Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Belgrade book fair sparks race protest

Source: iafrica

I had a feeling as soon as I read the headline that the book's in question were those written by Ratibor Djurdjevic, who I link to. I love how the local Federation of Jewish Communities says:

"It's a bittersweet irony that, exactly at the time of this fair, its the 20th anniversary of the death of Italian writer Primo Levi, a Jew and victim of the Holocaust"

No its not ironic at all, given that there were millions of survivor's, hundred's of which have some degree of fame. Had the book fair been on any other day of the year they could have said exactly the same thing. Just like whenever there's a march, it's always ironic that it was some Nazi's birthday, or it was some historically significant day. As a Christian I might open up my church calendar every time I see something I don't like going on and say, isn't it ironic that it's on the day of Saint so-and-so.

"We demand the removal of all anti-Semitic books from stands at the fair and that mistakes like this don't happen again in the future,"

I really don't know what more to say that hasn't been said before. Who are they to demand that Serbs cannot read this material in their own country? Why are they persecuting an elderly man whose only crime is to write books offering an opinion on how and why Serb's have suffered so much in the last century? It's just another example that there are certain topics that are taboo and that all the talk about human rights and freedom of expression is just that...talk.
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