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The Conflict in the Caucasus

Unfortunately the past week has seen hundreds of deaths in the latest conflict in the Caucasus, a needless war between Christian brothers. Yet again, it bears all the hallmarks of Western meddling. The former New York lawyer and current Georgian president, Saakashvili, came to power on the back of a Soros financed 'democratic Rose revolution'. He went on to raise the military budget to 70% of GDP and sent young Georgian men to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed the Georgian contingent was the third largest in Iraq after America's and Britain's. His devotion to Western interests is symbolized by the fact that he always speaks with an EU flag behind him despite the fact that Georgia is not an EU member. Only Western backing could have convinced him that it was a good idea to attack South Ossetia, which had Russian and Georgian troops stationed there (by mutual agreement) before this latest conflict started. How did he expect Russia to respond? By ordering it’s troops to flee and never look back? The denunciation of Russia coming from America and Britain is becoming particularly venomous. The sheer hypocrisy of some of the moralising beggars belief. The MSM has displayed its usual ability to deform reality in whatever way necessary. There are a few points which stand out for me.

For a start George Bush is only concerned about territorial integrity and sovereignty when an ally (or rather a minion) of America's is in question. When it comes to a country outside the US sphere of influence, then any solution that advances the globalist agenda and guarantees a pro-US outcome becomes acceptable and grandiose phrases about liberty are wheeled out.

I've observed that the US always demands that others accept an innovative moral code that is dreamt up for no other reason but because it prevents America's opponents from acting decisively or effectively. In this case, Bush expects Georgia not only to be allowed to choose the timing of it's attack but also to demand an end to hostilities the moment the tide of battle turns against it. When in military history has a country had this privilege?

Bush also regards the Russian response as disproportionate because they bombed military targets throughout Georgia. He would have preferred that the Russians stay in Ossetia. When a state is at war its military can expect to be targeted anywhere, it doesn't get the luxury of confining combat to a particular location. I don't remember NATO bombers restricting themselves to Kosovo, they bombed targets from Montenegro to Vojvodina. Moreover they bombed civilian targets including the RTS television station, bridges, roads, power stations, factories and more. The Russians have not attempted to debilitate the lives of the Georgian people to that extent. Had they done so, we would not be watching Saakashvili on our TV sets every night. Nor would the oil pipeline have remained untouched.

Another bizarre complaint from Bush is that Russia is attempting to destroy and dismantle the Georgian military. And what of it? Again, he expects Georgia to launch an attack and simply be expelled without it suffering any consequences which will deter or incapacitate it from carrying out such actions in the future.

The proponents of the Cultural Revolution love to talk about social constructs. Yet they continuously parrot the Orwellian phrase 'International Community' with a straight face. No such thing exists. I have not heard one South American, African, Arab or Asian leader demonise and pressure Russia. Every single report I have watched on the BBC quotes either an American, EU or Georgian politician (or a politician of another pro-Western state on Russia's border). Therefore one has to conclude that the 'International Community' is a meaningless phrase intended to give the US and the EU (and all those that agree with them) a veneer of respectability. Indeed it is exclusively the US and the EU that speak on behalf of this mythical and benevolent organisation. It is designed to give the impression of a global consensus. And since democracy has divine status in the West, if the whole world has passed a judgement on a moral issue, the outcome is sacrosanct and must be morally good. Hence the clear implication that the 'International Community' can never make a mistake or get anything wrong.

Finally, there have been some really good articles written by Westerners on this conflict which should receive a wider audience:

The Great Game by Johnny Anonymous

Blowback From Bear-Baiting by Patrick Buchanan

This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression by Seumas Milne

Russia and the West: A Dialogue of the Deaf by John Laughland
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting a link to my article. I have come to understand that for the most part, the Georgian and Russian people have no great animosity toward each other - that this entire tragedy is the product of Western meddling. I had hoped that what I wrote might demonstrate to any Eastern reader that at least some of us in the West were capable of standing with them, government be damned. Again, thanks for helping me get that out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Took everyone's eye's off the Blockade happening near Iran!
36 battle ship etc yet the media remained silent.

Gates of Vienna Have this today...

