Saturday, February 23, 2008

London Demonstration

Just got back from the London demonstration against Kosovo independence. It was good to see plenty of Serbian youth there, although it was obviously incomparable to the biggest demonstration ever seen in Serbia on Thursday. All the flags I saw on display were Serbian, bar a Greek Cypriot one. The organisation was quite rushed though, which meant that there weren't any people giving speeches. Also I'd advise all those attending similar demonstrations around the world to bring megaphones. Good placards are also necessary. Preferably they should have a short and simple message such as 'EU occupiers' or 'EU empire out'. I know that the Serbian foreign ministry has called for protests which don't denigrate the West or its institutions, but I don't think this should be heeded. It would have been ludicrous to ask people not to mention NATO's culpability during the 1999 demonstrations against NATO's bombing campaign. And it's ludicrous to ask people not to criticize the EU in this situation. This a golden chance to end any possibility of Serbia ever entering the EU and we should grab it with both hands. We need to recognise the enemy and name them vocally. If all we get from these demonstrations is a broad consensus that the EU is as much an enemy as NATO then it will be a job well done.

For all those that can't attend demonstrations, forward an insightful article (such as the ones below) to some friends or leave a comment on relevant discussion forums. I know plenty of non-Serbs, including journalists, that found an article which encouraged them to research further, leading them to completely change their stance on the Balkan conflicts.

Day of Infamy By Nebojsa Malic
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote from the latest Trifkovic article

Source: Chronicles magazine

The U.S.-led Kosovo policy in the end will prove to be a blessing in disguise for Serbia. Only by NOT joining the European Union will she preserve her identity, her traditions, and her faith. Only by NOT joining the U.S.-hegemonized system of military alliances will she avoid having her youths put in harm’s way for nothing, in some arid, hostile faraway lands. Only by forging an ever-tighter political, economic, and eventually military alliance with Russia will Serbia avoid the clutches of a postmodern “American” empire devoid of a single redeeming feature.

God sometimes acts in mysterious ways, and on this 21st Century Day of Infamy, February 17, we should ask for His mercy and thank Him for his blessings. Kosovo had remained Serbian during those five long centuries of Ottoman darkness, to be liberated in 1912. It is no less Serbian now, the ugly farce in Pristina notwithstanding. It will be tangibly Serbian again when the current experiment in Benevolent Global Hegemony collapses and when the very names of Messrs. Bush, McCain and Clinton are deservedly consigned to the dustheap of history.
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Monday, February 18, 2008


So Kosovo has been declared an independent state. As is the case with most things in life, this will, God willing, have a positive side-effect, even though superficially it seems extremely negative. Firstly the EU has come out of its closet and its imperialistic and aggressive agenda has become clear to everyone but the most diehard liberals. Its de facto rule of Kosovo has now put the pro-EU Serb politicians in an almost impossible position. Their story that we share the same vision and the same goals is now, more than ever, indefensible. Bush's claim yesterday that Serbs can count on America as a friend after bombing us and amputating our territory would be laughable if there weren't some people that actually believed him. The priest in church yesterday compared the Western world to the Pharisees, who outwardly look good (i.e. their constant parroting of ‘human rights’), but are full of hypocrisy. He also reminded people that we were occupied by the Turks for 500 years, but reclaimed our land. The crucial difference though, is that the Turks were obviously an enemy, whereas today some people look towards America and the EU as if everything that they did to us was one big misunderstanding and that we can be reconciled with them.

Secondly, this should inspire much soul-searching amongst Serbs and will encourage everyone to examine where we have gone wrong as a people. St. Nikolai's interpretation of the world wars was that God allowed the state to collapse so that the people could be saved. That which was less important was sacrificed for that which is most important. Well it is possible that he would say now that God has allowed us to lose our holy land so that we may regain our holiness. After all an unholy people has no need for a holy land. This situation must not depress anyone; instead it should inspire us to put all our faith in God. As St. Seraphim of Sarov said: 'save yourself, and thousands around you will be saved’.

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