Monday, October 30, 2006

Mladic spotted in Sremcica

While I deplore the vast majority of graffiti that can be found in urban environments the world over I have nothing against this kind of graffiti. There are 2 reasons for this. First of all it is asthetically appealing, unlike the vast majority of crud that fills walls and deadens the senses. Secondly it actually has a message and a meaning. The sad gangs of yobs who roam around breaking the law dont even do it for any particular reason. They just end up 'tagging' some nickname which is unique to them. It cant even be construed as marking out territory because you can find 100 different tags on one wall. So when I see something like this mural of Mladic it is a stark contrast to the pointless and ugly eyesores usually assosciated with graffiti. So congratulations to the boys who did this, hopefully there will be more to come. If I have any criticisms its that they didnt paint the entire wall and cover up all the stuff around the image. We should take our cue from the people of Northern Ireland, they have many beatiful murals which give character to their residential areas, and a sense of community. In an age where governments try and impose views on people this is one small way to show some defiance. So when Tadic wants to arrest Serbian war heroes so that he can enter into a union with people that bombed us this is one way of sticking our middle fingers up to him. Hopefully the general will appreciate the support also. Incidentally I was in Sremcica this summer, full of Serbs resettled from Kosovo and Bosnia.
Heres the article in Serbian:
And an example of a mural from N. Ireland:

The Slavic Religious Spirit: from Paganism to Christianity

This is an excerpt from 'The Religious Spirit of the Slavs' (1916) by Saint Nikolaj Velimirovic. The entire work can be found here:
Its an interesting read for anyone intrigued by the fundamental differences between paganism and Christianity and in particular the Slavic experience of the two.