Don’t Forget What Happened in Yugoslavia

Even as Blair the war leader was on a triumphant tour of “liberated” Kosovo, the KLA was ethnically cleansing more than 200,000 Serbs and Roma from the province

The secrets of the crushing of Yugoslavia are emerging, telling us more about how the modern world is policed. The former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in The Hague, Carla Del Ponte, this year published her memoir The Hunt: Me and War Criminals. Largely ignored in Britain, the book reveals unpalatable truths about the west’s intervention in Kosovo, which has echoes in the Caucasus.

The tribunal was set up and bankrolled principally by the United States. Del Ponte’s role was to investigate the crimes committed as Yugoslavia was dismembered in the 1990s. She insisted that this include Nato’s 78-day bombing of Serbia and Kosovo in 1999, which killed hundreds of people in hospitals, schools, churches, parks and tele vision studios, and destroyed economic infrastructure. “If I am not willing to [prosecute Nato personnel],” said Del Ponte, “I must give up my mission.” It was a sham. Under pressure from Washington and London, an investigation into Nato war crimes was scrapped.

Readers will recall that the justification for the Nato bombing was that the Serbs were committing “genocide” in the secessionist province of Kosovo against ethnic Albanians. David Scheffer, US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced that as many as “225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59” may have been murdered. Tony Blair invoked the Holocaust and “the spirit of the Second World War”. The west’s heroic allies were the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), whose murderous record was set aside. The British foreign secretary, Robin Cook, told them to call him any time on his mobile phone.

With the Nato bombing over, international teams descended upon Kosovo to exhume the “holocaust”. The FBI failed to find a single mass grave and went home. The Spanish forensic team did the same, its leader angrily denouncing “a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines”. A year later, Del Ponte’s tribunal announced the final count of the dead in Kosovo: 2,788. This included combatants on both sides and Serbs and Roma murdered by the KLA. There was no genocide in Kosovo. The “holocaust” was a lie. The Nato attack had been fraudulent.

That was not all, says Del Ponte in her book: the KLA kidnapped hundreds of Serbs and transported them to Albania, where their kidneys and other body parts were removed; these were then sold for transplant in other countries. She also says there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Kosovar Albanians for war crimes, but the investigation “was nipped in the bud” so that the tribunal’s focus would be on “crimes committed by Serbia”. She says the Hague judges were terrified of the Kosovar Albanians — the very people in whose name Nato had attacked Serbia.

Indeed, even as Blair the war leader was on a triumphant tour of “liberated” Kosovo, the KLA was ethnically cleansing more than 200,000 Serbs and Roma from the province. Last February the “international community”, led by the US, recognised Kosovo, which has no formal economy and is run, in effect, by criminal gangs that traffic in drugs, contraband and women. But it has one valuable asset: the US military base Camp Bondsteel, described by the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner as “a smaller version of Guantanamo”. Del Ponte, a Swiss diplomat, has been told by her own government to stop promoting her book.

Yugoslavia was a uniquely independent and multi-ethnic, if imperfect, federation that stood as a political and economic bridge in the Cold War. This was not acceptable to the expanding European Community, especially newly united Germany, which had begun a drive east to dominate its “natural market” in the Yugoslav pro vinces of Croatia and Slovenia. By the time the Europeans met at Maastricht in 1991, a secret deal had been struck; Germany recognised Croatia, and Yugoslavia was doomed. In Washington, the US ensured that the struggling Yugoslav economy was denied World Bank loans and the defunct Nato was reinvented as an enforcer. At a 1999 Kosovo “peace” conference in France, the Serbs were told to accept occupation by Nato forces and a market economy, or be bombed into submission. It was the perfect precursor to the bloodbaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The EUSSR made it a crime to deny the Holocaust and Genocide.
Very convenient for the War makers.
To hell with them.
My blog has given this front page!

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Blogger serbialives admin said...

johnny anonymous:

Thank you for your balanced article which showed that there are those which possess the ability to discern the truth even when they are engulfed by the most cynical type of propaganda.

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Blogger Seane-Anna said...

This post is rather interesting and leaves me in something of a quandry.

I vigourously opposed giving independence to Kosovo because it is Serbia's ancestral heartland and because the last thing Europe needed was a second Muslim majority state. I wrote about this in two posts on my blog Hammer Folk Woman. The posts are called "I Stand With Serbia" and "Just What We Need, Another Muslim State". They are in the February section if you want to read them.

While I DO stand with Serbia with regard to Kosovo I have to vehemently disagree with your take on Russia's unjust war on Georgia and your anti-Western and anti-American bias.

