

As far as Richard Dawkins is concerned, he is amusing as a lot of his arguments, if not all, carry no weight whatsoever. Thus, I find him comical and the only thing that is sad, is that many lost sheep follow his 'road to nowhere' approach and make his new book a bestseller.

As far as the school plays are concerned, I find it ridiculous that schools are censoring nativity plays. If I ever send my child to a school, it shall be a Christian school not afraid of political correctness. Thats the trouble thses days. That headteacher commited a fallacy that many have commited before her, and many still do. The fact is, that many people mistake impartiality for political correctness which I think is absurd.

Perhaps next Christmas they'll be casting plays about how Mohammed went through Arabia banging little girls, having epileptic fits and forcing people to convert to Islam.

However, there is one positive aspect of all of these attempted diversions that arises: It only makes faith of those Christians, who already believe, stronger as they strive to defend their faith- be it by confronting the perpetratos, or by simply dismissing the diversions and moving on.

Excellent clip by Nick Griffin. I heard also that there are quite a few Orthodox establishments also in IONA.

And it is good news that Irving has been released. However, it is a shame that it only happened after claiming he was "mistaken".

11:12 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Feel free tony...

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Nicola (and others). May the new year bring us many better things.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Merry Christmas to you too Mr.Smith!:)

11:14 AM  

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