It was not until the decline of the glorious Byzantine Empire that the Slavs embraced Christianity. For nine hundred years the Greeks were the principal representatives, protectors, elaborators and explorers of Christianity. When the Greeks visited the Slav country with their divine message, the Slavs were heathens. Their heathenism was like a confusing dream. Nature stood before them with its contradictory forces. The primitive Slavs regarded all the forces of Nature encircling a human creature as being alive and stronger than this creature. All the forces, whether friendly or unfriendly to man, are man like, anthropomorphic, and none of them are indifferent to human life and doings. The practical conclusion come to was: men must give sacrifices to both of them, to the good and to the evil; to the good in order to encourage them to be more good, to the evil in order to induce them to be less evil. It was necessary to pray equally to the good as to the evil gods. The best worship was the best balance between the good and bad spirits; not to offend any of them, but to be reconciled with all of them! Skilful diplomacy was indeed needed in worshipping all the terrible, invisible representatives of the forces of Nature seemingly fighting around man and because of man. And men are too weak to take their part decisively in one or other fighting camp.Everything useful or beautiful for men was regarded as being possessed by a good god or spirit. Everything dangerous and unfriendly was considered to be possessed by an evil god or spirit. The supreme god Perun, supreme because the strongest, was considered as acting equally for good and forevil. The curious fact is that the supreme divinity in every pagan theology was imagined to be acting equally strongly for good and for evil, as Zeus, Jupiter, Wothan. You cannot call Zeus or Jupiter or Wothan or Perun a good god, but only a mighty god. With Christianity came into the world, including the Slav world, decisiveness, and every confusion disappeared. The Slavs learned to know that they could not serve two masters, but only one, and that they had not to balance between good and evil but to go straightway on the side of good.The Byzantine Emperors promised to the Serbs peace and land in their Empire in the Balkans if they accepted the Christian faith. And the Serbs accepted the Christian faith. The Emperors Basil and Constantine agreed to give their sister in marriage to Vladimir, King of Kieff, if he would embracethe Christian faith. And King Vladimir embraced the Christian faith. These may be considered very petty motives! Yet this was not the price to tie the mighty idol Perun on a horse's tail and to carry him into the water of Dnieper. The principal motive was the striking reality of the Christian foundation. The Christian message was like a dream ("We have been in Heaven," reported the Russian delegates, returning from Saint Sophia)--the Slavs loved dreams and poetry very much; but the Christian faith was stated to be a reality, and the Slavs, as men the world over, considered reality as more solid than any dream. Instead of a nightmare of youthful dreams, asthe Slav pagan theology was, came now a bright poetry warranted both as a past and present reality.It will remain as the greatest wonder in history how a poor Man, who preached in Palestine for about two years, who scarcely had a hundred followers at the end of His mission, who was crucified and died a shameful death, whose cause seemed a quite desperate episode, scornfully rejected or fearfully abandoned by all those who knew it--how this poor Man replaced successively the mightiest gods the human imagination ever invented: Zeus in Olympus, Jupiter in the Capitol, Wothan in the North, and at last also Perun in Kieff. The secret lies, I think, in the reality of His human life, in the mystery of His resurrection, and in the amazing enthusiasm with which thousands of His followers afterwards suffered death for Him and His cause.However, Christ entered the Slav world in an epoch when, not only one man after another bowed before Him, but nation after nation. He came to our ancestors no more as a humble preacher, but as a Lord, under whose feet lay already conquered Zeus, Jupiter and Wothan. He came to us, not from a poor Bethlehem cottage, but from the most brilliant temple upon earth, from the Saint Sophia in Constantinople. He came with a wonderful three-fold mission, to serve, to fight, to reigning one word, to be "all in all." He entered the Roman world as a humble servant. I am afraid He remained in this world for ever only as a servant. But He entered the Slav world as a Lord, and until to-day He remains there as the Lord.With Christ's coming among the Slavs the balance between good and evil spirits was lost. Quite unlike Perun, Christ was a decisive fighter for good. He showed only one--exclusively one--way, the narrow way leading to the kingdom of good, which is the Kingdom of God, the Highest and the Best, Deus Optimus, not only as a dream of Pagan humanity, but as a provable reality. Although good seems very often to be a weak and losing party in this world, men must not waver but always take cheerfully the part of good. Evil spirits in men and around men are very powerful in this world. Christ Himself was overwhelmed for a time by the evil spirits of this world. But it was only for a time which is now over. It was at the new beginning of the world, so to say, when He came to break the power of Pagan men, hold the balance between the good and evil spirits and to stop the serving of"two masters." The start was very unpromising; He was trodden down, but He got up and proved Himself the victor. He came now as a victor to the Slavs to make new armies of men, who would consent to undertake His burden, and to go His exclusive way of good, worshipping and serving only one God, His Father and the Father of all men. He came claiming everyone, telling each one "not to be ashamed"--as it is wonderfully expressed in the English Baptism formula--"manfully to fight under His banner, against sin, the world, and the devil, and to continue to be Christ's faithful soldier and servant unto his life's end."Tolstoi exalted only Christ's Sermon on the Mount, i.e., only Christ's teaching, or part of Christ's teaching. The Orthodox Church exalted Christ himself, as an exceptional, dramatic Person, suffering for good; as a divine hero, fighting against all the evil powers of the world. A teaching or a life drama--i.e., Tolstoi or Orthodoxy! The Church thought: there is something greater than Christ's words, that is Christ Himself. His words are extraordinary, it is true, no man spoke as He, but His person and His life were more extraordinary still. Thousands of martyrs died for Him, not for the Sermon on the Mount. His words died with His death and came to life again only with His resurrection. The fate of His words was quite dependent on the fate of His person. Consequently His words have been only a shadow of His personal drama, only an inadequate expression of His individuality and His world mission, only the secondary fascination for the coming generation. He himself was the essence of the human drama; He himself--the essence of God and Man; He himself--the incarnated good and the standard of the good in the world's history. He is incomparably better than Zeus, Jupiter, Wothan or Perun, because He is a reality, a divine reality among men.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Enemies: Pray for them or fight them?

