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The Infamous March

The Serbian political establishment together with the media have really outdone themselves this time. Even Serbian patriot's have been taken in, to the point that they are condemning the march for Serbian unity and saying nothing of the assorted enemies of the Serbian nation that were treated like VIP's when they turned up to promote their seperatist, globalist and homosexual agenda.
The banding around of the word's 'neo-nazi's' and 'fascist's' as a means to win an argument is an old but effective one. People who think that those word's win an argument don't have an argument.
Obraz has been officially declared a clero-fascistic organisation. The implication being that they advocate some kind of totalitarian theocracy. For one, I'd rather live in a totalitarian theocracy than a puppet pseudo-democratic liberal rump state run by re-packaged communist's subservient to the ideal's of globalism. Secondly Obraz does not advocate fascism and those that claim otherwise but never bother defining the word deserve to be ignored. The Novi Sad branch of Anti-fascist Action, one's of the group's that organised the counter-march on Sunday show what intellectual level they are on by perverting Obraz's symbol, Christ's monogram, with the word 'Penis'.
Another organiser was the seperatist politician Nenad Canak whose rant on Fox TV last week can be seen here. He prides himself on his father who fought for the communist's and states that there are no Serbs left in Krajina due to the Nazi policies of Serbs there!
Anyway back to Sunday. Police threw up multiple cordons. All road's leading into Novi Sad were heavily policed, as were railway station's around Vojvodina. Of course that was all for the Nazis, the NGO's bussed people across Serbia to the 'anti-fascist rally' without interference.
Slovenian's planning to attend the March for Unity were stopped from entering Serbia. Serb TV viewer's were informed that Nazi banner's were found and confiscated. In fact the organiser of the march say's that police confiscated Serbian flag's and banner's proclaiming 'Serbian and Slovenian friendship'. You might accuse him of lying, but it makes no sense. Firstly all those that made it to the march had exclusively Serbian flag's. Secondly if he was prepared for people carrying swastikas to arrive at the march, why would he not be prepared to admit that people that had been apprehended enroute had been found with swastikas.
That bring's us to the question of what emblem's were on display on Sunday. Amongst the rank's of the so-called anti-fascist's: gay flag's, Vojvodina flag's, and EU flag's were on display! And not one Serbian flag. Not one. What were the so-called fascist's carrying...nothing but Serbian flags! So on the one hand all thing's anti-Serb, and on the other nothing but that which is Serb. Does that not tell you everything you need to know?
Next we have the absurd accusation that the few member's of Nacionalni Stroj that actually got through the road block's into Novi Sad physically attacked thousand's of peaceful 'anti-fascist's'. I knew this was complete rubbish the moment I heard it. I can believe that they would retaliate if attacked, but to attack first when you have been demonised for week's and pleaded that you are not violent and deserve to hold a march. And to do so when vastly outnumbered. Only a complete imbecile would do that. Why bother trying to put across your point to the media in the week's prior to the event and then start throwing bottles the moment you get there? Again look at the picture's that can be found across the net. We see so-called anti-fascist's masked and carrying banner's with incitements to violence. And we see the so-called fascist's unmasked and with no provocative banner's. We see 'fascist's' giving the traditional three-fingered Serbian greeting and we see the 'anti-fascist's' responding to Serbdom with a middle finger. This event was known about for week's in advance. It was crawling with media, but I have seen not one picture of the so-called fascist's throwing anything. Yet we have multitude's of pictures of them doing nothing but waving a Serbian flag and being arrested. What happened to the bit in the middle, did all the camera-men go for a coffee break? On B92, that bastion of extreme-liberalism, they tell us that the majority of those arrested were seig-heiling. Yet the one picture they have of anyone supposedly sieg-heiling is in fact a youth giving the aforementioned three-fingered Serbian greeting.
What happened is the following. When the march was cancelled Goran Davidovic announced that a protest demonstration would be held at the place where the march was supposed to begin. Knowing this, the police predictably cordoned off this area. The 60 or so members of Nacionalni Stroj that made it to the centre gathered in the garden of a beerhouse overlooking the Danube. It was here that the 'anti-fascist' march stopped, with only a fence seperating the two sides. On Sunday the entire media machine was saying that Nacionalni Stroj attacked the marcher's. Only now is it coming out that they were themselves attacked with bottles. This story in Politika confirm's this:

Сукоб је избио у тренутку кад је поворка, на чијем су челу били Ненад Чанак, Чедомир Јовановић, Жарко Кораћ и Бојан Костреш, пролазила поред „Пивнице”, у чијој башти је седело неколико десетина неонациста, који су подигнутом десном руком узвикивали „Војводина је Србија” и „Убиј педера”. Узвраћено им је повицима „Уа фашисти” и „Смрт фашизму”, после чега су чланови Националног строја пришли огради. Из колоне, која је кренула да ода пошту жртвама фашистичке рације на Дунавском кеју, преко кордона жандармерије која је стала између две стране, полетеле су пластичне флаше.

The Novi Sad Police Chief has also reacted to claim's that he should have arrested member's of Nacionalni Stroj sooner, saying that he had no legal basis for which to arrest them while they were sitting peacefully in the beerhouse.
Here I find he also said the following:

Krstić je rekao "da je policije bilo u dovoljnom broju i da je ona mogla da interveniše tek kada su se stekli zakonski uslovi za to", odnosno tek kada je počela obostrana provokacija i fizički obračun dve grupe kod ograde Doma vojske. Prema njegovim rečima, Davidović i ostali okupljeni u Domu vojske nisu pravili nered, a policija "ne može da postupa selektivno jer bi time prekršila njihova ljudska prava".

For those non-Serb's following these event's it basically say's: that the police were waiting to pounce, had no excuse, but that the moment 'provocation's and physical confrontation' between the 2 group's started they went in.....just on the fascist's. This passage avoid's saying explicitly who started the whole affair. It also hint's that 'provocation's' were enough of a reason for the police to go in. In other word's getting up out of your seat's, waving a Serbian flag, and shouting 'Serbia' is a provocation if you have thousand's of seperatist's on the other side of the fence. This video's not great, but give's an idea of the situation moment's before police went in. A few dozen people up against a fence, shouting 'Serbia', facing off with thousand's of 'anti-fascist's' on the other side.
As for Obraz, their member's gathered at the main church but were stopped by the police from linking up with Nacionalni Stroj, who were by that point being arrested.
We have NGO's, the gay right's movement, Cedomir Jovanovic of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Vojvodina seperatist's, supporter's of the EU, and masked 'anti-fascist' thug's parading the street's in number's. Look at the lobby group's that influenced our puppet government to ban the march. If the media is allowed to demonise the people that stand up to them, it present's Canak and his gang as normal, even heroic. People: the media is in enemy hands, do not accept what it say's at face value. Have a look at what we are being asked to believe. I don't have all the fact's but I do know that some of the main thrust's of the media story can be picked apart quite easily. People arrested on the Bulgarian, Croatian, and Hungarian border's with Nazi material, people arrested in Belgrade with such material. Yet noone at the actual march had any such material. It seem's to me that this is an attempt by the real extremist's to try and deflect attention from themselves onto someone else. ________________________________________________

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Blogger Srba said...

Not that I'm not disgusted at the reaction of pretty much everybody, but questions jusr arise. This looks like a set-up to me, I can't help but feel that way...And why are there so many people in Vojvodina who are allowed to get away with seperatism? If that is the state of the province then i fear it's gone...this is ridiculous. Why are the Serbs alowing this to happen, they need to take to the streets in numbers, just like in Burma, and we'll see what a liberal government does about it. This is outright sickening, I thought they were actually fascists, or are they? Are they just being labeled that way...don't know what to think, the best thing to do is take to the streets of Novi Sad from the rest of Serbia to outnumber the police and take those fags Ceda and Canak out into the street and hostage. I see no other way to resolve anything, i think we will be laughed at, and laughed at until we de-commision the clowns. Seriously, "Gay flags"??? WTF, my national state has really lost it's marbles, this isn't funny I know i'm ranting and haven't used proper punctuation in this article, but this systematic genocide on the Serbian people has gone far enough. First Bosnians then Montenegrins and now Vojvodinians will be recognised nationalities. The dills of the world today don't know what the term nation means. What's ours we must take back, fast!

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