I understand the historic relationship between Russia and Serbia so your support of Russia in this conflict isn't really surprising but I ask you to consider this.

Russia had NO right to invade Georgia. Georgia sent its army into land that, rightly or wrongly, it considers its own. Georgia NEVER set foot on Russian soil. If the Russians felt they had to help the South Ossetians, fine. They could've pushed the Georgians out of South Ossetia and then STOPPED. They could've then militarized the border between SO and Georgia in order to discourage any more Georgian incursions. THAT IS ALL RUSSIA HAD TO DO.

Instead, Russia chose not only to invade Georgia proper but also to completely destroy Georgia's army. This wasn't done to protect the South Ossetians. This was done to punish Georgia for acting like the independent, sovereign country that it is, with the right to make any alliances it wishes. This was Russia's choice. Western meddling had nothing to do with it.

Yes, Georgia had built a strong alliance with America. And yes, Georgia wanted to join NATO. But did not Georgia have the right as a sovereign state to do that? Or do you think that countries that border Russia can only do what Russia wants them to?

Both the Czarist empire and the Soviet Union are dead, and the countries that Russia once dominated are now free, soveriegn states, and they will act like it. Crushing a former Czarist/Soviet satellite that got too independent will only drive the other former satellites further toward the West because Russia has shown it's true colors.

The invasion of Georgia has already galvanized the Poles to conclude a missile defense treaty with America. The Ukrainians and the Baltic states will also probably take some sort of anti-Russian action. So the whole thing could ultimate backfire on the Russians. And if the price of oil keeps declining Russia won't have the money to keep on bullying its smaller neighbors.

I hope you now understand why I'm against Russia in this conflict. I'm not anti-Russian but I am anti-bullying. If Russian wants to have good relations with its neighbors invading Georgia was the wrong way to show it. On the other hand, if Russia wants to reestablish its former domination over its neighbors then the invasion was the "right" move. It may, though, prove the wrong move for Russia in the end.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Deucaon said...


Georgian soldiers killed Russian soldiers during the blitzkrieg into Ossetia. Russia has the right AND duty to fight back against this act of aggression by Georgia.

9:10 AM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...


The question of whether the South Ossetians should have independence and of how legitimate that claim would be is complicated and I don’t claim to be an expert in the history of that region. What is clear is that Georgia sent its army into land that contained Russian and Georgian troops by mutual agreement. It attempted to resolve the issue by force. It cannot reasonably claim that Russia invaded it since it launched the first attack. Georgia launched a violent and bloody assault and it is unrealistic to suggest that the Russians should merely have repulsed it and done nothing more. It makes sense to deter and disable the Georgian army from launching such an attack in the future. If American troops came under such a determined and sustained assault, how would the American government react? Would they not do everything possible to disable the enemy army wherever it could be found and to overthrow the government of the country that ordered the attack on its troops?

Why does Georgia have an innate right to have an intact army? Why does it have the right to start a war with a clause that its army should not be decisively defeated? The primary aim in war is to disable the enemy army. Once Russian forces were attacked, their aim became precisely that.

You say that Western meddling has nothing to do with this conflict. Why was the ‘independent’ Georgian government brought to power on the back of a Western financed coup? What gives American billionaires the right to decide the fate of ‘sovereign and independent’ countries? Why was America equipping and training the Georgian army? It is hard to imagine that America did not give the green light for this attack given the military cooperation between these two countries. America is purposefully stoking the flames. The NATO alliance attacked and occupied a Russian ally and now wishes to expand up to Russia’s border. You say that Georgia should have the right to make any alliances it wishes. But if they are going to join anti-Russian alliances that is one thing. What on earth convinced them that they could attack Russian troops?

You say I have an anti-American and anti-Western bias. But like you, I am also anti-bullying. And it is American and Western bullying that has lead me to have an anti-American and anti-Western bias (though I wouldn’t call it a bias, since this applies an irrational lack of objectivity). How could it possibly be any different? America has military bases in dozens of ‘sovereign and independent’ countries, including my own. It interferes with the internal politics of ‘sovereign and independent’ countries the world over, including my own. It attempts to stamp its own world view on the entire world. It launches or funds wars the world over. This ‘force for good’ reaches Russia’s border and gives the green light for its client state to attack Russian troops. And I am supposed to see Russia as a bully?