For the pagan nationalists that claim that Christianity is a weakness and inspires toleration of our enemies. And for the liberal hippies who see Christianity as pacifist at any cost. From 'The Prologue from Ohrid', by Nikolaj Velimirovic:
In the encampment of the Saracens they asked St. Cyril: "How could Christians wage war and at the same time keep the commandment of Christ about praying to God for their enemies?" To that, St. Cyril replied: "If two commandments were written in one law and given to men for fulfilling, which man will be a better follower of the law: the one who fulfills one commandment or the one who fulfills both?" To that, the Saracens replied: "Undoubtedly, he who fulfills both commandments." St. Cyril continued: "Christ our God commands us to pray to God for those who persecute us and even to do good to them; but, He also said to us: greater love cannot be shown in this world than if one lay down his life for his friends." "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (St. John 15:13). That is why we bear the insults which our enemies do to us individually and we pray to God for them; and, as a society, we defend one another and give up our lives, that you would not somehow enslave our brethren, would not enslave their souls with their bodies and would not kill them in body and soul.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Anniversary of the French Riots

If theres one word that pisses me off these days its 'diversity'. Everyone in every government in virtually every western nation, and all their media bum-chums are obssessed with it. Theyre always telling us how we need diversity. Supposedly its what makes us great. Well what was wrong with the homogenous European countries pre WW2? What has any European country gained from diversity? Nothing but cheap labour, and foreign food. And all the pressure is on European countries to welcome diversity with open arms. Why is it that European soil is the primary location for this neo-marxist cultural experiment. I dont see the EU condemning Saudi Arabia as a horribly homogenous country. Truth is that if multiculturalism was so inherently good you wouldnt need to enforce it on anyone, theyd welcome it with open arms. Paddy Ashdown, the former dictator of Bosnia, was on 'Question Time' yesterday claiming that modern day Britain was a better place because of the diversity of races and religions. Has Bosnia taught him nothing? If people want to experience Hinduism or Buddhism they can go and visit Asia, until then they can survive perfectly well without enforced cultural enrichment. Whats wrong with a world where each nation has its own living space and is free to express itself? Infact it is clear the advocates of globalism want mish-mash societies which attempt to stand for everything and as a result stand for nothing. Such societies are easier to dominate.
Meanwhile pathological liberals in the media seem unable to distinguish between races except when it is in the interests of ethnic minorities. They shift and squirm awkwardly and claim that the "youths" in France are rioting and car jacking people. They mean the north african muslims? Let's be as specific as we can, if we're being honest about reality. It's as absurd as claiming that humans are rioting. Or, perhaps, mammals are rioting. Are animals rioting? Is it life-forms? It's north african male muslims.
Its ironic that at this point in history, when the European people are so far removed from their own spiritual heritage, they are being persuaded that it is beneficial to have the presence of a multitude of foreign cultures and religions. Shoudnt they be primarily concerned with rediscovering their own faith and culture? Meanwhile the liberal elite repeats their Orwellian mantra 'diversity is our strength'.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Multicultural farce in modern day Britain

