Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our most loyal allies

Found this story over at the Serb-Hellenic Forum. Basically it's about a Greek unit stationed at a Serb monastery in Kosovo.
The nun that is interviewed either had her word's taken slightly out of context or was being overly diplomatic when she said:

“After the arrival of Nato (in Kosovo), 168 churches were destroyed,” said Mother Makaria. “If it wasn’t for Nato, they would have all been destroyed.”

If it wasn't for Nato, there wouldn't be a need for anyone to protect any monasteries in the first place, since they would be protected by the Serbian army.
Though she's spot on when she say's:

“God will decide what happens with Kosovo, and everyone will have to accept His will.”

Personally I don't think we deserve it right now. Not that the Albanian's do, but we should really know better. A people losing it's soul doesn't deserve it's spiritual heartland. It's much better that we suffer to the point of repentance and then get Kosovo, rather than be granted it in this fallen state, and then pretend that everything's ok because we've got a piece of land even though people's soul's are rotting.

Also while browsing through the Serb Liberation blog I found this interview with a Greek volunteer who fought in the Bosnian Serb Army during the Bosnian war. Asked why he'd recently published a book about his experience's he said:

So this history doesn't remain forgotten, too; so it's not lost. So that it appears that at one time, some Greeks went over there. So that a deposit is left to future generations, on how when people are bold and want something, they can achieve it. As long as they love their country.

His action's testify to the fact that the bond between our people's is not some formal political alliance of convenience between 2 states. He went and fought as a volunteer of his own free will, as a representative of the Greek people to the Serbian people. Even when our government's are incapable of doing what is right in the interest's of our own people's, we still can and must act. _____________________________________________
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Blogger Hellenian said...

I only pray that, should another war break out (over Kosovo, for instance), Hellenes will once again stand beside our Serb brothers.

I also agree with your sentiments regarding being granted victories in times of great decadence. Too many nationalists, sadly, do not understand that unless spiritual progress is first made, national progress will never be made. There's a reason why it took centuries for us to free ourselves from the Turks. The reason Greece is losing in every single front attests to the great darkness that has befallen our nation.

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