I accept that you have put thought and effort into your post and that it is well-intentioned. With respect, I don’t share your conclusions.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Serbia Lives Admin: Your anti-Americanism would be hilarious if I knew that you didn't take it seriously. Sadly, though, you and millions like you DO take it seriously. You accept no other world view than that America is the root of all evil. Blaming America is the perfect strategy for other countries to nurse their own self-righteousness and victimhood and to avoid taking a hard look at their own sins. I am one American who will NOT put up with that crap.

I also won't put up with your Orwellian rewriting of current events.

NATO attacked South Ossetia? Are you kidding me? Where are the NATO troops, then? Surely the Russians would've paraded them before the cameras...if there were any. Or are you saying that, because Georgia wanted to join NATO, that equates to NATO attacking the Russians' ally, South Ossetia? Either way, your conspiritorial reasoning is making it very difficult to have any respect for your opinion. All you really seem to care about is absolving Russia of any responsibility for this war, and you'll gladly twist reality into a pretzel to do so.

Yes, America trained and equipped Georgia's army. So what? Georgia, I will say again, was a sovereign and independent country with the right to make alliances with anyone it chose. For 200 hundred years Russia dominated and oppressed Georgia (and the other non-Russian peoples on its frontier). When Georgia finally broke free from Russian control it was only natural that it would seek friends elsewhere. Georgia had little reason to trust Russia.

And another thing, Georgia DOES have an innate right to an intact army, just like every other independent nation, although I now see that national independence is an idea you hold in contempt when such independence interferes with Russian interests. But let me inform you, SLA, the right of a nation to be free, sovereign, and independent is NOT dependent on Russia's national interests. If an independent Georgia doesn't have a right to an intact army then neither does Serbia. Think about that the next time you opine that some other country's army shouldn't exist.

Lastly, I suggest that you do some serious reading of history. It'll help clear your hysterical America-is-destroying-the-world conspiracies our of your mind. I don't deny that America has done wrong things, but my country has been a greater force for good in the last 100 years than any other.

When we defeated our enemies in war we rebuilt them into free and prosperous democracies. The foreign military bases you mentioned are almost all the result of America winning wars she did not start. And you failed to mention that the Soviet Union also had military bases in other peoples' countries.

You also failed to mention that while America brought true liberation to the people of Western Europe at the end of WWII, all the Russians brought to the East Europeans, including the Serbs, was tyrannical, atheistic communism.

Like I said at the beginning, people who blame America for everything do so in order to avoid taking a long, hard look at themselves. But whether you look at your own sins or not, they are still there, and the people you sinned against will remember them. History does not give you a free pass just because you aren't American.

7:26 PM  
Blogger serbialives admin said...

Serbia Lives Admin: Your anti-Americanism would be hilarious if I knew that you didn't take it seriously. Sadly, though, you and millions like you DO take it seriously. You accept no other world view than that America is the root of all evil. Blaming America is the perfect strategy for other countries to nurse their own self-righteousness and victimhood and to avoid taking a hard look at their own sins. I am one American who will NOT put up with that crap.

I also won't put up with your Orwellian rewriting of current events.

NATO attacked South Ossetia? Are you kidding me? Where are the NATO troops, then? Surely the Russians would've paraded them before the cameras...if there were any. Or are you saying that, because Georgia wanted to join NATO, that equates to NATO attacking the Russians' ally, South Ossetia? Either way, your conspiritorial reasoning is making it very difficult to have any respect for your opinion. All you really seem to care about is absolving Russia of any responsibility for this war, and you'll gladly twist reality into a pretzel to do so.

Maybe I should have made it clearer, but when I referred to NATO attacking and occupying a Russian ally, I was referring to my own country, not South Ossetia.

Yes, America trained and equipped Georgia's army. So what? Georgia, I will say again, was a sovereign and independent country with the right to make alliances with anyone it chose. For 200 hundred years Russia dominated and oppressed Georgia (and the other non-Russian peoples on its frontier). When Georgia finally broke free from Russian control it was only natural that it would seek friends elsewhere. Georgia had little reason to trust Russia.

And another thing, Georgia DOES have an innate right to an intact army, just like every other independent nation, although I now see that national independence is an idea you hold in contempt when such independence interferes with Russian interests. But let me inform you, SLA, the right of a nation to be free, sovereign, and independent is NOT dependent on Russia's national interests. If an independent Georgia doesn't have a right to an intact army then neither does Serbia. Think about that the next time you opine that some other country's army shouldn't exist.