Ok modern day Britain is getting more bizarre by the day. Lancashire Police constabulary is now providing RE lessons, only regarding Islam though. Visitors to their website are greeted by a banner declaring 'Eid Mubarak', and offering more information regarding this muslim festival.
Manchester police have been told not to arrest muslims during prayer times at Ramadan! So thats five slots in the day that muslim criminals can commit crimes and have some bonus get away time.
And to top it off, muslims dont just get preferential treatment before theyre arrested, but also when theyre in jail! Yesterday marked the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Muslim prisoners were all given specially prepared food to celebrate the day and received an extra £1 phone credit and a special gift. Needless to say when an indiginous British prisoner asked if Christians were given an extra £1 phone credit and gifts at Christmas or Easter, the answer was a predictable "no".
This country has been systematically raped, at least since the second world war, of all its traditional beliefs, values, virtues and culture. They have been told by the powers that be that they should embrace secularism, democracy, immigration and multiculturalism. Theyve been told that religion is backward, that the entire purpose to our existance is captured by the expression 'standard of living', in other words chasing after material riches. Now after all of this brainwashing theyve realised that their multicultural formula doesnt add up. The mass immigration they so keenly espoused has brought with it immigrants that dont fit their secular atheistic ideal for society. Theyve imported peoples that have allegiance to their own tribe and faith more than a government whose country they only entered for economic reasons. So now in a pathetic panic-stricken frenzy the establishment are doing their utmost to appease these immigrants and muslims in particular. Though the initial reaction is to feel resentment towards the muslims, it is towards the liberal elite that created this abomination of a society that our angers should be directed. If it was not for them, the immigrants would not be in this country, yet alone be getting special treatment.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why I have no loyalty to Britain or its government

In response to a couple of emails I recieved asking me why I have no loyalty towards my country of birth:
The fact that they are imperialists bent on the oppression of anyone that stands in their way would be reason enough. I would be a complete cretin to feel allegiance to this war-mongering elite that rule this country. However my personal history gives me even more reason to take the stance i have. In the last century my nation has undergone more suffering and wars than in any century previous to that. My ancestors had withstood the ottoman occupation, the balkan wars, the 1st and 2nd world wars. Throughout all these hardships none of my ancestors had left their country. It is as a result of a gross betrayal, whose responsibility lays almost entirely with the elite running Britain, that my family was forced to leave. Serbia had an option to stay neutral during the 2nd ww and indeed signed a pact proclaiming her neutrality. Since this did not suit the interests of the elite running Britain, they instigated a coup and the resulting government entered the pointless war on the side of the allies, just as the 2 anti-Christian empires of Germany and Soviet Russia were about to clash. Our country was overrun with breathtaking ease in just 6 weeks. The revenge exacted by the Germans was horrific, but this paled into insignificance compared to the genocide we suffered at the hands of Croatia. In the mean time our 'allies' switched their support from the nationalist resistance forces to the communist ones. This resulted in the communists coming to power. In the 40 years they attempted to eradicate Christianity, and our 'allies' the British stood by and watched. The Queen, the head of a nominally Christian church was indifferent. Come the nineties, and our 'allies' were no longer content with leaving us at the mercy of other evil doers, they decided to personally attack us. However I stray from my families personal history. My grandfathers fought the communists with the nationalist resistance. When the communists won, the surviving anti-communist units withdrew to Italy. Hence my family would never have left our homeland if it had not been for this betrayal. Can i really be grateful that my family was accepted into England?? Its like beating someone over the head with a hammer, and expecting them to be grateful when you drive them to hospital. Subsequent events in the nineties, and the degeneration of western society since the 2nd ww show that these are not just isolated events. God knows i am not harbouring some irrational paranoia, but these things have not happened by accident. And the blame lies at the hands of the globalist elite, which i will not go in to. And not only will i never feel loyalty to them or any society they subjugate, but i pray for their utter destruction.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

US 'arrogant and stupid' in Iraq
It is with great pleasure that I note that the American forces and their loyal puppets are meeting defeat on all fronts in Iraq. The British are as usual trying to swindle the public. They withdrew from the Amarah a few months back claiming that they had handed it over to the Iraqis. But the cowards withdrew not because they had made it safe, but for precisely the opposite reason, it was the location at which they were being targeted most intensely. Now their lies have been exposed with news that the Mahdi army has destroyed 3 police stations, running battles have cost the lives of dozens of people.
Further north the American effort to encircle Bagdhad and then clear it of all insurgents has been declared a failure, what a surprise. I think even these cowboys are finally losing their swagger, until now they seemed to be impervious to reality. Bush has announced he will review strategy!
Seeing as this is my first post on Iraq here is a brief summary of my views which I wrote a few months back on another website:
Although I would never deny any nation the moral right to resist foreign occupation, it is not because of a love of arabs that I wish to see 'allied' forces decisively defeated. There is one overwhelming priority to all of this. It is not to save a few hundred British heads, tens of thousands of British babies are killed in their mothers womb every year, and they didnt have the choice, unlike the British soldiers. Therefore, crude as it sounds, a few hundred British dying in Iraq is not very significant in the great scheme of themes, especially as they are willingly there. No, the priority is: Defeat for the NWO and its military machine. This is more important than anything else, and it does not matter who delivers this decisive defeat, it will benefit the entire world. In some ways I wish we Serbs had been invaded on land, and had the glory of inflicting defeat on these satanists, but it wasnt to be.

