Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To Kosovo!

Source: Serbian Unity Congress

Actions always speak louder than words. Prime Minister Kostunica, President Tadic and our Patriarch Pavle must recognize the essential difference between the inspiring example of brave WWI King Peter who stayed WITH his men in their Golgotha across Albania to emerge as the victor of the war, and the instructive example of the foreign-influenced, naive King Peter II, who spent WWII far away in "friendly" England only to lose his kingdom.

If Serbia's leaders move to go and live in Kosovo regardless of any "KosovA" declaration, they will inspire every Serb now there to remain and many others, including me, to come to Kosovo. It was like this that Joan of Arc (Jovanka Orleanka) inspired and saved France, which was in a much worse predicament than Serbia today. But if Serbia's leaders stay in Belgrade and tell the defenseless Serbs in Kosovo "you stay THERE, trust us, we are supporting you from HERE," they have much less chance of succeeding.

A single, clear message must reach the ears of those in power: Lead from the front, not the rear, and your nation will follow you proudly and without fear of betrayal.

Neither the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) nor the planned illegal EU police mission have any authority to physically eject Serbs from Kosovo, because doing so would explicitly violate Security Council Resolution 1244. Their only strategy therefore is to pray for a repeat of the Serbian exodus from Krajina... once the Serbs are gone, they are convinced that the "problem" will be gone forever. Most people, Serbs included, will normally flee from apparent mortal danger unless they are inspired to stand firm by wise and brave leaders. History is rich with the proofs that, when bravely led by even one man at the right place and the right time, any nation can rise up and win any battle.

A further failure by Serb leaders to lead by example would only serve agents of defeat seeking to undermine from within our immortal bond to Kosovo. Just as the saying goes, "possession is nine tenths of the law" -- the physical presence in Kosovo of Serbia's national leaders is the key to winning this struggle for survival. It is both our most effective and our most peaceful possible defense.

But only if this cry for leadership spreads among our nation, amplified by the media and the Internet, can we succeed. This national appeal must come to our Serbian leaders not from any one individual, but simultaneously, from all sides, from the entire people, from the beating heart of every living Serb, reasserting the eternal rights won by our martyr Lazar and all our other heroes who have given their lives for the Serbian heartland of Kosovo...

Summoned by our entire nation and protected by our God of justice (Boze pravde), our leaders need merely to arrive and sit down in Kosovo in order to checkmate the illegal, immoral and ultimately doomed effort to amputate the heart of the Serbian people.

This appeal to our Serbian leaders must find its way to them through every possible channel...
Spread the call: To Kosovo!

John Bosnitch
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Blogger Deucaon said...

Kostunica and Tadic are politicians, not soldiers. I cannot imagine them leading the armed forces of the country or risking their lives in Kosovo. I understand that a leader must suffer along with his or her people but we have to be realistic, those two are just not brave enough.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Nikola said...

Bosnitch was suggesting that the leaders should live there, move some state institutions and encourage resettlement. I don't think he was suggesting that they lead the army into battle!

3:27 PM  
Blogger -=IMAGINOS=- said...

Serbian Brothers, Greeks will be always on your side.

Greetings from Athens, Greece.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its sad that colonisation still has not stopped since Cubrilovic's plans.
Dosnt bosnich get it that it was Serbias colonisation that got it this far down>?

3:38 PM  

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