When I said that Georgia does not have an innate right to have an intact army I meant that it does not have the right to go to war and at the same time receive a guarantee that its army should not be dismantled. My statement is not specific to Georgia. No country has the innate right to launch an attack with a clause that its army should be preserved if the tide of battle turns against it. This is exactly what Bush was demanding- a bizarre type of nonsensical morality. I was merely trying to expose this. I certainly did not mean that Georgia, or any other nation, does not have an innate right to an army.

Lastly, I suggest that you do some serious reading of history. It'll help clear your hysterical America-is-destroying-the-world conspiracies our of your mind. I don't deny that America has done wrong things, but my country has been a greater force for good in the last 100 years than any other.

When we defeated our enemies in war we rebuilt them into free and prosperous democracies. The foreign military bases you mentioned are almost all the result of America winning wars she did not start. And you failed to mention that the Soviet Union also had military bases in other peoples' countries.

You also failed to mention that while America brought true liberation to the people of Western Europe at the end of WWII, all the Russians brought to the East Europeans, including the Serbs, was tyrannical, atheistic communism.

Like I said at the beginning, people who blame America for everything do so in order to avoid taking a long, hard look at themselves. But whether you look at your own sins or not, they are still there, and the people you sinned against will remember them. History does not give you a free pass just because you aren't American.

If you take a closer look at this blog, you will find that my aim is to highlight my peoples’ sins, not to avoid looking at them by blaming others. They are of primary interest to me. I realize how great they are, and that they are the root cause of much of our suffering.

Secondly you equate Russia with atheistic communism. The Russians suffered more than anyone else under communism. You do Russians a great injustice by equating them with communists and transferring all the crimes of the communists onto Russians.

Specifically you mention that the Russians brought communism to the Serbs. Leaving aside the fact that the Soviet Union was not Russia, Yugoslavia was abandoned by our supposed allies and they too must share at least some of the blame for the fifty or so years of atheistic communism that followed. Not only was Yugoslavia abandoned, but the Allies chose to support the communist leader Tito long before he rose to power. This was at the expense of the national forces that pledged allegiance to the King.

Your claim that America rebuilt its defeated enemies into free and prosperous democracies is something that I must take issue with. I need look no further than my own country to examine the veracity of this statement. First of all, who gives America the right to decide that Western-style liberal democracy is the government of choice for every nation world wide? Secondly, how is Serbia prosperous today? Serbs are now spread across numerous states. The Serbian half of Bosnia is not given any freedom to join with Serbia. Meanwhile the Serbian holy land is wrenched from Serbia. It contains the second biggest American military base in Europe, yet we are free?

Now, Western states profess a desire to incorporate all the Balkan countries into the EU. Where would our freedom be then? We wouldn’t even be allowed to control our own shriveled border, a most basic right. We would then have to accept laws created by the EU. Where would our sovereignty be? This organization also desires to have a unified foreign policy, foreign minister, defense force and more besides. This makes a mockery of Serbian freedom and independence.

You claim that America did not start most of the wars it has been involved in. I urge you to look into the break of Yugoslavia in more detail. It simply cannot be claimed that America did not cynically manipulate events in this region, to the detriment of millions of people. It played off sides against each other, provided arms and training, and then turned up to impose peace as if it were impartial.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I know this comment is quite late but I thought to publish it anyway in hopes that those that it is addressed to would still find and read it. (Considering that Seane-Anna, after so long, has not responded to Nikola's refutation of her American propaganda, I have doubts she will re-visit this weblog anytime soon but here is my response for the sake of posterity.)


Yet once again a great weblog post. Although I did not have time to read your recommended links (though, time-permitting, perhaps I will), I found your analysis to be spot on. I must also add that your responses in this commentary section directed to the anti-Russian American female were excellent as they destroyed the the typical Western claims on the matter. That said, some points were raised and I feel a need to address them as well as volunteer some information regarding the Georgian puppet state.


I admit that I haven't really read your weblogs but I did read your profile and I congratulate you for being pro-life (as you openly state on your profile and weblogs); I am also a pro-lifer as my commentaries on this and other weblogs demonstrate. That said, and before I get into the entire Russia-Georgia conflict, I have to say that I lament the fact that you are: pro-Western, an "unashamed American", and an "unapologetic patriot". I'm also opposed to conservatism as it is nothing more than status quo liberalism but I'll leave those thoughts aside.