Dawkins and Atheism

Just come back from a suburban London shopping centre. Entered a bookstore and found a book named 'The God Delusion' or something similar written by Professor Dawkins. This guy is the living incarnation of atheism, they wheel him out on the tv with monotonous regularity, last year he even had his own series. And yet ironically while briefly leafing through his book I noticed he whines how atheists are unaccepted by society. The fact that his book is the most prominent in every waterstones bookstore in the country, that he gets invited on every tv debate regarding religion, and that he had his own documentary broadcast does not stop him playing the poor little intellectual, rejected by a society that does not know how to value his greatness! I find his venomous attacks on religion quite amusing, he really works himself up into a frenzy. You can see this man has no calm, he is deeply disturbed. Not content with accepting that his life is without purpose, he has dedicated his career to trying to prove that everyone elses life is without purpose also.
Ultimately what atheist individuals are asking us to believe is that the universe has no meaning. However if the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning. They also ask us to believe in Reason coming from non-reason, as if human minds can come from nowhere. Thirdly these atheists know that they have to reconcile the moral instinct that they cannot deny exists within humanity, with atheistic philosophy. Their answer is that we have evolved this capacity for the good of society, so that it may function more smoothly. However according to this line of thought, unless I have a vested interest in doing good, because I think I am going to be rewarded/accepted by society I should have no inclination to behave in a morally acceptable way. This is not real morality, for it is limited and selfish, and will break down the moment the social structure comes under threat. As Dostoyevsky rightly said: 'If there is no God, everything is permitted'. There can be no objective morality or natural justice unless God exists.I dont pretend that these short points I have tried to explain can in any way be considered proof of Gods existance. But if one has lost his way in the woods and is looking for the way home and having found somebody asks him: "Is there a way out here?" And the other one answers: "No and don't look for it, settle in here as you can" so would one believe him? I doubt it. Would not he search further? And finding another man, who would say: "Yes, there is a way out, I'll tell you the signs and marks how you can get home", - would not one believe him? The same happens, when one chooses his views between religion and atheism. As long as a person retains a spark of searching for the truth, for the sense of life, he cannot accept the concept, that at the end he as a personality and accordingly all other people will find eternal death, and on the way to it we should prepare better economical, social, political, cultural medium. And afterwards everything will be O.K. - tomorrow you will die and we will bury you at the cemetery. As long as you retain any hope, which is totally irrational unless justice exists, which is totally irrational unless God exists then you have to reject atheism!

Here is an article by an English Orthodox priest about Dawkins:
And at the risk of spoiling the asthetic appeal of my blog here is a picture of this sad old man:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why are we in this mess?

This question puzzled me for a number of years, last summer I came accross the writings of one of the greatest Saints of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which went some way to explaining why Europe in particular is in such a lost, decadent, and self-destructive state. The Saint in question is Nikolaj Velimirovic, and this is an extract that I translated from his book 'Words to the Serbian nation through the dungeon window', written while he was in Dachau concentration camp during the second world war.