First of all, there is no such thing as an American. There is a country called the United States of America but no American nation. This is because "country" and "nation" are not synonyms. The fact of the matter is that anyone living in the United States -- of any race, ethnicity, and religion -- can call themselves an "American" with the same legitimacy as someone whose ancestors trace back to the original English settlers. This is, of course, despite the fact that these self-proclaimed Americans are squatting on Indian land (i.e. the land of the so-called "Native Americans" -- though the term is as ridiculous as the exonym "Indian" since it legitimizes the concept of "America" which was, as you might know, derived quite interestingly enough from the forename of an Italian mapmaker and, therefore, has nothing to do with the so-called "Indian" nation). No, rather the correct definition of nation is "a people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language; a nationality". In contrast, a country is defined as basically constituting a state and nothing more: "a politically organized body of people under a single government". (For example, that is why the Soviet Union was a country but never a nation: a Soviet people simply did not exist any more than an American people do; both Americans and Soviets are artificial creations.) Further, as history has taught us, one can simultaneously love his nation and hate his state or vice-versa (the latter if he is a traitor).

While true that "America" (during and after the expulsion, supplantation, and genocide of the Indians) was built on Anglo-Saxon and Protestant values (and, therefore, would seemingly appear to be a nation), the fact remains that the liberal values of the first "Americans" (influenced by the French Revolution and the so-called "Enlightenment") would inevitably lead to the contemporary cesspool of degeneration that makes up the country today. They may have been racists and perpetrators of slavery and genocide but, despite that, the "Founding Fathers" made it very clear in their political expressions that America was built on clearly liberal values. (Even today, many conservatives will say that their values reflect "classical liberalism" while their adversaries are said to espouse some sort of a mutated liberalism.) If the "Founding Fathers" had any sort of forethought, they would have realized what this would have truly meant for their country 200+ years later. They didn't; however, this doesn't change the fact that they set into motion things they would likely never have supported. Most "Americans" can't see this blinding truth because, having given up their true ethnicities in order to become "American", they have lost the wisdom that comes with being an ancient or semi-ancient nation and have very short memories.

This brings me to my second point: why be an "unapologetic patriot" when America is a fiction (in terms of being a nation, anyway)? Obviously, you can't be a nationalist since America isn't a nation but that's where the contradiction lies: nationalism and patriotism are synonyms. So, really, there's no such thing as "American patriotism". Yes, an illusion of it does exist; there's no question of that. But the genuine thing? Impossible. It's an oxymoron. In truth, being "patriotic" about America is comparable to being "patriotic" about a sports team or beverage. Therefore, it would be more productive for you and other "Americans" to give up their cheap, artificial, and farcical "patriotism" and become genuine nationalists by assimilating back into whatever they originally were. (Since Americans are so mixed, not only ethnically but also racially, there are a lot of options out there for most.) Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being an "unapologetic patriot". (In fact, I'm a radical nationalist myself.) It's just that nationalism needs to be directed towards organic nations and not social constructs and should never be blind but rather focused, sophisticated, and intellectual. Otherwise, the gateway is opened to chauvinism (fanatical, unsophisticated, and ultimately self-detrimental "nationalism") and other, more mild, forms of pseudo-nationalism. Pseudo-nationalism/pseudo-patriotism (both in actual nations and "plastic" nations) is simply an artificial creation that populists seize upon, appealing to the masses' "sense of patriotism", in order to garner support for their various policies or to simply achieve power.