Sons inherit the sins of their fathers and have to pay for them. If the sons do not redeem themselves, then their own sons and grandsons will suffer the consequences. The debt has to be repaid. That is the law everywhere on earth and in every society on earth. The son inherits the illnesses of his father. If he does not cure himself from that illness then the illness will be passed on to his son, or grandson, or great-grandson, up to the fourth generation. If the son 'pays back' all the 'debts' of his father, then his descendants will be happy. If the son cures himself of his fathers illness, his descendants will be healthy.
Oh brothers of mine, the 18th century is the father of the 19th century, and the 19th century is the father of the 20th century. The father sinned and indebted himself greatly. The son did not pay back this 'debt', but fell even further into 'debt', and this fell on the grandson. The father was infected with a terrible 'illness', but the son didn't cure this illness from himself and his 'illness' became even greater than that of his fathers. This 'illness' was passed on to, and affected the grandson with three times the strength of the original illness. The 18th century witnessed a rebellion against the Church and clergy of Catholicism. The 19th century witnessed a rebellion against God. The 20th century witnessed a pact with the devil. The 'debts' have grown and the 'illness' has spread. And the Lord said that the sins of the father are transferred to his descendants all the way to the fourth generation. Do you not see how God has treated the grandsons, because of the sins of their European grand-fathers? Do you not see the whip on the
grand-children because of the unpaid 'debts' of the grand-fathers? The anti-Christ emperor represents the start of the 19th century. The anti-Christ Pope represents the middle of the 19th century. European anti-Christ philosophers represent the end of the 19th century. Bonaparte, Pius, and Nietzsche. Three disastrous names, three disturbed individuals, three inherited illnesses. Are they the victors of the 19th century? No, they are the biggest inheritors of the illnesses of the 18th century....
Cesar the emperor and philosopher. Not even in pagan Rome, but in the middle of Christian Europe! They are not the victors, but the defeated. When Bonaparte laughed at the holy relics in the Kremlin, and when Pius declared himself infallible, and when Nietzsche declared himself in the service of anti-Christ- then the sun went down... Look at this never before seen series of events: an atheist emperor, an atheist Pope, and an atheist philosopher. The 18th century sentanced Christ to death. The 19th century crucified Christ all over again. The 20th century declared Christ dead, and claimed that he did not rise from the dead. Why then are you surprised brothers, that whips of unheard of fury are beating down on Europe? ...Who are then the victors, if Cesar, the Pope, or the philosopher are not? The victors are the Russian and Serbian peasants. In the words of Christ: 'Who is the smallest among you, he is the biggest' /Luke 9,48/. Who were the most unheard of, the most insignificant, and the smallest in the 19th century, in the century of great Bonaparte, the infallible Pius and presumptous Nietzsche? Who can it be but the Russian and Serbian peasant-warriors who fought for their holy places and freed Russia from secular Europe, and Serbia from Muslim hegemony? Demonic wars, demonic clergy, and demonic philosophy- those are the emperor, the Pope and the philosopher of the 19th centruy. The Serbian peasant represented the very opposite to all this: Firstly, cross-bearing heroism, secondly a clergy of martyrs, and thirdly a simple fishermans apostolic wisdom. On these simple peasants, the same words of our Lord Christ echo again: 'I thank you Lord, the Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden this from the overly wise and rational, and have declared it to the ordinary people'/Mathew 11,25/. What did God declare to these ordinary peasants? He declared masculine bravery, heavenly holiness, and Godly wisdom. He gave them the exact opposite to the western emperor, pope and philosopher. It was totally opposite, like night and day. Oh my brothers, hold fast to the eternal victors, and not to the eternal losers. Hold fast to matyrdom...Amen


Right ive had enough, im finally going to start blogging. The aims are quite simple and straightforward, to gather all the interesting links and info I find on the net onto one place, to meet like minded people, and generally vent. My topics of interests will for the most part be related to Serbia, Orthodoxy, theology in general and politics. Right Im off to dig up some interesting articles to kickstart this process!