Thirdly, this very sense of false "patriotism" has led the American people into supporting various aggressive wars that no person dedicated to social justice could ever stand for. (Someone who is pro-life is, logically, also dedicated to social justice and genuine human rights given that the right to life/right to birth is the mother of all human rights, which all subsequent human rights stem from and cannot exist without someone first receiving the right to life; anyone who is pro-abortion and simultaneously advocates "social justice" and "human rights" is a hypocrite.) It bears mentioning that every American liberal, who now shouts "anti-war" slogans, was very quiet when liberals were bombing an Orthodox Christian nation in 1999 (as well as in previous years in Bosnia). They are also quiet when it comes to wanting to destroy Russia or even vocal in their bipartisan support of this goal with neo-conservatives. Now that neo-cons wield power, the enemy is (mostly) waged against Islamists. That is the chief reason why now, suddenly, some American conservatives have come out of the woodwork to support Serbia: because they hate Muslims and not because they love Serbs or the Orthodox East and its rich culture/civilization. However, neo-cons seem to be as anti-Orthodox as their liberal counterparts (which isn't surprising since neo-cons are just war-mongering liberals masquerading as conservatives). The fact of the matter is that the West (i.e. America, the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, etc.) have waged a war against Orthodox nations, both the overt type (i.e. bombings, invasions, etc.) and the subversive and insidious kind that has brought Orthodox nations into the EU and NATO, even though the people never wanted to join in the first place. I'm a Hellene and my country was brought into the "fold" by pro-Western puppet leaders without a referendum or anything. As a result, every single aspect of Greek life has worsened. The same goes for all of the other Orthodox nations currently enslaved by the European Union.

Georgia, in case you do not know, is one of these aforementioned Orthodox Christian nations. Sadly, it has become the "Bulgaria of the Caucasus". (Bulgaria, as you may or may not know depending on your knowledge of Balkan history, has a strong tradition of siding with the West in order to actively betray fellow Orthodox Christian Balkan nations like Greece, Serbia, and Romania despite the fact that, along with religious bonds, all four nations have a common cultural heritage: the Eastern Roman Empire of the Greeks.) Aside from being pro-Western (which I will get to in a minute), it has also become pro-Turkish. That any Orthodox Christian state would become pro-Turkish is extremely detestable to any self-respecting Orthodox Christian nationalist. This, from my understanding, is in part due to the state's anti-Russian and anti-Armenian positions. As for the country being pro-Western, sadly there is not a single Orthodox Christian country that, to some extent or another, has not become Westernized. Even Russia -- hated so much by the West -- is Westernized. Its political system is the liberal democratic capitalist variety and the social ills of the West are present in contemporary Russia and, especially, in "popular culture". The Westernization of Russia dates back to "Peter I the Great" (in citation marks since his name should reflect that he was a pro-Western devil and not any sort of "great" historical figure to the Russian people or to the Russian nation despite how Westerners view him) who was so fanatic about attempting to Westernize his nation that he went to the extent of forcibly having men cut their beards and dress in Western clothing styles instead of following the Eastern tradition of having long beards, among other things. Then Russia (along with a host of numerous nations) was Westernized following the Bolshevik Revolution by the Soviets.

Although often regarded as "Eastern" by Westerners since it has often succeeded in occupying Eastern nations, communism is very much a Western ideology since it was created in the West by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels whose ideas trace back directly to the French Revolution, making Marxism one of the many bastard children that the French Revolution spawned. Germany actually sent Lenin (responsible for immense horror against Christian Orthodox Russians, the Russian nation, Orthodox Christianity, and, indeed, the entire world given that his state created the precedent for the legalization of abortion worldwide) to Russia to destabilize the country and, therefore, is complicit and responsible for the communist occupation of Russia (and subsequently all of the countries the USSR occupied) and should have to pay reparations to victims of Soviet crimes against humanity (especially -- but not limited to -- Russians).

On that note, I should mention here that you insultingly refer to Russians as heirs to the Soviet monstrosity when they were chief among its victims. Given the fact that you are an American, and you and your co-citizens have been brainwashed with such offensive and ahistorical nonsense since the Cold War, this is not at all surprising. Your media is just as ignorant on this point. The fact of the matter is that the Bolsheviks were Jews and, for the majority of the Soviet Union's history, the Jews were disproportionately represented in the highest echelons of Soviet government and leadership despite being an extreme minority. There were even laws that punished so-called "anti-Semitism" (a ridiculous term since "Semite" is a linguistic group that includes Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians rather than exclusively Jews) with the death penalty. One of the few non-Jewish leaders of the Soviet Union was Stalin and he was ethnically a Georgian (though, of course, he rejected his ethno-national identity to take up the mantle of the artificial "Soviet" identity.) For a table listing Jewish political positions within the USSR, see the table at the following link: "Jews in Russia and in the USSR". Solzhenitsyn also wrote about Jews and their control of the USSR, in case you desire a second source by a respected and credible author.

Indeed, many Jews were prominent in promoting communism in the countries they lived in since, as an anti-national and atheistic political system espousing globalization, such a state generally raised Jewish social positions while simultaneously destroying the native people's power and, thus, fulfilling the agenda of International Jewry. For example, in my Fatherland, a Jew named Avraam Benaroya created an internationalistic socialist workers' organization called the "Federacion" which would later form the nucleus of the Communist Party of Greece. In fact, according to "recently released Soviet archives", Trotsky (a Jew) "roamed the Balkans prior to, during and after the Balkan wars. He had made Thessaloniki his base of operations hiding among the city's non-Greek elites and promoting the idea of making the Balkans the testing ground of proletarian internationalism. He had found refuge among the Jewish socialists in the city where he befriended and mentored the founder of the first ethnically exclusive 'socialist' Federation, Abraham Benaroya" (Source: "Balkan Ghosts But Not Skeletons" by Nikolaos A. Stavrou, Ph.D.). The Communist Party of Greece would later abduct 28,000 Greek children and send them to communist Yugoslavia (where communist dictator Tito brainwashed them into believing that they were non-Greek "Macedonians" who had been persecuted by the Greeks and forced to flee their native and waiting-to-be-liberated "Macedonia") and other Soviet satellites where they were assimilated and lost their identity. Following the Axis Tripartite Occupation of Hellas (as the Germans began to evacuate), the communists also butchered 1,400 innocent men, women, and children in Meligala for refusing to join them. Back to Russia, Russians suffered immense suffering as a result of the Soviet occupation and you insult millions upon millions of Orthodox Russian martyrs who were murdered by the Soviets. For someone who instructs others to read history, your ignorance on the subject is painful.

The pro-Western Georgian regime is one not only backed by George Soros -- who, if you are a pro-life activist, you should know of given this very influential billionaire's extreme support of abortion as well as his anti-Christian agenda -- but also funded and directed by Soros. If you do not know who he is, you should read "George Soros, Postmodern Villain" by Srdja Trifkovic (originally published in Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture). Hence, Georgia is neither independent nor sovereign; it is a puppet state in the extreme. The same regime, it has lately come to light, has been responsible for the ethnic cleansing and/or massacre (and possible genocide) of the indigenous Hellenes of Georgia. Unlike Russia, when the ethnic cleansing/massacres/genocide of the Hellenes began, the Greek government did absolutely nothing and this is why we are learning about it years later. However, when Russians started asking for protection because they were being massacred in the same way, the Russian response was swift. That a traditionally Orthodox Christian state is responsible for such crimes against Hellenes and Russians, despite the cultural and religious bonds that exist, indicates that it is being controlled by dark individuals who care nothing for Orthodoxy and our linked histories that trace back to the medieval era. It is sad that innocent Orthodox Georgian civilians paid for these crimes with their lives; this is exactly the sort of thing America, the Europeans, and certain "chosen" groups and individuals want: Orthodox killing and massacring one another so that a Pan-Orthodox Alliance that can stand up to Judeo-American/Judeo-European imperialism cannot come to fruition.

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Your facts are wrong Russian sent in troops because Georgian forces first killed Russian peacekeepers then started a massive aerial bombardment on the capital city of South Ossetia and started ethnic cleansing of South Ossetia.

Russia only sent in troops after the US and Britain vetoed an emergency ceasefire brought for by Russia at an emergency UN council hours after the initial assault which if they had entered (12 hours after the initial assault) sooner probably wood have saved lives.

And NATO/US was training Georgia troops just before the assault and supplied them with tons as well as EU countries.
They did the same thing to the Serbs in the Krajina in 95 with the same MPRI force training Georgian forces.

The idea that Russia would just allow Georgian forces to bomb Russian peacekeepers, civilians and Ossetia under Russian protectorate with out any retribution is absurd.

And the Georgians/US where preparing for a wider conflict as they were actively recruiting Georgians in the Russian army, trying to set up a terrorist sell in Ingushetia, bomb attack in Sochi, smuggling Polish rockets to Chechen militants, etc.

Even historically the two regions were not Georgian only incorporated into Georgia proper under Stalin a native Georgian.

The Russian presence in the regions are because the post Soviet leader of Georgia abolished there autonomous status within Georgia and sent in troops sparking a civil war and afterwards initiated a trade and travel embargo.
Russian peacekeepers were there under UN mandate.

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